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Are you wondering what to expect from your first erotic massage experience? Ok, so you’ve taken your time to do some research and found what seems to be a well qualified masseuse or masseur. You spend time in your mind mulling it over and  finally plucked up the courage to treat yourself to a lovely erotic massage. By now you have rung up and booked your chosen masseuse or masseur and now excited and looking forward to the whole experience.

As the time approaches you realise you’ve never been to one before and have no or little idea as what to expect from your well deserve pamper time. How should you greet them? what should you wear? These are just two of the many questions you may be asking yourself. Well to help remove some of these doubts and save you any embarrassment we’re going to list a few tips on etiquette and what to expect when you arrive for your first and hopefully not last erotic massage experience.

Before you Arrive

Before you arrive for your massage session make sure you have done your due diligence as to what services your chosen masseuse or masseur is willing to undertake, This may seem like a stupid thing to do, but trust us not all offer the same types of erotic massage and it helps to ask before hand to avoid any awkward moment or embarrassment on both you and your masseuse account.

If you are suffering from any forms of skin irritation such as sunburn or anything similar be sure to reschedule your appointment as the massage treatment may cause your symptoms to worsen during and after the massage.

Always allow yourself enough time to relax before your visit. If for instance you’re having a stressful busy day and arrive to the session all stressed and tense, it then it will take longer for you to relax and fully appreciate and enjoy the experience.

Be sure to be clean. this is not only for your own personal hygiene but also for that or the masseuses.

On Arrival

Your masseuse or masseur will meet and greet you in a warm polite and friendly manner to help you begin to relax and feel at ease with the whole experience.

Then your therapist will  ask you if you have any underlying health conditions that may restrict your massage ( such as mobility issues), and then seek to find out what results you are hoping to achieve, either relaxation, stress relief or help with any other chronic symptoms you may be suffering from.

Do I need to be completely naked?

Although most erotic massages require the area being treated to be exposed you may cover the rest of your body.

And remember that you only need to remove the clothes you feel comfortable removing. Your masseuse should never insist you remove parts of your clothing you are not comfortable with taking off.

During Your Massage

Once this has been taken care of your masseuse or masseur will then ask you to undress and slip into a robe before your session begins. If this is in a communal area they will usually provide a safe area containing lockers to help keep your clothes and belongings safe, should you be asked in the treatment room then your masseuse or masseur will leave the room while you remove your clothes and get comfortable. There will usually be a robe or sheet to cover yourself with and unless told otherwise you should be lying with your stomach down.

Expect some oil. Usually your erotic massage will include aromatherapy oils, these are used to help warm the skin and allow easy gliding of the hands during your massage. Once your you have gotten undressed and are ready to begin your masseuse will begin by starting to help you relax, by working on your different muscles using a wide range of strokes and motions with different amounts of pressure.

However don’t be afraid to communicate with your masseuse or masseur, be sure to speak up if you feel too much pressure or it causes you pain,Often during a erotic massage your masseuse may play music to help you get into the mood and begin to relax, but don’t worry if you find the music is too distracting, or you find the temperature is a bit low. Speak to your  masseuse they will not be offended as they want you to enjoy the experience as much as possible.

After Your Massage

After your erotic massage treatment has ended your masseuse will leave the room and allow you time to get dressed. Some people can often feel light headed or dizzy after their massage so therefore it is wise to take your time getting ready.

Once ready your therapist will lead you outside to the desk to pay.

Once dressed your therapist may offer you a drink of water to help re hydrate your body and to help the body flush out waste toxins,be sure to drink it.

It is also advised if possible to try and make some free to unwind from your massage and avoid rushing back to strenuous activities.

How you feel after your massage will depend on the type of treatment received, for most people though they find that they have increased joint movement and generally feel much happier within themselves.

Now hopefully, we’ve cleared up any hesitations or questions you may have regarding what to expect from your first erotic massage in London experience.

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