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How to Make An Erotic Massage Last

Not everyone is lucky enough to experience an energising erotic massage, so why not follow a few simple rules to get the most out of your investment? Receiving an erotic massage doesn’t require much effort on your part, but it does require some dedication after the session is over. Generally, erotic massages leave people feel rejuvenated, revitalised and elated, but these feelings are often short lived because of their actions afterwards. If you’re interesting in getting an erotic massage but want to utilise the benefits fully, read on- you won’t regret it.

1. Play relaxing music
Erotic massages are all about relaxation, but this feeling can be prolonged long after the session has ended, so long as you follow procedure. Your massage had ended; you get back in your car and turn the radio on. You’re probably feeling pretty great around about now, so put some energetic tunes on to keep up the vibe. Am I right? Well, you’re totally killing off relaxation- just so you know. Rather than blaring rap music or head banging to rock, opt for some classical or acoustic sounds. Soothing music will keep your blood pressure on the down low, meaning your feelings of tranquillity will last far longer then you probably anticipated.

2. Have a light snack

The chances are after an erotic massage, you’ll be starving. Erotic massages stimulate increased production of your digestive system, meaning any food on your stomach will be long gone by the end of your session. Nipping to Mc Donald’s for an after-massage burger is going to be tempting by this point, but whatever you do, steer clear of heavy foods! A big meal will make you feel full, but also incredibly sluggish, so say goodbye to feeling energized. Opt for some fruit or a light, healthy snack- you’ll enjoy it far more, trust us.

3. Avoid strenuous activity
As mentioned in the point above, erotic massages leave client’s feeling totally energized and revitalised. For you gym freaks out there, it’s the perfect time to hit the gym, right? Unfortunately, no- it’s actually the worst time to shed some pounds. Erotic massages essentially relax the muscles, so by hitting the gym after a session, you’re basically asking to get injured. If you’re really that dedicated to dropping a dress size, do your work out before your massage- it’ll actually make your session more relaxing. Problem solved!

4. Drink plenty of water
Staying hydrated before and after an erotic massage is important, believe it or not. The massage won’t necessarily be tiring for you, but your body will be working twice as hard as it normally would. Erotic massages increase the production of pretty much everything, including the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for flushing out toxins from the body, and therefore needs to be satisfactorily hydrated in order to function efficiently. That means to putting down the coffee and picking up a bottle of Evian people. Not a fan of H20? Tough luck, because you’re going to have to be.

5. Be smart about your schedule
Like with most people, working life is insanely stressful. Some people hit the gym on their lunch break to de-stress, others get a massage. However, the latter are making a grave mistake! As you’re now aware, massages are most effective when the benefits are purposely extended. That means putting your feet up, relaxing and delaying the stresses of reality- it doesn’t mean getting an erotic massage and then heading straight back to work. If you’re serious about getting an erotic massage, then you need to be savvy about your schedule before and after your session. Although sessions aren’t time consuming, it’s important to keep the rest of your day free, if you do want to reap the benefits. Book your massage on a day off, and be sure not to schedule in drinks with your friends afterwards! It’s the perfect excuse to have some ‘me time’- make the most of it!

So if you feel like you’ve got the hang of what to do after an erotic massage, then make sure you see why we’re the best choice for an outcall erotic massage in London here.

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