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Treat Yourself to a Sensual Massage London

Fancy a Sensual Massage in London? – There is magic in touch, there is the comfort, healing, connection, warmth and melting pleasure. As human beings, we all have a need for intimacy. For the person though receiving intimate touch is a substantial part of maintaining well-being and we believe that if for any reason the man is not receiving intimacy it can affect him deeply both on a physical and emotional level and consequently affecting everyone around him.

Make time for a sensual fun

It may be that he/her has a very busy work life and no time for them self, it may be that their relationship with their wife, husband or girlfriend and boyfriend is no longer as intimate and connected as it was, it may be that once in a while he or her just needs to be the receiver and for a few hours not to have to be the one responsible for giving. Whatever their motives for coming to visit us many of ours clients remark that after receiving one of our sensual massage treatments they leave feeling, fulfilled, amazingly relaxed, alive, inspired and motivated

What is a FBSM

So what exactly is a full body sensual massage (FBSM) ? It’s a massage style like most others but focuses on the WHOLE body not just small parts or areas where the problem lies. Many providers try to emulate this service with a “normal” massage but an erotic FBSM just blows this out of the water in terms of relaxation.

When the days start drawing out in November its important to keep up with a good FBSM schedule. We offer a range of services. including FBSM which is also performed fully naked with a Happy ending or full service! This is what sets us aside from other providers in London and beyond.  Finding a good FBSM on the street even in Soho is a risky thing to-do why not book with a reputable company like ours?

Bring some magic sparkle to London

London is we feel one of the best cities in the world. The bright lights the atmosphere and the diversity make it the place to be! London is full of upmarket hotels and boutique hotels ready to make your stay more favourable. Don’t worry if you live in London we offer outcalls to your home too! We offer a full 24 hours outcall service so day or night if you need that FBSM you crave we are here offering you the very best massage service in London. If this is your first time looking at a sensual massage rest assured you are in safe hands. Our dedicated reception team are on hand to answer any questions you might have regarding our service or massage in particular.

Booking with us

Booking with us is really easy. We accept telephone bookings or email enquires. You can find this on our booking page. We are open daily on a 24 hour basis every day so you will never go without no matter what!

Sensual Massage or other Massage?

Here at Erotic Massage UK we offer a lot of different types of massages for you to indulge in. Sensual or FBSM as its known is just one of them that we offer. While a sensual massage is a close and intimate massage style it might just not suit everyone! So that’s why we offer a mixture of other massage styles. We offer everything from the very naughty happy ending massage, Body to body massage and more! If you are feeling very adventurous all of our masseuses offer a steamy prostate massage too. So we really offer something for everyone.  Please call us on 07774368218 If you wish to make a booking.

Go on adventure with your FBSM

Like other types of massage and erotic massage FBSM is an adventure. From the moment you book to the moment you leave you will be taken on a journey like no other.  We are one of the only few companies in London that offer a fully nude experience with all the perks of a fully sensual massage. FBSM or sensual massage is widely used in a range of settings either with your partner or on an erotic basis at our parlour or your hotel room. FBSM has many health benefits too including boosting the immune system naturally.  Relieving  aches and pains, satisfying your sexual urges and built up pressure and helping with colds and other symptom’s that can lead to stress and other unwanted side effects. As our lives get more and more busy on a daily basis with more demands and more stress a great FBSM is perfect to keep the blues at bay. This type off massage is a great help with certain disorders such as seasonal affective disorder even more so in the winter months when it just feels dark and gloomy for months at a time.

Our Sensual therapists

All our Asian therapists have been formally trained as professional masseuses in Thailand, China, Korea and Japan who are not only qualified but highly skilled and experienced to give you that FBSM you so crave. By combining their experiences and their knowledge with their natural ability and desire to work in the sensual arena. We have created a massage experience that blends both proper muscular work with intimate touch, taking you through many sensations of arousal to the ultimate crescendo and to relief your body tension and soothe your mind with the perfect sensual massage London experience. Our masseuses take pride in their work and do offer extras! All extras must be discussed with the therapist before you wish to perform such action! Our masseuses are all what you expect from a very sexy massage therapist with striking figures and great and bubbly conversation to make you feel at ease! Nobody want’s to feel on edge during a massage right? Oils and fresh towels are provided by standard.

What's Included In My Sensual Massage?

£150 For Your Full 1 Hour Sensual Massage
You Choice of Beautiful Masseuse, Chinese, Korean or Japanese
A Fully Naked Massage Sure to Excite
A very intimate and seductive massage


Here are our most popular sensual massage therapists in London below, Once you decide to book yourself this mind blowing experience these should be your first choice

Your masseuse will bring an experience unlike anything before. She’ll use her soft supple skin to excite and tease your body and sense with a mixture of slow gentle strokes and touches. As she works her hands all over your body she will make use of varying pressure to build up waves of excitement until you release!

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