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When most people think of erotic massages, they think of seedy old men and dingy parlours in the shady part of town. They probably think that erotic massages are an outlet for frustrated people and the sexually unsatisfied to cheat on their partners. While this may the case for some people and places (particularly in films), erotic massage isn’t usually like that. Erotic massage is actually a great form of sex therapy and can actually help to repair broken relationships.

What is erotic massage?

To put it simply, an erotic massage is one that uses a series of movements designed to excite the senses and in doing so, arouse the body. This arousal awakens a primal need and often, the massage session will end in an orgasm whether that’s through manual stimulation or penetration. This is where the misconceptions about erotic massage arise – people assume it’s illicit because of the sexual pleasure and orgasms. However, massages are supposed to be enjoyable experiences and orgasms are merely a natural extension of that pleasure.

But if someone other than your partner touches you, isn’t that cheating?

Erotic massage is just another form of therapy. Unfortunately, because it involves the sexual areas, it’s seen as illicit. But it all plays an important role. Standard massages only stimulate the main body, ignoring the sexual areas. While this results in relaxation, clients often leave feeling as though they’re missing something. Erotic massage looks at the whole body, sexual parts and all. This results in a much more holistic treatment and more inclusive results.

Erotic massage does tend to blur the lines dividing what is acceptable and what is not, but the masseuses are professionals. They know how to arouse your body but stay within the appropriate boundaries.  Many services do not press for ‘full service’, which usually means intercourse. Typical erotic massages tend to end in manual stimulation, and it’s a wholesome part of the experience. If you’re really unsure about it, you can go in for a couples massage.

It all depends how you perceive it.

How can it save my relationship?

Many relationships tend to end because of a change in beliefs, needs and attitudes. This is usually down to a loss of chemistry, a sharp decrease in spark or flame between the couple. No matter how hard we try and convince ourselves otherwise, sex is an extremely important part of a relationship, and a lack of spark between a couple would lead to somewhat dull sex. This often leads to the unsatisfied and disillusioned people looking for comfort elsewhere.

An erotic massage revives that spark. How? Well, we said before that erotic massage uses a series of specialised movements that are designed to arouse the body. Perhaps your partner is no longer satisfying you the way they used to. An erotic masseuse can help with that, but not in the way that you’d automatically assume! The masseuse is skilled in the art of providing pleasure with just a brush of a hand, so she is the best person to turn to for help. She can help you discover new ways to be touched and places on your body that you didn’t expect to turn you on but do. You can then take this knowledge and share them with your partner to bring the spark back.

If you’re not comfortable with being with a masseuse, you can always give your partner an erotic massage! Erotic massages are incredibly intense and intimate experiences – perfect for sharing with a lover. It requires such close, naked contact and is so sensual, it’s as close you can get to the sensations of intercourse without actually penetrating. Erotic massage creates such blissful feelings that we reach a new level of self-awareness. This supple state of mind, as well as the sensuality of the massage, allows us to form deeper emotional connections and understandings with our partner.

In short, an erotic massage is a fantastic way to uncover our deepest desires and rediscover lost chemistry. Sharing such an experience with our lover not only creates a new memory – it also gives us a new platform for us to connect spiritually and emotionally as well as physically.

Do you have any tips for an erotic massage?

For the best experience, you should visit a professional erotic masseuse – they are highly trained to provide this level of expert pleasure. However, recreating an erotic massage session at home is also fine. You’ll need massage oil or gel and a lot of confidence. Because of the highly arousing nature of an erotic massage, you’ll be required to focus intensively on the sexual areas. Mood is also very important, so make sure you’ve created a relaxing atmosphere. Light a few candles, dim the lights and play some soft music. You can even blindfold your receiving partner to intensify the sensations.

You might feel silly or self-conscious as you kneel, completely naked, next to your partner but remember that you’re the one responsible for their arousal. It’s impossible not to get turned on by this kind of play.

You should also try and be slow. Prolong their pleasure. An erotic massage focuses heavily on arousing and teasing. It’s about dangling their desires just out of their reach. Use light touches, vary your pressure and speeds. Start off slow and trace circles across their body. Deliberately ignore the sexual organs in the beginning, so by the time you do focus on them, your partner will almost be begging you. But still tease them – stop just short of their orgasm and repeat this several times. When they do orgasm, it’ll be a massive release of pent-up tension and frustration, and you’ll both be left more satisfied than you ever have.

Bask in the lust

Love is important in a relationship, but sometimes it’s necessary to really bathe in the lust and attraction you feel for your partner. Not everyone as we know has a partner to try this kind of joyous and liberating massage and therefore may somewhat struggle with this. However, for those who are single and really want to experience it can do so by utilising our services and experiencing a fabulous erotic massage near kings cross

The best tip? Don’t think, just feel. Have fun!

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