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This privacy policy outlines how we collect and use your information including circumstances where and when we may disclose your information where applicable to law enforcement officers when you are a user of Hotel-massage UK


Your security is of great important to and we will take every appropriate measure to limit the risk of loss, misuse and damage at all time by using appropriate technology and having risk assessments constant sessions on how we store your information at all times.


Erotic Massage UK expressly and strictly limits its clientele and usage privileges to adults aged 18 or over. If you are below 18yrs, therefore, you are strictly forbidden from the site and the services we provide under the strictest terms possible without any exception. We would not knowingly deal with clients that are below the age of maturity, collect and or store their information.


1. The DATA we collect

We collect data through phone, email, booking form and IP address. Due to the nature of the business, there is no way you can do business with us without having shared some information about yourself. Information collected from will not and shall never be shared except in scenarios where someone’s life has been at serious risk and we are being asked the court of law to provide information that will help it to make well-informed decisions. This is the only time we will willingly share information that we hold. However, the information will solely belong to an individual or the accused.


As an outcall massage service provider, some detail about you will be collected prior to the outcall masseuse attending to you at your chosen location.


2. Membership registration

We do not provide membership to our site. Therefore registration is not required. However, when you subscribe to our offers newsletter, your information will be stored in a highly secured environment. However, note that we do store identification details such as IP address.


3. Publicly accessible information

We only use session cookies and persistent cookies to identify your activities on the site. However, we cannot personally identify you when using the site and the only information about you that we get is your IP address. We store the information on a limited time basis, which is usually 1 month.


4. Log File Data

When you visit, through our servers, information about your activities may be recorded such as IP address, browser type, web request, referring URL browser language, technology type, date and time of browsing.


When you contact us via email, we do sometimes store such correspondences though for a very limited time.



The information you provide to Hotel massage is used to provide you with opportunities and features only available to users who accept to our terms. For example, if you would want to comment on a blog post, you will have to provide personal information like your names and email address. If you would want to become a guest blogger, you would have to do the same. The content you upload, produce including blog posts, comments may be redistributed through the Internet including other media channels and could be viewed by the general public.


However, your email won’t become publicly available unless you decided to do so. When you subscribe to our newsletters, we will always make sure you receive qualified information that reflects the reasons why you provided your email address. We do not use such details to send out commercial, marketing messages and or sharing your information with third parties


At some point, when and where necessary, we may deploy your email address into use without prior consent and but for non-marketing purposes. This might be about changes in our terms and conditions if we were about to stop trading if you were at risk and much more such incidents


6. Communications and opt-in

When you subscribe to our email, you are expressly agreeing and directly acknowledging that; your email address can be used to reach to you with offers, information and marketing materials directly from our company. With our type of business, offers can only be delivered via email and we won’t use your email for anything rather than what you read on the opt-in form before subscribing.


7. Opt-Out Communications

Even though you may have personally opted to receive offers and other forms of communication from you, your right to opt-out is never infringed at all. If for any reason you are not happy with the offers sent to you, you are free to unsubscribe and or opt out at a time of your chosen. We would provide a link to opt out in any email communications and in a scenario where this has not been possible, send an email with such a request and your details will be taken out without any delay from our database.


8. Disclosure of Information

Disclosure of information is something we take very seriously and will not disclose your information because a law officer requested. We may only disclose information when a request comes from the court of law and we are ordered and or oblige or in circumstances where such a move is needed to enforce our terms of service and or other agreements; and or to protect the property of, rights of and or protecting our users, others and subscribers. This may include exchanging information with some organisations, companies, the police and governmental bodies for the purpose of protecting you, against fraud or some other forms of illegal activities irrespective of whether such terms are outlined in our TOS. It’s’s policy, whenever legally binding, to immediately notify you upon an obligation to supply any such data to a third party before the information requested by the 3rd part is supplied.


9. Security

Whatever information you receive from us as part and parcel of the “service” or “product”, you are obliged to keep such information as personal and must not share with any third party. Where we have given you private and or sensitive information to enable you to access certain parts and or services, you are responsible for keeping such information as confidential as possible. Respecting the privacy and integrity of others is of great importance to and the services we provide to you as a client.


Lastly, we agree that the sharing of information through the Internet cannot be completely secure and we, therefore, urge you to refrain from sharing names, contact information that you may come across during a service with others. If you’d wanted to do so, the best method is to refer the person to


10. Your Rights

You have the right to request information we hold about you, edit such information, deleting such information by writing to us at We may take up to 7days to respect your request but in any circumstance, we promise to respect your rights in its

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