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If you’re looking to spice up your sex life by giving your partner the gold-treatment, we might have a suggestion for you. A Lingam massage focuses on the penis, and uses expert and insanely erotic massage techniques to blow your man’s mind. For starters: it is not just a glorified hand job- oh, it is so, so much more than that. Lingam massage combines spiritual Tantric techniques with unadulterated pleasure for an out-of-this-world session. It is slow, spiritual, sexy and seriously saucy, but more importantly, it is a journey through the senses for both of you. Have we sparked your interest? Well, here is your ultimate guide to giving a lustful Lingam massage:

The Anatomy
Before we dive in to technique and style, let’s refresh your knowledge of the male anatomy, shall we? The Lingam is the Sanskrit word for ‘penis’ and literally translates to mean, ‘sacred’. Made up of the shaft and head, the lingam is a network of delicate senses that are easily stimulated- if you know what you’re doing, of course. Around the head lies the ridge which is known as the ‘corona’. The underside of the corona lays the frenulum- the most sensitive part of the head. However, if you think that pleasure is limited to the lingam alone- you have been truly misinformed. The testicles, scrotum and prostate are also sensation landmines. A lingam massage takes into account all points of pleasure that are available to men- not just the penis. If you’re devoted to giving a Lingam massage of dreams, it’s time to explore some different avenues.

Preparing for the massage
Every masterpiece is supported by some kind of planning- and this is no different. Preparation is important when it comes to the performing the [perfect lingam massage, because mood can have impact pleasure. Start by dimming the lights and scattering scented candles across the room. The relaxing aromas and soothing music will descend your partner into a state of tranquillity; heightening and refining the senses. Prepare the oil according to the instructions on the bottle, and be sure to heat the room to a comfortable temperature. After all, you’ll most likely be naked, so you don’t want to be chilly.

Tantalising techniques
Enough of the prelude, it’s time for the main event- it’s time to reveal the best lingam massage techniques that will leave your partner wriggling with pleasure.
Start with a full body, traditional massage by running your hands across your partner’s arms, legs, chest and back. Knead and rub out any points of tension that will relieve any discomfort or pain and will also submerge your partner into a deeper state of relaxation. Techniques include:

– Shiatsu
– Compression
– Stroking
– Kneading
– Friction

Perform these techniques for around 10-15 minutes, by which point, your partner will be floating on cloud 9. Now, it’s time for him to roll over where the real fun can begin.

Naughty lingam techniques
Ever heard the saying, ‘slow and steady wins the race’? – Well, when it comes to performing a Lingam massage, this fable couldn’t be more accurate. The most important thing to bare in mind when giving an Asian massage is that, the gradual building of arousal forms the basis of any Asian style massage. Gentle, teasing touches are the key to unlocking implausible pleasure- so take your time with it and enjoy the ride. Although the goal isn’t to make your partner cum, the chances are he will if you make the whole experience naughty enough- so here’s how to do it:

Thumb Strokes
Hold onto the penis somewhere near the middle of the shaft and rest it against your four fingers. Lightly slide your thumb up and down the shaft and repeat several times before switching up your technique.

Alternating grasps
Wrap on of your hands at the bottom of the shaft and then slide it gently up the penis. Alternate between hands and also vary your grip and speed.

Hold the base of the penis with one hand and use the other to grasp the head. Whilst gently massaging the head using your thumb, perform an opposing, pumping motion up and down the shaft with the other hand.

The Fire starter
Using the palms of your hands, hold the lingam upwards. Begin rubbing your hands together gently and move your hands up and down. Be sure to use plenty of lubricant for this technique!

Prostate massage
This technique should only be attempted by those of you who are feeling extra naughty and a little experimental. Always get permission from your partner before doing so, as it might give them a little bit of a fright! Start by using plenty of lubricant and drizzling it over one of your hands and the lingam/anus. Slowly and gently insert a finger into the anus until you’re able to locate a walnut-sized gland between the anus and bladder. This is the prostate gland- aka, the ‘sacred spot’. Using your finger, lightly stroke and massage the prostate, and slowly add pressure as the massage goes on. Try synchronising your movement by performing a massage on the lingam at the same time. It will drive your partner crazy, trust us.

Orgasm without the mess
Believe it or not, men can orgasm without ejaculating- as rare and uncommon as it is. Although most men do not possess this skill, learning it could be their answer to multiple orgasms- the holy grail of sex. There are two ways to achieve this:

– By pressing down on the ‘sacred spot’ (prostate) while he orgasms.
– By wrapping your fingers around the testicles and pulling down firmly on the scrotum during an orgasm.

In theory, these methods are mind-blowing. But in practice, they can be performed too aggressively. The key to perfecting it is practice; becoming accustomed to your partner’s limits and pain threshold- some like it firmer, other do not. However, if you just want to play it safe, feel free to end the session with a ‘Happy Ending’- it’ll still leave your partner shaking head to toe with intense, toe-curling pleasure.
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