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What is a Four Hands Massage?

Well simply put a 4 hands massage in London is the same as any other except with the added benefit and delight of having two stunning masseuses tend to your every need and desire. Just imagine the sheer bliss of having two beautiful masseuses work your whole body until your feeling utterly satisfied and rejuvenated.

The benefits you receive from a 4 hands massage are superior to a regular massage. A four hands massage can stretch and relax muscles in ways that a single massage therapist cannot do alone. The greater intensity of the simultaneous massage movements enhances the body’s blood circulation and aids in the relaxation of tense and tired muscles.

Fabulous Asian 4 Hands Massage

You will receive the ultimate hands-on therapy offered anywhere in the London. Imagine two stunning Asian 4 hands massage therapists, 4 hands, and one body – Yours. Both working to release your entire body and mind of stress troubles and woes. We absolutely assure you there is nothing on earth that can prepare you for this amazing and experience of an ultimate four hands massage.

Four Hands Massage – Double your relaxation with our tantalising 4 Hand Massage in London. Our beautiful highly skilled therapists are specially trained to maximise your relaxation and relieve your stress. Why wouldn’t you want two of these stunning ladies tending to your every need.

four hands massage London

Double The Fun With A Four Hands Massage!

When your two chosen goddesses work together on your body it’s reminiscent of a synchronised massage, as both of your masseuses mirror each others subtle, soft strokes and hand actions. Lets be honest here what man wouldn’t want to be seductively relaxed with the help of two stunning Asian masseuses all the while aiming to please you in every way possible.

Whats Included In My Four Hands Massage?

£260 For a Full 1 Hour 4 Hands Massage
Your Choice of Not One But Two! Gorgeous Asian Masseuses
Fully Naked Massage For Extra Va Va Voom
Relaxation In The Most Unbelievable way

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