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The day you wake up in the morning and see that the car windscreens have frozen over is the day that winter has officially arrived. And winter doesn’t just bring frost and flu. It also brings about feelings of loneliness and a desire to be cuddled up in a relationship. But winter relationships aren’t like summer romances. They aren’t quite your average definition of a casual, throwaway fling. Urban Dictionary describes this feeling as wanting to be “cuffed”, something people who are usually single or promiscuous feel during autumn and winter due to the cold weather forcing them to stay indoors for longer.

While there’s nothing wrong with being single, you can’t deny that snuggling up to someone else is much better than wrapping yourself up in a faux fur blanket – especially when the temperatures drop.’s Sex & Dating columnist Bridget Phetsay discussed this in a recent article, saying that many of her relationships began in September or October. “When spring fever hits, I’m usually wondering how I ended up in what suddenly feels like prison” she wrote . So what is it about winter that makes us so sad and lonely?

Firstly, seasonal depression is something that plays a major role. Despite what you might think, it’s more than just winter blues. Seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD, is a real clinical problem that actually needs treatment. Like depression, the disorder brings on symptoms such as sadness, disinterest in hobbies, changes in sleep pattern, reduced appetite and fatigue. However its main difference from other types of depression because it only falls during certain months and is absent for the others. Although it’s associated with winter, SAD is actually linked to the darker months and shorter days instead of the colder temperatures. Women and people who see little sunlight during the day, for example those who work indoors, are at greater risk of developing the disorder. SAD is also more prevalent in countries that are further from the Equator.

A happy ending massage is a lesser-known cure for some of the depressive symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, stress and feelings of sadness. The happy ending is a euphemism for an orgasm, so essentially, this massage is a session that ends in a climax. It’s a highly erotic massage that is, for obvious reasons, meant for adults. However it’s more than about pleasure. An orgasm doesn’t just feel good – it also does your body some good. When you orgasm, your body produces hormones that relieve stress and lift mood. Have you noticed that after one, you lie there for a few seconds feeling blissfully content? That’s a result of those magical hormones. Now imagine the good it could do if you had them regularly throughout the winter.As for the loneliness, it could be linked to the cold weather and being forced to stay indoors for the majority of the months. It’s a stark contrast to summer where you can do fun activities in the relative warmth and bright sunshine, and the sun doesn’t set until at least seven o’clock.  When you’re forced to stay indoors, you have fewer opportunities to meet and mingle with other people.

Loneliness does funny things to your body, even if you consider yourself an introvert and prefer to keep to yourself. We are a social species, after all. When you’re lonely, more norepinephrine and less dopamine are produced. A 2012 study conducted in the Netherlands found that the thought of being alone was enough to make a person’s body temperature drop. The researchers found that the best remedy was social interaction as it seems to bring actual physical warmth.

This may explain our craving for romantic connections and winter romances as the colder seasons begin. But what if you don’t have time to nurture a romance? Stoking the flames of passion can be rather tedious and you have to be fully committed if you want to feel a real connection. This is where a happy ending massage could come in. Happy ending masseuses are trained to treat you as though you’re the centre of their world for that one hour (or more, if you’ve paid for more). For those who are looking to feel the rush of passion that you get with a relationship without actually entering one, a happy ending massage can be the answer for you.

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