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If you’ve managed to end up here, you’re probably curious about happy ending massages. Whether you’re well-acquainted with Asian massage therapy or you’re totally new and have never experienced one before, you’ve probably got a few queries that need clearing up. We’ve put together a guide on happy ending massages so you don’t have to trudge from post to post, searching high and low on search engines, looking for your answer. We’ve covered everything from what a happy ending massage is and what to expect to the typical costs and the proper etiquette when it comes to this sort of thing (yes, there is an appropriate way to act!).

So here are the most frequently asked questions about happy ending massage!

What is a happy ending massage?

In the simplest terms, a ‘happy ending’ refers to an orgasm, so a happy ending massage is a massage that ends in one. Happy ending massage is a style of massage therapy that uses a series of erotic movements designed to arouse the body. These movements are similar to the ones used to standard massage therapy, but attention is paid to the sexual areas as well as the normal parts of the body. This excites all of the senses and heightens arousal. The sexual areas are usually the parts of the body that hold a lot of tension and because these areas are seldom stimulated on a regular basis, this tension builds up. Happy ending massages are designed to help people release these tensions and allow them to live their daily life without stress and mental baggage weighing them down.

What are the benefits of a happy ending massage?

Orgasms (happy endings) result in feelings of elation, relaxation, stress relief, mental tranquillity and contentment. This is due to the feel-good endorphins and hormones released into the bloodstream when the body is aroused and/or experiencing an orgasm. These include oxytocin, dopamine, prolactin and serotonin – all of which are calming, motivating, anxiety reducing, create pleasure and encourage the formation of relationship bonds. Some of the other major benefits of an erotic massage in general include:

Improves sex drive and sexual impotence/erectile dysfunction

  • Relief from urinary and prostate-related infections
  • Muscle ache relief
  • Improved blood circulation and skin condition
  • More efficient digestive and immune system

How can I prepare for my happy ending massage?

Because a happy ending involves touching of the intimate areas, it’s advised that clients wash themselves thoroughly before the sessions. Shaving is also recommended in order to maintain a certain level of cleanliness. It’s not compulsory, but it’s etiquette and shows some consideration towards the masseuse. Clean skin also means that the massage oil is applied more easily and feels more pleasant to the client.

What parts of my body will be massaged?

Your entire body! A happy ending massage is an erotic massage so includes some massaging of the sexual areas like the buttocks, the penis/vaginal area and the breasts. But it’s still massage therapy, so the masseuses will also massage the normal parts of the body, like the back, shoulders and legs. A happy ending massage isn’t an excuse for a massage therapist to masturbate you – it might involve touching of those areas, but it’s still massage therapy at the end of the day.

Will I be naked?

Being naked isn’t compulsory, but it is recommended, because clothing restricts proper stimulation of the body. Clients are often given a towel to drape around their midriff for some initial modesty. But whether or not you’re naked is up to you – you can wear as little or as much clothing as you want.

What do I do during the massage?

You only really need to lie there, close your eyes and relax! Focusing on your breathing, perhaps concentrate on syncing it with the masseuse’s. This will encourage the formation of bonds between you and the masseuse, which will help enhance the experience. You can also politely ask the masseuse to focus on a particular area, or switch to a certain massage technique if you preferred it. You don’t have to lie there in total silence – you’re paying for the overall experience so you might as well customise it to your specific needs to enhance your Happy ending massage London experience! But always be polite and respect the masseuse.

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