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When we often think about a London body to body massage we don’t often think of confidence. Sexual confidence is something that few of us are blessed with and something many of us wish we had. Sexual confidence is the sort of thing that is easily encouraged but difficult to actually achieve. Sex is and always has been viewed as a hush-hush, almost taboo topic. In fact, some religions and cultures do condemn sex. But sex is one of our main sources of energy and fuels life. By slapping a taboo label on sex and limiting the orgasmic experience, religion has made us slaves. We feel guilty when we experience pleasure, as though we’re doing something wrong, and we are afraid to truly let go. This makes us anxious and self-conscious when we’re engaging in anything erotic and sexual. This means we rush to get it over and done with, which means a lack of orgasm or true pleasure. When this happens on a regular basis, we may think we can’t make our partner enjoy the experience and this affects sexual confidence.

What is a London body to body massage?

A London body to body massage is a special type of erotic massage. It’s performed by the masseuse using her body to massage the client. She will use the surface of her soft skin, sensuous curves and body weight to stimulate, pleasure and press the tension out of your body and mind. The masseuse will use a variety of speeds and pressures, alternating from soft, gentle caresses to harder, rougher strokes. She may use more erotic slides, glides and grinds, using all of her body (including the intimate, sensitive areas) which keeps the massage more interesting than your average deep tissue massage.

How can a London body to body massage boost sexual confidence?

A London body to body massage is usually performed naked or at least semi naked. Clothing gets in the way of the massage and inhibits the sensuality, which is exactly what we’re trying to reverse. Naked skin feels best sliding along some more naked skin. The masseuse will cover the client and her own body in massage oil and if either of you were wearing clothing, the oil would get on the clothes and cause friction. The point of a London body to body massage is to feel every inch of someone else’s bare skin against your own and sliding sensually along yours. To allow yourself to be totally stark naked in someone else’s presence, especially a stranger’s, and when sober requires a lot of sexual confidence.

During a London body to body massage, you’ll become sexually aroused. It’s totally natural and intentional, but because of our mental restraints, we are usually embarrassed. But to become aroused and allow a masseuse to handle this arousal, sexually stimulating us and touching us in our intimate places also requires sexual confidence.

When we can finally let go, we can reap the full benefits of a London body to body massage. But of course it’s difficult to do this without feeling self-conscious or ashamed in some way. Letting go requires sexual confidence.

As you can now probably see, a London body to body massage requires a lot of confidence. But even if you don’t have much, regular sessions can help build it up.

Tips on letting go during a London body to body massageIf you’re nervous, it’s harder for you to become aroused or you may even orgasm too quickly. The point is, if you think about it too much, you won’t have as enjoyable an experience as you could have. When we become too wrapped up in our thoughts, we can act sub-consciously. We may touch or react in unpleasant or insensitive ways. There are several things you can do to set the foundations for a successful experience:

  1. Learn to feel – teach yourself to feel through your senses, learn to slow down and control your mind and begin to truly blend your body, mind and spirit.
  1. Know your body and know your partner’s – explore your and your partner’s bodies so you know where to touch, how to touch, what turns you on and what turns your partner on.
  1. Efficient communication – stay aligned with your partner’s sensuality by asking if they like what you are doing.
  1. Feel the connection – feel the sparks flying and feel the connection between you and your partner. The stronger your connection, the more pleasurable and sexually satisfying the experience is.

The conclusion

Ultimately, when we can practise and use these tools, we can become more in touch with our inner desires and feelings. We can then develop the courage to embrace them and be more experimental when it comes to sexual satisfaction because variety is vital in our sex life. When we become more conscious and alive, we can learn to communicate more honestly and less offensively. This allows us to experience true intimacy and a real connection. And this is how sexual confidence can be developed. We hope this guide will help you gain the confidence to try and indulge in a B2B massage London. If you’re interested, try our professional service from £120 an hour. Click here to book!

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