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Erotic massage has a long and proud history. Most originate from Asia, typically China or India and are based on theories about energy. They run on the basis that the human body is a vessel of energy. When the ducts carrying the energy become clogged and energy is trapped in a particular area or cannot flow as efficiently, you are more likely to become stressed, suffer from pain or contract an illness. Erotic massage works to release the trapped energies and regular sessions help to prevent this build up.

When you think of erotic massages, do you automatically think of some small, dingy place down some dark, dodgy alley? The kind of place only sleazy old guys visit? Erotic massage is actually a highly misunderstood art and here’s why.

The Lingam as a symbol of creation

The Sanskrit word ‘lingam’ means ‘penis’. Scholars believed that Lord Shiva, a Hindu deity, was a formless being whose symbol was a phallus. Because of this and the fact that the penis is one of the two most important things needed for creation, the Ancient Hindus worshipped the penis. The lingam massage came about as one of the ways to treat the organ with respect.

There are phallic statues built in front of temples in India, and monks pour water over them to represent copulation and ejaculation. Sex is seen as a holy thing because it is one of the few activities where vital energies can be exchanged. A lingam massage works to improve the chance of successful energy exchange.

The lingam massage

A lingam massage is a massage that is designed for male pleasure. It uses massage techniques that are meant to relax the body and stimulate the penis area. A variety of techniques are used to manipulate the penis and surrounding areas, which cause arousal and deep pleasure.

However, a lingam massage isn’t meant solely for pleasure. Lingam therapists use slow, sensual movements to gradually build up tension over a long period of time. They will slowly work you right up to the edge of an orgasm and then slow down just before you finish – repeatedly! This will keep you on that pleasurable edge, which will feel frustrating but extremely gratifying. When you do finally ejaculate, it’ll be extremely intense and a physical representation of all your tensions flooding out of you.

How the massage helps the body

The longer you edge along an orgasm, the more pleasurable it will be and the more self-control you will exercise. This does wonders for your control during sex, so if you find that you suffer from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, a lingam massage will help ease this. You’ll find that your orgasms will become stronger and more satisfying, which makes for a more enjoyable sexual experience for both you and your partner.

Tantra as an ancient ritual

Just like lingam massage, tantric massage was born from an ancient Hindu tradition. Tantra is a type of Indian meditation that focuses on maintaining a constant calm sense of mind and in doing so, expanding your awareness. Tantric massage evolved from this, but instead of just meditating, became associated with manual therapy. This meant that the body was actively stimulated as well as the mind and practitioners found that it was more effective.

Tantra and tantric massage is based on the energy theory as well. They work on the basis that sexual energies are one of the most important of life energies. But instead of releasing it, a tantric massage works to preserve that energy. Ejaculation is seen as wasting this valuable energy, so tantric techniques are used to help the man learn to control his orgasms. Ultimately, he will learn to experience the pleasurable contractions without wasting a single drop of energy.

The tantric massage

Tantric massage follows a very rigid ritual and is arguably the slowest type of erotic massage. Like lingam massage, it focuses on slow, prolonged arousal. Typically, tantric sessions begin with a series of breathing exercises and mantra chanting, which helps to bind the masseuse and client’s spirits.

The massage itself is extremely pleasurable and satisfying. Again, it focuses on a slow build-up and you are brought to and kept at the edge of an orgasm for a period of time. It’s all about mind control and feeling your spirit escape to another level of consciousness.

Tantric lingam massage

It is possible to combine the two erotic massages for the ultimate cultivation and preservation of energy. There are tantric influences in lingam massage, particularly the emphasis on sexual control. Tantric practitioners believe that during sex, a phenomenal exchange of cosmic and sexual energies occur. Fusing a lingam massage (or yoni for females) with tantric influences enhances this exchange and overall, makes for better sexual experience and satisfaction.

To book your authentic tantric or lingam massage in Soho, then all you need to do is give us a call or book online using our booking form.

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