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Why An Erotic Prostate Massage?

Getting an erotic prostate massage in London are not only a great way to relax one’s self and are great for both reasons of pleasure and health. A prostate massage in London can also be used as an alternative treatment for chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Besides treating prostatitis, massaging the prostate is also used to treat an enlarged prostate and can be used to improve sexual health problems one may be suffering from.

Massages can be helpful for symptoms of chronic pelvic pain syndrome, because it enhances blood flow, improves urinary flow, and helps maintain the integrity of the prostate tissue. Improved blood flow delivers oxygen, essential nutrients, and white blood cells, which help fight infection.
Stimulating Sensations
Also called “prostate milking” massage stimulates the release of prostatic fluid. This opens up channels in the prostate and reduces inflammation. An erotic prostate massage is helpful for men with pelvic floor muscle disorders, which is estimated to affect about half of the men with chronic pelvic pain syndrome because it improves the muscles tone.

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For the male, the prostate gland is essentially the male equivalent of the well known female g-spot. When massaged and tenderly caressed it can be very sensual and pleasurable indeed. When clients often describe this feeling it sounds very similar to those described by females who have had their g-spot area massaged. A strong and intense orgasm can take place, especially when the masseuse caresses areas of your body and slowly builds up the flowing waves of stimulating touch.

Whats Included?

£150 For a Full 1 Hour Erotic Prostate Massage
A Stunning Range Of Asian Masseuses
Fully Naked Masseuse to Add Extra Spice
Any Essential Oils For Your Intimate Massage

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