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Although Tantric Massages are known to be a erotic, sexual experiences, they are also renowned for their vast portfolio of healing benefits. The philosophy of Tantra aims to re-acquaint people with their bodies, teach them how to receive pleasure and most importantly, relax both physically and mentally. Unlike traditional massages, the Tantric does involve massages in intimate areas; however, they are also far more sensual and spiritual. Despite its sexual nature, the aim of a Tantric Massage is not to bring sexual gratification; it is the journey to that point which is important.

Although reaching orgasm is both accepted and welcomed, the aim of this massage is to eliminate any personal insecurities surrounding intimate pleasure. Apart from immediate benefits such as improved circulation and stress reduction, a traditional massage does not typically achieve anything beyond physical relaxation, meaning long lasting benefits are unlikely. The Tantric Massage is founded on a spiritual foundation; its sessions including body worship, Tantric rituals, breathing exercises and bathing.

As well as its individual healing powers, the Tantric Massage can also be experienced by couples who are searching for a more intimate and sensual sex life. The sessions teach couples how to perform messages on one another whilst learning how to integrate it in foreplay and sex. This massage enables couples to relax together and share in sensuality, but more importantly, it encourages emotional connection. Alternatively, these sessions are known to be extremely healing for men and women who suffer from mental, sexual disorders, because they encourage self-worth. The cathartic nature of a Tantric Massage allows people to open up about feelings, release negative energies and eventually heal. Although men are traditionally more reserved and reluctant to participate in something so intimate with a stranger, learning to relax and receive pleasure can have life changing benefits.

The many forms of Tantric Massage can centre on female and male, female on female and of course couples of any inclination. The physical dynamics of the massage differ from Western (Swedish) styles, which tend to be more intense and focus entirely on working the muscles. On the contrary, a Tantric Massage is gentle, tender and soothing, and looks to open up the mind and soul of the receiver rather than just relieve physical discomfort. One of the central principles of a Tantric Massage is the healing power of the Chakras. These concepts, which are said to be the seven centres of life, promote an enhanced state of awareness, wholeness and wellbeing.

According to most authors, Tantrism has been practiced for more than 5000 years because of its links to religion and spirituality. Our London Tantric Massages focus on several principles, all of which concentrate on mental cleansing and self- esteem. Whether you believe in these principles or not, the restorative and healing powers of a Tantric Massage are irrefutable. A Tantric Massage can of course improve your sex life, but it’s the long-term, benefits that differentiate it from other styles.

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