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A migraine is often categorised as a moderate or severe headache that is felt as a throbbing pain on one side of head. When suffering from a migraine, most people tend to experience the same symptoms: Nausea, vomiting and increased sensitivity to sound or light. Migraines are common, and affect about one in every five women and one in every fifteen men. Although migraines are generally sporadic for most, frequent sufferers can experience them up to several times a week. The main types of migraine are:

– Migraine with aura– this is a migraine with warning signs. People tend to see things such as flashing lights before a migraine starts.
– Migraine without aura– usually the most common type. This is a migraine that comes on without any warning signs.
– Migraine aura without headache– aka the ‘silent migraine’. This is where people experience aura-symptoms but a headache never develops.

What are the causes?

Although the exact cause of a migraine is unknown, they’re thought to be the result of momentary changes in the chemicals, nerves and blood vessels in the brain. However, like most illnesses, they often have triggers. Some of which include:

– Stress
– Lack of sleep/ tiredness
– Certain foods or drinks
– Periods

How to treat them

There are no cures for migraines, but there are treatments to dull the pain. Most people are prescribed pain killers, however, they aren’t always guaranteed to ease the pain, and even if they do, it is often temporary. So what’s the long term solution? Is there a way to tackle migraines at the core and lessen more episodes?

A Tantric massage should do the trick

If you’ve in the dark when it comes to Tantric massages, let us explain why they might be the solution to your migraines. Tantric massage is a naked, full body massage that is known for being sensual, relaxing and often romantic. Although it does fall into the erotic massage category, Tantric massages do not focus purely on sexual stimulation. A typical session will begin with breathing techniques that allows the masseuse and client to create a bond from the offset. Eventually, this will progress into a full-body, traditional massage which is designed to relieve tension from the muscles in the body and increase blood flow. Once at ease and aroused, the masseuse will slowly introduce sexual play that will push the client into a deeper state of euphoria. This state of tranquillity is spiritual, and allows people to open up and free their minds of negative congestion.

Goodbye stress, hello sleep

We are stressed, we don’t sleep. And when we don’t sleep, we become irritable and stressed. It’s one of life’s vicious cycles that have a close relation to migraines. However, getting a Tantric massage might just be what you need to nip it in the bud. First of all, getting a Tantric massage session could help you discover where the root of your stress stems from- what underlying issue is causing your brain to overwork. Tantric massages help to unearth deep causes of stress, depression and anxiety because of their spiritual nature and practice. Clients are forced to open up their mind and face their problems head on- this is done by accessing the bodies’ chakras (energies). Many practitioners of Tantric massage report feeling emotional after a session because of their exposing yet therapeutic nature. Once the fundamental problem has been identified and discarded, only then can true relaxation be achieved. All of these factors are directly associated to lessened stress and improved sleeping patterns. What’s more, these benefits are not short lived- in fact; they’re long-lasting and easily mimicked at home- talk about getting your money’s worth!

Book in for your session today

Contrary to belief, Tantric massages aren’t sleazy forms of prostitution decorated with a fancy name. They aren’t just about sex, nor or they just about relieving muscle tension- they overlap the two for a more powerful session. So if you’re tired of sitting in dark rooms or eating paracetamol like sweets, why not take a different approach and book in for a Tantric massage? Above all else, they feel great, so what are you waiting for? to see our best London tantric massage deals visit here

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