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Ever wondered what a Body to body massage is like?

A body to body massage is a very special and unique type of massage therapy where a masseuse uses her body as a tool to massage your body. With close, intimate interaction she rubs her body over yours while you were both completely naked. It is highly arousing and sensual, as well as extremely beneficial for both your body and mind.

Luckily in London, the city is a hub for erotic and sensual massage services. These services are normally performed by beautiful, Asian women who have all been trained to a professional and high level of massage therapy at some of the most elite schools. You can tell they have been very carefully selected based on their beauty, hard work and dedication as your time with them is always of the highest standard and quality. Many customers have said one of the best things about massage parlours in London is the fact you are allowed to choose the masseuse you want and who most suits your requirements. This option makes the session more personal for you and it will also feel more like a luxury. Masseuses try to make each session unique and individual to cater to the specific needs of the customers. Therefore, as long as you discuss your preferences you will have all your desires met. All of you wildest dreams you thought would never come true can be made a reality if you try a body to body massage.

A body to body massage is very intense and intimate. The masseuse will use her whole body including her hands, fingers, lips, tongue, bum and breasts to rub sensually all over your naked body. This close interaction will allow both of you to become highly aroused and you will also learn many new things about your body and where you are sensitive. Everyone is different; therefore you will feel more sensitive in some areas more than others. The masseuse will focus on where your pressure points are an use this to her advantage to make you feel as good as you possibly can. You will be amazed at how much pleasure you can receive through the touching and stroking of other parts of your body that aren’t your genitals.  Each movement will make you gasp for air and each rub will build you one step closer to a state of orgasmic bliss. The masseuse utilizes her body shape and all of the curves to wrap herself around you and make you feel amazing. You will receive a mixture of soft and hard touches. She may start off gently using her fingers, the tip of her tongue and her breasts to brush your back.

Many people prefer the body to body massages over other types of massage mostly because it reaches every part of your body – and when I say every part, I am also referring to your mind. Of course, massages are all about physical pleasure, and with erotic massages we want the outcome to be reaching the point of climax. However, it has been proven that they also are hugely beneficial to your mind too. We often build up a lot of stress and tension in our head that we may find hard to release as we do not have the time to think about how we feel or ways we can reduce these feelings. This is why a massage is perfect – it helps us eliminate these negative feelings and enters us into a world of relaxation. Your mind will feel free and all of your worries will begin to vanish. This mental clear out works hand in hand with your physical stress and you will feel your body suddenly become less tense and more at ease. A body to body massage will really help you to control your anxieties and become a collected and tranquil person, no matter what life is throwing your way.The beautiful masseuse of your choice often uses scented and slippy oils to massage your skin, also making it easier to slide their body all over yours. This makes kneading the tension out of your body a lot easier and you also feel like you are being treated like a luxurious king. The masseuse will always ensure that you are in a position of maximum comfort and that they are doing the work – of course, if you want to join in by pleasuring her then that can also be arranged.

B2B Massage London, without a doubt, is the best way to stimulate your libido and work on every single part of your being from your body to your mind. You will feel refreshed both physically and mentally and it will be an experience you will never forget. Its benefits are everlasting and it will teach you many things about your body, where it is most sensitive and fertile to pleasure and also how to pleasure and be intimate with another.


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