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Generally, people turn to massage therapy to target a specific area of pain such as a sports injury or sluggish bodily system processes or to promote a general sense of relaxation and well being.

Research suggests that massage therapy can help with:

• Physical and mental relaxation
• Improved blood circulation – which means cells get their nutrients for cellular processes and the waste products are removed more quickly
• Pain relief from muscle knots, strains, aches and pains
• Releases nerve compression (e.g. sciatica)
• Improves flexibility and range of motion
• Boosts energy and motivation
• Helps heal scar tissue, stretch marks and cellulite

What About Erotic Massage?

Massage therapy is a treatment that focuses on pressure and touch to relieve pain from sports injuries or other health issues such as chronic pain etc. Erotic massage is a specific branch of massage therapy that takes this and extends it to include the sexual areas as well. Normal massages such as Swedish and sports massage only focus on the main parts of the body that are known to collect stress. It’s true that places like the shoulders and back tend to hold the bulk of stress, and it’s important to release this tension before it overwhelms you. But stress can also be held in the sexual areas which is why sexual frustration can have such a significant effect on mood.

Most massage therapies don’t focus on releasing tension from the sexual areas so this pressure builds up. When you’re frustrated, your mood and daily life can suffer. Erotic massage specifically targets the sexual areas. It uses the same techniques as normal massage but uses additional techniques to target the sexual areas and invoke arousal so this pent-up tension can be released.

So How Can Erotic Massage Help With Heart Conditions?

Erotic massage uses all the same techniques as normal massage therapy so helps the body in the same way. The massage motions relax muscle tissue, preparing them for the deeper pressures. The erotic nature of the massage means that the therapist is more willing to experiment with techniques without fear of arousing the client and crossing a professional boundary. The boundaries are different in an erotic session because the techniques are meant to cause arousal.

Massage therapy helps heart conditions by stimulating blood circulation. The motions of the massage and the varying pressures ensure that blood is always freely flowing in every part of the body. This means that cells quickly receive nutrients and dispose of their waste products. It also means that the likelihood of clot formation is reduced as massaging the body means that blood flow doesn’t become sluggish and collect in certain areas.

It Also Reduces Anxiety and Blood Pressure

Massage is also extremely relaxing. Erotic massage is even more relaxing because the therapist can address sexual frustration. As we’ve said, feeling all of that built-up tension leave your body is an extremely relieving sensation. But the actual process of arousal is also very therapeutic and pleasurable – as you can imagine.

Pleasure is one of the best ways to distract your mind from pain and take away the stress. When you experience arousal, hormones are released into your bloodstream which collectively work to reduce anxiety, stabilise mood, induce calm and turn on the centre in the brain that controls our reward and pleasure centre.

The anxiety reducing, calm inducing benefits are vital here – anxiety racks up blood pressure like no other feeling, so when we’re calm, our hearts beat at a much more manageable rate. Lower blood pressure means a reduced chance of heart disease, and erotic massage works to promote that.

The Conclusion

So as you can see, an erotic massage isn’t a sexual service that’s meant for seedy gratification and sleazy men. Erotic massage can reduce anxiety, promote a calm, balanced well being and improve blood circulation – all of which work to reduce blood pressure and the chance of heart disease. Regular sessions mean that your body will work at much more enhanced rate and you’ll find you won’t have to use those statins anymore!

All of our Asian therapists are highly skilled massage professionals who have been authentically trained in erotic massage therapy so you can be sure you’re getting a genuine experience.


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