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Are you struggling for a present or gift to win over your wife or girlfriend? Are the typical ideas like the Thornton’s box of chocolates, bunch of cheesy flowers or a dinner reservation at some dull but expensive restaurant leaving you depressingly uninspired? Are you looking for something totally imaginative but wildly sexy? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, an erotic Asian massage may be the perfect present to win them over.

What is an erotic massage?

An erotic massage uses massage techniques that sensually stimulate the erogenous areas to the point of arousal. Erotic massages use slow hand motions to gradually build up arousal and then maintain this constant state of desire. Because of its gentle teasing nature (arousing to the point of release, slowing down and then arousing again), erotic is highly pleasurable.

Where do I start?

You don’t have to be a professional masseuse to do this type of massage. You just need confidence and a willingness to pleasure your partner.

Make sure the room is a comfortably warm temperature. Scented candles add to the mood. Start by undressing your partner and leading them to the massaging area. It doesn’t have to be a massage table. It can be an air mattress on the ground, a few oversized cushions strewn on the floor or bed. Add a little bit of sensory deprivation, such as a blindfold, headphones playing some relaxing music or handcuffs to restrict motion, for extra playfulness.

Start the session with a standard full body massage. Have your partner lie down on their front and rub some massage oil (coconut, almond, apricot kernel and jojoba are some popular favourites) over your partner’s body. Don’t go straight for the genital areas just yet. The point of an erotic massage is to build arousal, so slowly massage the shoulders, down the back, buttocks and legs. The first stage is relaxation, so spend some time on the major muscle groups and focus on smoothing out any knots. Once your partners totally relaxed and probably mildly aroused, start bringing in some erotic elements.

Slowly turn your partner over and begin slowly stroking your oiled hands up and down their front. Alternate from massaging neutral areas, like the shoulders, to erogenous, like the breasts and genitals. Because they’re blindfolded, it’ll increase the arousal. Slowly crank up the erotic levels by focusing on the genitals for a good five minutes and then backing off for another five. Then repeat. You’ll drive your partner wild with desire.

If you want to really bring in the sexiness, try using your entire body to massage theirs. Press your oiled body against theirs and literally rub and grind against them, allowing them to feel every one of your warm crevices.

Now, the massage can go one of two ways here but because it’s with your wife or girlfriend, it’s likely to get even sexier. Remember that massage oils are not appropriate internal lubricants because they break down the latex in condoms, so keep some lube on hand.

Some last minute tips

Go slow

An erotic massage is all about prolonged arousal, so make sure you alternate between erogenous and neutral body zones to prevent them from reaching the end too quickly.

Be teasing

Keep your partner at the very edge of release by give them a taste of heaven and then taking it away. It’ll drive them insane.

Don’t be afraid to be a bit kinky

You don’t have to be as kinky as Christian Grey – that’s a whole new level – but there’s nothing too scary about handcuffs and blindfolds. It’ll give the session an interesting edge. Go on and get your kink on!

Be confident

Erotic massages are very creative, so keep your mind open and be confident. Remember the goal is to tease, tempt and keep your partner dangling on the edge. Do this, and it’ll be a very special and mind-blowing time indeed.

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