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We’ve scanned the web, searching high and low for all the facts and information about the body to body massage and brought them together to create an inclusive guide. Read on to learn what a body to body massage is, how it’s executed, what to expect during a typical session and what surprising benefits a regular session can have.

What is a body to body massage?

A body to body massage, also known as a body 2 body, is a highly sensual and erotic form of massage. Also considered as sexual therapy, the massage is a full body one where the masseuse uses her entire naked body to stimulate the client as well as her hands. It’s intended to arouse so typically involves a sensual massage of the genital and erogenous areas, which results in a physical release (an orgasm).

A real body to body massage, one that’s worth paying for, isn’t a cheesy, laughable experience. It isn’t anything like the exotic Asian massages you see on films or TV shows. It’s not a sleazy affair – you wouldn’t pay £130 for that. Originating as far back as Ancient Rome and Egypt, it’s an art form that’s rich in history. When performed correctly and professionally, a body to body massage can expose you to a wealth of health benefits.

What’s the difference between a body to body and a nuru massage?

Like a body to body massage, a nuru massage also involves the therapist using her body, as well as her hands, as the massaging instrument. However, the main difference is that a nuru massage uses a special gel while a body to body massage uses oils and lotions. Aside from this, the two erotic massages offer the same sort of sensations and benefits as each other.

What happens during a body to body massage?

During a body 2 body session, the masseuse will use the feminine curves and soft surfaces of her body to stimulate the client and offer a diversity of intense sensations. She will use her breasts, stomach, thighs, calves, feet and arms at varying speeds and pressures to excite all parts of the client’s body. The point is to make maximum skin to skin, full body contact to create maximum pleasure, which allows the mind to escape reality.

A body to body massage typically begins with a standard full body massage to relax the client. After this, the masseuse will climb on top of the client and begin sliding and grinding her body, using a variety of motions and pressures, to stimulate the client. There won’t a single patch of skin left untouched, which makes the massage very erotic. Arousal is inevitable and orgasms are welcomed.

What’s the point of a body to body massage?

A body to body massage is more than just pleasurable arousal. It holds roots in Tantrism, a meditative style that was practised by Hindus in Ancient Indian times. It’s thought that tantric meditation can create sexual energy that can lead to a state of bliss and even enlightenment. A body2body massage works to keep this vital energy circulating through the body’s seven main energy centres (also known as ‘Chakras’).

While this is happening, the client is encouraged to focus only on the massage and the sensations. The aim is to feel the physical sensations on a spiritual level and make the massage a wholly holistic experience for the body, mind and soul. In this spiritual state and with practice, you can expect to feel prolonged, more intense sexual pleasure.

A body to body massage is rather ritualistic, so there will be a specific process. A real body to body massage therapist will ensure that the massage is a well-guided ritual that nurtures and pleases the client.

What are the health benefits of a body to body massage?

  • Boosts blood circulation

A body to body massage stimulates the entire body using a mixture of massage strokes at a range of speeds and pressures. This variety of strokes physically pushes the blood around the body, which helps with circulation. When blood flows more smoothly through the body, more nutrients reach the muscles, skin and organs, which result in a better-supplied body.

Poor circulation can be the reason behind aching muscles, numb extremities (such as fingers and toes), bloating due to water retention, varicose veins, dry skin and even fatigue. The kneading motions in a body to body massage can help awaken a sluggish system, ensuring that the resupplying of nutrients and removal of toxins is efficient. Regular massage helps with tissue function, and can even result in a tighter, more toned body

  • Reduces stress

Studies have shown that massage reduces stress. It doesn’t just relax the muscles and mind, it also reduces the levels of the stress hormone cortisone and increases the levels of the love hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin is the same hormone released during an orgasm, so it’s no wonder pleasure is so enjoyable.

  • Helps immune system

Cortisone doesn’t just cause stress. High levels of it kill white blood cells, the soldiers in our bodies that fight against illnesses. Massages reduce the level of cortisone, which in turn, increases the levels of white blood cells and lymphocyte cells, which also defend our body from harmful foreign bodies. A body to body massage also helps to improve the circulation of lymph fluid around the body, which aids the efficient removal of cell waste and toxins from the body.

  • Helps insomnia

Studies have proved that massage helps provide a better quality of sleep. Stress and anxiety can be responsible for insomnia, but massage promotes relaxation, eliminates stress which helps us fall asleep more quickly.

  • Keeps skin soft

Massage oils are always liberally used during a body to body massage to ensure the masseuse can easily slide over the skin. Not only does this heighten the sensation, but it’s also super moisturising for the skin. The oil is warm, which opens the skin’s pores, penetrates the epidermis which results in complete hydration. Moisturised skin is important in order to prevent dryness, flaking skin, sagging and premature aging. A body to body massage is not just a relaxing massage – it’s also a moisturising spa treatment. Clients can leave feeling revitalised with wonderfully soft, glowing skin.

  • Promotes a healthy mental wellbeing

Skin to skin contact does wonders for our mental wellbeing. Touch is comforting, loving and builds trust. This is backed up by new-born babies – placing them next to their mother’s skin shortly after birth stabilises their heart rate, blood pressure and breathing. This contact helps to build an irreplaceable bond between mother and child. This desire for human touch hasn’t diminished as we’ve aged. A body to body massage fulfils all this. It can help everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation and relationship status, enjoy a happy, healthy mental wellbeing.

As you can see there is a lot more that goes into a body to body massage then simply rubbing bodies together. So the next time you’re contemplating getting a b2b massage London you’ll be fully informed of its uses and health benefits.

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