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Britain, also known as the ‘fat man of Europe’ has a worryingly high obesity rate, with 64% of the population been deemed as overweight. Despite these alarming figures, obesity is not tackled the way it always should be. Generally speaking, the NHS approaches obesity from a medical stance, which isn’t always the most effective way of encouraging weight loss and healthier life styles for individuals. For many people, eating habits and failure to exercise is a direct result of an unhealthy mental attitude, resulting in psychological barriers. This therefore begs the question: is it better to encourage a healthy mind before implementing exercises regimes and diet plans? Will this give people a better chance of sticking to it? More than likely, yes. However, unlike therapy and counselling, I do not believe that talking about your inner demons is always the way forward. Humans are simple beings: they are more inclined to do something if they get a physical reward. Now, although weight loss for an overweight person is extremely rewarding, the benefits take a while to show. Without instant results, motivation tends to wither and the diet plan goes out of the window. What people need is something positive to feed off that isn’t food; an instant reward to inspire motivation.

Here is my solution: Get a Body to Body Massage. This might seem like an unusual recommendation, but body to body massages are natural healers. Derived from the ancient Art of Tantra, they have a vast portfolio is mental and physical benefits, and can be life changing experiences for people of all ages, sex and sizes. This could be your answer to weight loss, and here’s why:

They psychologically and spiritually cleansing

People don’t lose weight because they tell themselves they can’t. Simple as. Psychological barriers are one of the main reasons why people try, and fail to lose weight. The most important thing to remember about erotic massages is that they are mentally cleansing; they help to re-set your mind if you will. Body to Body massages are incredibly exposing, both physically and spiritually. In order to experience this genre of massage to its full potential, clients are forced to open up their minds and stretch their comfort zones. Despite their sexual foundation, practioners of Tantra describe body to body messages as extremely emotional and moving experiences. Some people even cry during sessions! Why might you ask? Because your mind is a gate, and once opened, who knows what can flood out. Maybe you’ve been holding onto a negative experience from your past which has influenced your life, or maybe you were abused in some way and you’ve never been able to let go. Erotic massages are healing and incredibly powerful experiences. Whatever negative energy you’re holding onto, a body to body Massage just might be the medicine you need.

They are great for your self-esteem

Although body to body massages require both masseuse and participant to be completely naked, you wouldn’t believe how much this can help your ego. Being completely naked in front of someone can be daunting if you’ve got low self-esteem so undressed in front of a stranger might be your idea of hell. Erotic masseuses are trained experts who believe in the values and teachings of Tantra, meaning they do not see people as bodies, they see them as souls. A Tantric masseuse will never make you feel unattractive; their intimate, romantic touch will have the opposite effect. Although highly erotic, body to body massages are seriously romantic, and it’s not unknown for participants to feel a connection with their masseuse, and vice versa. A Tantric masseuse will touch, caress and tend to every inch of your body, and will teach you love yourself holistically. Although this style does have an erotic basis, your masseuse will show you that you are an embodiment of your sexuality; you are a powerful being. This positive reinforcement will feed your confidence, and in turn, you’ll feel more driven and motivated to stick to your goals.

A body to body massage is good for the body

If you ever need an excuse to get a sexy, body to body massage, here’s your justification: Body to Body massages are seriously good for your health! Hallelujah! Like all erotic massages, the Body to Body style combines a sprinkle of pleasure with a large dose of relaxation, and that my friend, is the perfect recipe for a body cleanse. Unbeknown to most people, experiencing pleasure is really important when it comes to bodily function. Aside from feeling good, orgasms are great for the immune system because they stimulate the production of an important antibody known for tackling illnesses. In fact, the results of a recent studies proved that climaxing several times a week decreases your chance of dying as a result of a medical complication by 50%, as opposed to those who orgasm sporadically.

If you’re overweight, you’ll know that you’re in danger of suffering from heart attacks, strokes, cancer and other serious illnesses. As well as minimising the risk of these traumas, orgasms can actually boost fertility, smooth out wrinkles, lower blood pressure and increase your immune system. Losing weight isn’t just about looking good, it’s about feeling good too. If you want to shed some points, start from the inside first, and the rest will fall into place.

What are you waiting for?

Body to Body massage is not timid; they are energetic, sexy and extremely arousing. Although most participants to reach their ‘happy ending’, it’s the journey to that point which is the real selling point. Body to Body massages are all about body confidence, so you’ll finish your session feeling great about yourself whether you like it or not. If you’re incapable of sticking to a diet, or your exercise regime is non-existent, it’s time to take a different approach and think outside the box. Instead of learning how to love healthy food and sports, learn how to love yourself first. Be different, get a B2B massage London and transform your mentality.

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