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Here at erotic-massage, we always encourage our clients to leave feedback after their session in order for us to be able to improve our business and provide you with the best possible service we can.

Name of client – John

Date of Service – 13th/02/2019

Service provided – Tantric massage

Masseuse – Mimi

I visited erotic-massage for the first time at the end of 2018 and was extremely happy and impressed with my experience. Although I had been to erotic massage parlours previously, this occasion was most certainly a lot more pleasing for me and exceeded all of my expectations. The massage parlour itself was located in central London, not too far from local transport links but also very hidden and private. Inside it was immaculately clean with a comfortable waiting area where the friendly receptionist offered tea or coffee and told me about the different services they offer and what girls would be working that day. I found this very helpful, setting erotic-massage a step ahead of most other massage companies I had been to who were not so willing to assist any of my questions or queries. I understand that some companies simply want you in and out so they can make room for other clients, but I would rather know exactly what service and girl I am putting my money towards.

As I was feeling very stressed that month due to tonnes of the end of year deadlines at work and also finalising my divorce papers, I really needed an escape. In my late twenties, when I was much younger and a lot more at one with myself, I travelled around central and South East Asia with my two best friends. While staying in beautiful Japan for a week of skiing, we set up base in Yasawa. Yusawa is a town in the Japanese Alps which is known for its hot springs and tranquillity. I received a “Tantric massage” and it was the most peaceful, pleasurable, uplifting and life changing experience of my life. For many years after, I was still glowing and happy from my tantric experience in Yusawa. However, years of working ridiculous hours and finding out your wife are having an affair with your business partner, unfortunately, takes its toll on you.

It had been almost over 30 years since my tantric experience in the Japanese Alps, my serene happy place that was beginning to feel like it was in a different lifetime. I never thought in a million years that I would find an experience as calming, soothing and pleasurable as that in the U.K. However, my tantric massage session with Mimi in November sent flashbacks through my body and it felt like I was back in Japan.

Mimi guided me into a clean, spacious room that had white walls and fresh white bed sheets. Upon the shelves there were many different plant pots, with overflowing green leaves; it felt very refreshing stepping into the room. She then began to undress me and as I lay down on the bed she applied cool gels and lubricant onto my bare skin. Using her hands she rubbed around my body in a sensual and relaxing manner, making me feel completely at ease and stress free. It was highly relaxing and my body, mind and soul transported into the heavenly hills of Japan, my happy place. She worked on any muscle tension or pain I had and I could feel it quickly leave my body and I suddenly felt a whole lot lighter. The thing about a tantric massage is, it is not just about feeling good physically but giving your whole being an overall sense of well-being and contentment. It is an experience that is meant to stay with you long after you leave and help you to see a new, calmer way of life.

I had the tantric massage with a happy ending, therefore I also had hand relief towards the end which made the whole experience feel even more incredible than it usually does. My whole body and mind were beaming with happiness and I was very pleased that I managed to find a place in London that could bring me the same intensity that my masseuse in Japan did all those years ago.

I will definitely be returning to erotic-massage for a tantric massage in the near future as it was such a thrilling experience for me. I have told many of my colleagues and friends about how it is a 5* place with stunning masseuses and amazing services.

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