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The differences between erotic and tantric massage can often be a bit blurry but one thing is clear. That a nice soothing massage can be one of the best ways to relax after a hard days work or looking after the kids, And for many can often be a very enlightening experience. A well-performed massage can help relax your entire body but not only that it can also release your body from built up tension and to alleviate any aches or pains you may be suffering.

There are many various forms of Tantra techniques as some derive from the Hindu teachings of Tantra but some also stem from Taoist tradition in an effort to connect the various elements together using some more modern techniques such as a Swedish massage. Tantric massages although similar in physical approach to erotic massages differ in the fact that they are focused much more on a physical and deeper understanding of the body, mind, and sexuality of a being.


So What’s the difference between erotic and tantric massage?

Well, when it comes to the differences between erotic and tantric massage many people are often confused at to what each entails, and as a result, the general public can be quite misinformed about them. It’s a question that is asked quite often and as such, I’ll try to explain exactly the differences between the two helping you to make a more informed decision when you receive your next massage.

Tantric Massages

Are primarily based on the ancient Hindu belief of Tantra. in which the body has several area’s or zones called chakras that correspond to different elements of our lives. On the lower end of the spectrum is our sexuality and the end opposite is our spirituality. There are 7 chakras in total which relate to parts of our lives and are in order as follows.




Consciousness/Breath with Sound.

Eye Gazing/Integration.


The principles behind tantra teach that by aligning these chakras that our true sexuality can be unlocked and can be connected to the spiritual side of a person. This is achieved through a combination of senses such as touch,sight, and sound. When receiving a tantric massage the masseuse or masseur will take their time to make sure that every inch of your body is cared for by slowly easing you into the experience and helping you to relax.

By combining the massage oils with the tantra and breathing techniques will help bring the receiver more in-tune with their consciousness and inner self. Tantric massages are often a tender and awakening experience with the ability to help the whole body reach orgasm. It is only by fully submitting one’s self to another’s full control that we as humans can fully understand the truly rejuvenating journey of self-discovery.

Erotic Massages

Erotic massages are very similar in physical appearance to a tantric massage, however, the main exception here is that erotic massages are not trying to connect to a more meaningful and deeper understanding of the sub consciousness. Erotic massages are more aimed towards achieving or enhancing sexual arousal. Therefore the areas of focus for an erotic massage are usually the male or female genital areas.

Erotic massages can have health benefits for both men and women. For men, an erotic massage can help with problems that they may otherwise be embarrassed about such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and even loss of sexual drive and libido. And the same can also be said for women who feel uncomfortable naked in front of their partners or struggle to reach an orgasm with their partner or loved one.

There are many benefits for those wishing to seek an erotic massage which as stated can raise your sex drive, increase strength in orgasms and also increase sexual stamina. Both men and women have noticed improvements in their sexual health and well-being.

So if you’d like to experience a thrilling and sensually awakening tantric massage in London or possibly even a erotic massage, then be sure to book in with one of our stunning Asian masseuse now to avoid disappointment.

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