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The Best Happy Ending Massage in London

Are the stresses of every day getting on top of you? Do you feel like you need to get rid of some tension? By the sounds of things, you need to relax, so we at Erotic Massage UK, are here to offer you a solution. Our London Happy Ending massage is the perfect way to just let go, and we don’t just mean stress.

Our fully trained and 100% authentic Asian masseuse are experts in their field, and will use their vast experience and skill to give you pleasure like you’ve never had it before. Our premium service gives you the chance to hand select one of our Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Thai masseuses to walk you through the massage. Lie back, relax and enjoy the ride as your sexy masseuse touches and caresses your body until you can’t take it anymore. Sounds like a pretty happy ending if you ask me.

What Should I Expect From My Happy Ending service?

Once relaxed, your masseuse will turn you onto your back and will divert her attention to your crotch. She will begin by gently massaging your legs, inner thighs and shins, increasing your sensitivity and arousal levels. You masseuse will continue to massage and stimulate you until you begin to shake with pleasure. By this point your levels of pleasure will be sky high, and you will feel your release nearing. It is now that your masseuse will ease off to preserve your release for as long as possible. This build-up of arousal and pleasure is the perfect recipe for the orgasm of a lifetime, but you won’t believe us until you experience it for yourself. Eventually, after teasing you for long enough, your masseuse will push you to the point of climax. This orgasm will be like nothing you’ve ever felt before- that’s a promise.

What is a Happy Ending And Why Should I Get One?

A Happy Ending massage London is exactly what you imagine it to be. It’s an hour of unprecedented pleasure. This erotic form of massage is designed to manually release tension and is a completely unique experience. The spiritual nature of this massage allows clients to clear their mind, banish negative energy and reach a euphoric state of relaxation. Unbeknown to most, relaxation goes hand in hand with pleasure, so if you want to experience an orgasm like you’ve never had before, this is the massage for you.

Whether you’re searching for sexual satisfaction or just need to relax, the Happy Ending massage London will not disappoint. A London Happy Ending Massage is exactly what it say’s on the tin, it is a sensual, intense and erotic massage with an orgasm at the end of the tunnel. Using various techniques to massage your intimate areas, your gorgeous masseuse will push you to the limit, time and time again. Your masseuse will teach you how to prolong pleasure; guaranteeing a more intense orgasm.

What's Included In this service?

£120 For a Full 1 Hour Happy Ending Massage
Genuine Asian masseuse of your choice
Fully Naked Massage For Added Arousal
The Happiest of Endings


If you’re looking for a happy ending that will leave you smiling long after, then be sure to check out our most popular masseuses below.

Your masseuse will use ancient lingam techniques to stimulate your legs, inner thighs and genital area with a combination of slow long strokes of varying pressure to help build up the levels of excitement and energy before releasing it all in a climactic explosion.

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