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Not many are familiar with the term ‘lingam’  these days and even fewer with the lingam massage. However, It is an ancient term that refers to the male penis and because it is essentially a lost art, only a few sexology practitioners have the knowledge, wisdom and deep insights into what a lingam massage can achieve.

An ancient practice

To give a brief account, it is found in the ancient Hindu texts of sexual practice but it is most fully incorporated in the Taoist manuals of human sexuality. Stemming from the Sanskrit term, ‘lingam’ linguistically means ‘wand of light’ and the meaning of this can be best understood by briefly looking into Chinese philosophy.

Understanding sexual energy

When sexual energy is understood, one will learn that the Lingam houses a great deal of energy. And in order to really appreciate this, ejaculation has to be refrained from and yes, also during sex.  The Tantric practitioners believe that this way you will keep all the powers and the so called Ojas (Seed) within yourself so that you’ll be able to direct them towards the divine. This is because ultimately Tantra is a spiritual path that leads to enlightenment.

Immediately a western reader finds this idea unusual because sex is not considered to have a spiritual or sacred dimension but to a philosophically trained easterner, sex and spirituality go hand in hand without tension.

To dig a little deeper within traditional Taoist philosophy, the penis is thought to contain numerous reflex points (as in the feet and arms) which, if stimulated correctly, can have an intense feeling on the whole body. The discipline of reflexology is wonderful here because it provides greater, more intimate knowledge of the penis and this knowledge is powerful if pleasing one’s partner is of a high priority.

Let’s get into fascinating detail

Did you know that there are over 25 different massaging holds of the penis that intensify the feelings of lust and desire? This includes a gentle rub of the body to squeezing the shaft and caressing the scrotum.  However, it must be remembered that orgasm is not the goal here. The result is about a heightened sense of sexual satisfaction and performance that allows one to have sex for hours without ejaculation!

The lingam massage is a secret window into the world of tantric sex, whereby a man can learn the art of controlling ejaculation. In other words, an orgasm can be experienced without losing a drop of semen! Or let’s say it in a different way – men can experience multiple orgasms without secreting their bodily fluids!

How does it work?

With the help of massage oil (jasmine is the best), a relaxed and calm mood coupled with a good masseuse (ideally your partner), the receiver would lay down on his back at a slight incline and focus on his breathing.  With the legs slightly spread and knees bent, the male genitalia are completely exposed and ready to be pleased. The various slow and rhythmic techniques that are employed ranging from the abdomen to the scrotum and perineum achieve two primary benefits: –

  1. Enhanced lustfulness
  2. A dispersion of sexual energy

In terms of the first point, a heightened level of arousal and sexual tension is the inevitable result of the entire scheme of massage and holding methods. The receiver is encouraged to focus on his breathing at this point and feel the build up of energy in his sexual organ. Most men find this unusual. More often than not, sexual activity is goal and position orientated whereas very little attention is given to one’s sexual potential.  Men, in particular, need to learn how to relax and receive pleasure.  The lingam massage teaches exactly that!

This totally breaks down the traditional understanding of sex. We are conditioned to just focus on the orgasm but we forget that our internal energy can be nurtured in such a way that a man can be in complete lustfulness without ejaculating. And this leads onto the second point.

Massaging the penis

It is the spreading of sexual energy that is just not comprehended to most minds. Once a reasonable amount of oil is applied to the shaft and testicles of the penis, the intimate massage begins by rubbing the scrotum and prostate area with one hand, whilst with the other hand, the main body of the penis is recipient to a gentle up and down vertical movement. Applying the right pressure in the right spot is the key to intensify sexual desire. With a variation of speed and pressure, the feeling of ejaculation will be strong but the masseuse slows the tempo right down and spreads the energy around the body so the entire being feels pleasure without the need for ejaculation! Through this technique, the orgasmic energy will disperse to all parts of the body like waves, some intense whilst others being more subtle. The result is ejaculatory mastery that enhances one’s love life manifold.

You would not be surprised to know that this massage is used by the more sexually inhibited to those with marital problems. Whatever the reason for men receiving this massage, one thing for sure is that it unlocks people’s sex lives. Orgasms and ejaculation are two different phenomena and once you experience this, the feeling will be like no other!

So, there you have it. From its roots as a mystical Indian/Chinese tradition, the lingam massage has an incredible power to it which most men are not even aware of, let alone know how to unlock it.

No doubt, it takes time to master this as a lot of time and understanding needs to go into it. But the best time to start is now. Widening the breath of sexual experience adds to the depth and richness of life to the extent that one feels more positive, confident and assertive in everyday life.

Hopefully, that on its own is a tantalising reason to give this ancient Asian lingam massage practice a go and who knows, it may take your sex life to new heights!

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