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Happy ending massages are unexpected but welcome surprises. Getting one would be like sleeping with your best friend’s sister – it feels bad and yet so good. But are they really so bad? They’re just massages that turn you on, and it’s near-impossible to not get aroused from someone running their oiled hands all over your body. If regular massages aren’t frowned upon, why should erotic?

Ah, but with erotic massages, the masseuse finishes you off with a wondrous orgasm. For the less informed, a happy ending massage is a euphemism for massage with an orgasm. It is a massage typically performed by a girl to a guy. It’s meant to arouse and the girl finishes the guy off with a hand job or more. It’s definitely something to fantasise about and that’s why it’s seen as bad. But we live in the age of casual hook-ups and unlimited Internet pornography, and somehow see them as acceptable. Why should a happy ending massage be any different? They’re also no-strings-attached sexual encounters.

Massages possess a wealth of fantastic benefits. Data compiled by the National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that in 2009, $34 billion was spent annually on alternative medicinal therapies such as massage therapy. Eight years on, the figure is likely to be much higher. This just shows how effective massage therapy, in general, is.

The Benefits of a Happy Ending Massage

The motions and the varying pressures used in a massage have been proven to improve blood circulation and thus, blood pressure. When you’re cold, you tend to rub your hands together to stimulate blood flow, right? Massages work in a similar way. When you’re in pain, you tend to rub that area, so in the same way, the rubbing motions of a massage are also great for muscle ache relief. Just like when someone gives a cuddle and strokes your hair, the sensations of a massage are deeply relaxing.  When you’re relaxed, the digestive system works more efficiently as food and waste products move at an increased rate through the body. Breathing becomes deeper and slower, and respiration becomes more efficient as you’re using more of your lungs’ capacities.

Happy ending massages expand on these benefits. Not only do you leave with a reduced blood pressure and better circulatory, digestive and respiratory system, you’re more than utterly relaxed. Why? Sexual arousal and orgasm cause the body to release a bunch of feel-good endorphins and hormones into the bloodstream. You get some oxytocin (calming and creates bonds between you and your partner), serotonin (major ingredient in anti-depressants because of its mood stabilising ability), dopamine (turns on the brain’s pleasure centre) and prolactin (reduces anxiety and helps you sleep).

Have you ever noticed how after an orgasm, you feel totally calm, chilled and a little bit sleepy? It’s because of those hormones. An erotic massage with a happy ending can give you all this. You can’t experience the full dose of these wonderful endorphin’s from a regular Swedish massage.

It’s not just mood and pain alleviation that a happy ending massage can affect. The eventual orgasm can actually improve focus and enhance brain activity. When you’re aroused, it’s not just the sexual areas that blood goes rushing to. It also flows to the brain, sending nutrients and oxygen with it, meaning that you can get be the most productive you’ve ever been while in this post-orgasmic state.

The massage techniques used in happy ending massages are also fantastic for skin. The swirling and kneading motions stimulate blood flow to the surface of the skin, meaning you’ll leave a massage session with flushed, glowing skin. Orgasms associated with happy ending massages are responsible for this too. In the lead up to orgasm, the body releases DHEA, which is a prime ingredient in steroid supplements, and human growth hormone – both of which help with skin elasticity. This means happy ending massages are sort of like the Fountain of Youth, right?

Breaking the Happy Ending Taboo

It’s crazy that happy ending massages possess all these amazing health benefits and yet society still shuns them into the ‘taboo’ box. Some people will argue here that it’s because you pay for this sexual encounter and so they’re basically prostitution. Prostitution is illegal in many countries and perhaps the shaded nature of massage parlours give off this vibe. In some places, intercourse will likely take place and that is against the law. However, the loophole is that the session will open with a massage and the happy ending is independently offered as an optional extra, so it then becomes consensual sex between two adults. A ‘private agreement’ like this is not against the law.

Taboo and illegal are not the same thing. Taboo is a term that’s been curated by society. We unnecessarily associate terms and images to situations, and once they’re there, it’s stuck. This is the case with happy ending massages. Because of their regular status on Internet porn, people form a negative stigma. Also, sex is a very hush-hush subject itself. But getting an erotic massage and becoming aroused to the point of orgasm shouldn’t be so embarrassing. We’re humans and we’re biologically programmed to enjoy sex.

Whatever your stance may be, it’s safe to say that erotic Asian massages seem salacious, suspicious and somewhat sleazy. This view isn’t helped by the regular spot held by Asian massages on the category list of many pornographic websites.

But if you ever happen to stumble on the chance to get a happy ending massage, grab it with both hands and get one! Don’t worry about what other people might think. Deep down, they’ll be wishing they were you.

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