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In massage circles, a happy ending is a pseudonym for an orgasm, so it’s safe to assume that a happy ending massage is one of an erotic nature and uses sexual techniques to bring the client to ejaculation or orgasm. So it’s understandable if you don’t want to engage in that sort of activity with a stranger. And god forbid if your partner tries it. I mean, it sounds like borderline prostitution, right?!

But the thing is, happy ending massages aren’t as bad as their scandalous covers make them sound. And Many people often have many questions to ask when it comes to happy ending massages. So here are five of the most common misconceptions about happy ending massages.

1. It’s not prostitution

This is the biggest misconception about happy ending massages. Although it might seem like prostitution because the masseuses provide sexual services, the therapists don’t like to class themselves as prostitutes because they directly provide massages, not sex. The massage is supposed to arouse the client but the orgasm that often concludes the session is a side product, not the aim. That’s one of the main differences between erotic massages and prostitution – both provide arousal and pleasure, but massage is still manual therapy that’s meant to ease muscle tension.

2. It’s an art

Erotic massage is an art and requires skill that cannot be learnt overnight. Massage therapy itself requires training because there are a variety of techniques and areas on the body that best correspond to certain techniques. Incorrectly applying a technique may result in discomfort, pain or even injury. As well as that, masseuses have trained meticulously for years to learn the proper way of inducing arousal and prolonging pleasure to create satisfaction. There may be plenty of “give your partner an erotic massage” guides out there on the web, but they can only provide tips and a sliver of the pleasure you could be experiencing. Just like how you’d visit a spa to get a proper Swedish massage, visiting a proper massage parlour or trying a service with a professional erotic therapist ensures you are getting the full benefits.

3. It can save your marriage

If you heard a story about a couple turning to a happy ending massage to save their relationship, you’d think it was a farce or they’d obviously sold their story to the press to make a bit of extra money. They might as well have introduced an escort or prostitute into their marriage or started an open relationship, because it’s basically cheating, right? Wrong! Despite whatever perceptions you have, happy ending massages can actually save dying relationships. The most common reason behind dying relationships is the loss of chemistry. The sex isn’t as great as it used to be, neither of you feel satisfied and so, you just don’t want to make an effort anymore. An erotic masseuse, who is trained in the arts of pleasure, can help you both embrace your sensuality, discover spots on your body that you didn’t know could turn you on and help you rediscover that lost spark.

4. It can save your job

Happy ending massages end in orgasms and orgasms are actually really good for you, despite society’s hush-hush approach to sexual activity. During orgasm and the lead-up to it, the body releases a cocktail of endorphin’s and hormones into the bloodstream. The hormones, which include oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin and prolactin, are known to stabilise mood, reduce anxiety, induce a state of calm, activate the brain’s pleasure centre and encourages the formation of relationship bonds. A combination of these effects can actually help you in daily life. When your pleasure centre is activated, you are more wired and motivated to complete tasks that will pleasure you, such as succeed in your job. This, combined with a stable, calm mood, will surely help you get ahead in your career and motivate you to impress your boss.

5. It’s good for health, physically and psychologically

A happy ending massage uses a combination of sexual and standard massage techniques, which will result in full-body satisfaction. We all know that places like the shoulders, neck and back are where we typically carry stress, but we also carry stress in the genital area. Because of society, we downplay the importance of sexual satisfaction when it comes to stress relief. The massage itself will help improve blood circulation and ease tense muscles, but the happy ending part helps to release tension from these areas. Plus, orgasms release a bunch of hormones into the bloodstream (see point four) that make us feel good about life.

So there you go – five misunderstandings about getting a Happy Ending Massage London. Now that you know, you don’t have to be afraid of getting one.

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