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If you’re reading this, then chances are you already know there are several different types of massage available in central London, and you’re probably a little curious as to what a tantric massage is and what makes it different from other kinds of massage on offer in London.

What is Tantric massage or Tantra?

By this point, you’ll know that massages are performed for relaxation, but tantric uses sexual energy to help the receiver reach a higher level of arousal and consciousness. In some ways, it’s similar to sensual and erotic massages, because they all focus on the goal of inducing orgasm. The relaxation that follows is said to be similar to the release of tension felt after sexual intercourse, but with sexually stimulating massages like tantric, the feeling of arousal is extended until the client is completely satisfied, which will produce full-body relaxation.

But while sensual uses methods that help the client reach orgasm and erotic manipulates the sexual body parts, tantric is less about foreplay and more about dramatising the sexual act as though it were a theatrical play.

Background history of tantra

The word ‘tantra’, which originates from the Sanskrit root word ‘tan’, means to expand or show. Tantric massages originate from ancient India, and aims to smooth out any blocked energy in the body and awaken the Kundalini –a mythological energy that exists at the base of the spine. When this energy is awoken, it spreads throughout the spine and encourages healing. The only way to have this happen is to massage virtually every part of the body – it is a complete body massage, after all.

But, tantric massages are more than just massaging your you-know-what, so before you go dashing off to your local massage parlour, keep reading! The massages that are often depicted in films – usually in some shady parlour in Thailand with dodgy lighting – are not real tantric massages.

For starters, unlike these cinematic massage parlours, a Tantric massage takes much longer than five minutes. Such massages can also use elements, such as aroma and sound therapy in the process as well.

The importance of good technique

As with many sensual and erotic massages, tantric has a certain stigma attached to it, but the practice is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among women. Surprisingly, women have no objections to being touched, so perhaps it’s time to brush up your techniques and study up on the art of tantra and tantric massage.

When it comes to receiving a tantric massage, the key is to relax in order to fully enjoy it, but there are many different aspects of a tantric massage. This is why the art’s becoming so popular – many people book one for different purposes and everyone leaves feeling satisfied. This is because there are many different essential elements to a tantric massage, and all bring about different benefits to the person receiving the massage. Some of the important elements of a massage are surrender, recognition, breathe and acceptance.


The element of surrender is where the recipient of the tantric massage should surrender to the pleasure. Allowing yourself to switch off and confidently have fun is an essential part of life. For many people, work and relationships can take their toll, and this can have an impact on your psychological and mental health. There is a genuine need to let go in order to be challenged to reach their full potential. Although it’s easier said than done, the benefits of switching off and letting go can be obtained in everyday life if you take the time to relax and make the most of the opportunities that come along. Surrendering yourself is a lot to do with self-appreciation too – realise the good in what you have and never forget the finer things in life. Just take a chance!


Recognition is not just recognising that your life can be less stressful, but also noticing every move and detail during the massage process. One of the focuses of tantra is to ensure that energy stored in the body is spread throughout. It should also benefit the psychological state of mind as well as have a physical impact on your body. Being aware of yourself, your surroundings and the process of tantric massage plays a major role. Ideally, you should feel relaxed enough to switch off – drift, if you will – but you should still be very much aware of everything that’s happening.


Breathing is important and obviously plays a vital role in life, but it is also essential to focus on your breathing when receiving a tantric massage. When we breathe, we nourish our bodies and take control of this universal energy that we, as humans, need. By taking deeper breaths, you can allow yourself to switch off, and if you can manage to sync your breathing with the masseuse, you will make an even deeper connection, which then produces a more pleasurable way to communicate through the art of massage.

Acceptance is said to be at the heart of everything good and positive in life, and in some ways, this is also true in a tantric massage. Accepting that things happen for a reason and learning to let go of bad memories is a fantastic way to mentally align yourself. You should find peace and enlightenment as well as relaxation from this form of massage, so if you ever get the chance to receive a tantric massage in Kings Cross, then be sure to book yourself in for one!

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