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Imagine experiencing total bliss and relaxation. Imagine feeling your tensions lift off your chest and float away. Imagine going into a busy work office and being so relaxed, not a single bicker, nag or complaint affects you. It doesn’t quite sound possible, but a 4 Hands massage can give you all that and more!

A 4 Hands massage is, simply, a four-handed massage with two masseuses where they each manipulate your body instead of one. So instead of one masseuse, you have two spending an entire hour (or more) totally focused on pleasing you. Talk about being pampered. There are various types of massage you can choose and they can be standard or erotic. Either way, you’ll be experiencing total satisfaction.

What happens during a 4 Hands massage session?

A four-handed massage is a synchronised dance of the hands. Typically, one masseuse will lead and the other will follow. One masseuse will massage one side of your body, for example your right leg. The other masseuse will massage the opposite side (the left leg) and move in the opposite outward direction. This synchronised collaboration of motions will be near-hypnotic. You’ll be totally mesmerised by the sensations and your mind will be lulled into relaxation.

Alternatively, the two masseuses may work on different areas of the body. So instead of dividing the body vertically down the middle, they may split it horizontally. One masseuse might massage the top half of the body and the other will massage the lower half. Like the first approach, the masseuses will be synchrony with each other and your mind will be mesmerised.

One of the best things about a four Hands massage is that two pairs of hands can reach more areas and achieve more pleasure than one pair can. One masseuse cannot stimulate your torso and your legs at the same time. Two masseuses can.

Have you ever had a massage and somewhere during the clouds of pleasure, have fleetingly thought a leg rub would be nice? But you didn’t interrupt the masseuse because the work she’s giving to your shoulders feels so good? Well with a four Hands massage, you can! While one girl pays attention to your top half, the other can focus completely on your lower. Four hands can literally give you head-to-toe pleasure.

Why a 4 Hands massage is essential for health

Modern day society treats pleasure as though it’s a dirty thing to be ashamed of. But in reality, pleasure is scientifically proven to be healthy. Pleasure doesn’t just invoke mental satisfaction. When we experience pleasure, a cocktail of feel-good hormones is released into the bloodstream. This wondrous mixture of hormones and endorphins has several positive effects on the body:

Dopamine – lights up the pleasure centre in the brain
Oxytocin – creates happiness, mental tranquillity and encourages the forming of bonds
Serotonin – stabilises mood
Prolactin – reduces anxiety and tension

These hormones are typically released when we do exciting things that we enjoy and get our hearts racing – for example, driving fast cars and riding roller coasters. But we don’t have to go to a theme park or buy a sports car to achieve this. We can do something that’s free and produces just as much pleasure – have an orgasm.

Yes, that’s right. Orgasms produce all of these hormones and it’s a natural side effect of pleasure. A 4 Hands massage can produce orgasmic, carnal pleasure, particularly if it’s an erotic massage.

But it’s not just about arousal and orgasms. Massages have fantastic physical benefits as well:

Realigns muscles and reduces pains and aches
Improves blood circulation
Boosts immunity

4 Hands vs 2 Hands

A Four Hands massage offers you all of the benefits of a standard massage, so you’re probably wondering why you shouldn’t just choose the standard one, especially as it’s cheaper. Four Hands massages are more expensive because there are two masseuses who are being compensated for their time and skill. However, two pairs of hands can manipulate a larger surface area than one pair can. A 4 Hands massage offers the same long-lasting benefits as a standard massage but in much less time (more hands = more pleasure). So, if you’re strapped for time, feeling particularly overworked or just want totally holistic relaxation, a 4 Hands massage is the one for you.

I’m interested in erotic massage! What styles can I try?

There are many types of erotic massage, but these are the most popular ones:

Erotic massage
Tantric massage
Sensual massage
Lingam massage
Nuru/soapy massage
Body to body massage
Prostate massage

Our advice? If you’ve never tried an erotic massage, we recommend diving straight in the deep end with a four Hands massage. If you have, we recommend upping the ante and going for a 4 Hands. Whatever your needs are, an erotic massage is designed to help you release those near-permanent tensions, exploring your sensual side and reconnecting your body, mind and soul. Our four hands massage London certainly does that.

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