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For many people, massage therapy is a go-to if they’re feeling stressed or need a break from the tensions of daily life. Massage is the manual way of releasing your tensions. Instead of talking it out with a therapist or writing in a journal, a massage works the built-up stress out of your body. When you talk or write it out, it might take longer – especially if you don’t know why you’re so stressed. Massage is simply a faster way of ensuring stress from deep within your muscles and mind is eased out.

There are many types of massage therapy you can choose and certain types are more effective at relieving certain issues. For example, a deep tissue massage is more suited to treating acute muscle aches than shiatsu. And of course, like most other things in life, the effects are cumulative – the more often you have a massage, the better and more widespread the benefits are.

What is a body to body massage?

There are two main umbrellas of massage therapy. There’s traditional which covers the classic styles like Swedish, deep tissue and sports massage. Then there are the more erotic massages such as tantric, lingam, body to body and nuru. Unlike the former, these Asian massages use sensual techniques that are meant to arouse and sexually pleasure the body.

A body to body massage is a particularly popular style. It’s very unique because unlike most massages which involve hand-to-body contact only, a b2b massage involves full body contact. As the name suggests, a body to body massage is where the therapist uses her body to massage the client. Hands are used as well, but the focus is using the planes and the curves of the body to stimulate. This makes a body to body massage one of the most sexual types of massage therapy.

A body to body massage isn’t just for sexual pleasure

Due to its nature, a b2b massage is seen as too sexual and many people are intimidated by it. But this is a popular misconception. Asian massages are typically more sexual in nature, but it’s not just about that. They use the power of pleasure to cure the body and mind. When you experience pleasure, particularly orgasms, the body releases endorphin’s that work to reduce anxiety, create calm and stabilise mood. They also motivate a person towards doing things to achieve the same level of happiness.

That’s what makes a body to body massage so effective at relieving stress. You just have to look past the sexual side to experience this.

Maintaining this stable state of mind

To get the most out of your body to body massage, follow these tips. They will help you maintain that positive afterglow.

1. Incorporate a body to body massage into your daily life

In general, therapists will advise you to get into a regular routine of receiving massages. Schedules are good, because you will condition your body into expecting and preparing itself for the benefits of a massage. Plus, the benefits will become more pronounced each time you have one. How often you choose to have one depends on your personal situation. Some people are fine with monthly sessions while others (especially if you’re experiencing chronic stress) may require fortnightly or even weekly sessions. A body to body massage can be quite intense, so monthly is a good ballpark figure.

2. Drink lots of water

Massages speed up the rate at which your bodily systems function. In general, they stimulate blood flow, which means oxygen, nutrients and waste products are received/removed from cells at a faster rate. Because your body is running at a faster speed, replenishing your water supply is highly advised. In addition, massages help the lymphatic system remove toxins more effectively, and water will help flush these from the body more quickly.

3. Don’t forget to stretch

Massages help to reduce muscle strain, knots and stimulate blood flow. This means muscle tissues receive a richer supply of blood and nutrients, so they are less likely to cramp up again. Muscle cramp is inevitable, but you can prolong this knot-free state by regularly stretching to keep muscles loose and supple.

4. Exercise regularly

Working out helps to maintain strong blood flow to all parts of the body, even the extremities. But don’t push yourself too far. You don’t want to reduce the healing effects massage has had on your muscles by tearing them again.

5. Maintain a healthy, balanced diet

A body to body massage is a great way to detoxify your body. Support your body’s new state by maintaining a healthy diet. That doesn’t necessarily mean cutting out all carbohydrates and sugar. Just eat in moderation.

Where can I get a body to body massage?

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