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There are many different styles of massage therapy out there, but one of the most speculated forms is the Asian erotic massage. There are many misconceptions about Asian erotic massage so we’ve used our own knowledge and facts from the web to create this article and put those rumours to rest – once and for all. Read on to discover what an erotic Asian massage actually is, its history, how it’s performed and its various benefits to mental and physical health. You might find that some of the facts actually surprise you.

What Is An Asian Erotic Massage?

An Asian erotic massage is a style of Asian massage therapy that focuses on stimulating the whole body. Like traditional massage, it uses various manual techniques at varying pressures to affect the different tissue levels and release pressure. But unlike traditional massage, it uses sexual arousal as a tool for combating stress and muscle tension. Asian erotic massage typically involves sensual stroking and caressing the sexual parts of the body to bring the client to a pleasurable release.

Because of this sexual nature, people tend to think lowly of Asian erotic massages. However there are some things that might surprise you…

1. Erotic massage is for everyone, not just for perverts

Sure there are probably perverts who go for erotic massages. But there are perverts everywhere in the world. Perverts enjoy drinking coffee. Perverts enjoy going to the cinema. Just because you drink coffee or go to the cinema doesn’t make you a pervert, does it? Likewise, Asian erotic massage isn’t just for perverts. Many people try erotic massage – from men to women, from straight to homosexual, from young to old. Erotic massage is just a little more under the radar than traditional massage and its taboo label makes it a less savoury topic to talk about in a crowded room.

2. Erotic massage is the best way to relieve stress

When you’re stressed, people may tell you to exercise. They might even tell you to talk it out with a friend, partner or even a therapist. A massage is a more direct yet gentler way of tackling stress head on. Stress collects in your muscles as well as in your head. It gyrates in areas like the back, shoulders and neck, which is why you tend to hold yourself differently when you’re stressed or anxious. Massage therapy tackles these areas. Stress also collects in the sexual areas. Erotic massage tackles these areas. That’s why an Asian erotic massage is one of the best ways to relieve stress because it combines traditional massage therapy with sensuality to ensure full body relaxation.

3. Erotic massage can improve your sex life

So we’ve established that Asian erotic massage works to release sexual frustration. This can do wonders for your sex life. An erotic masseuse will slowly arouse you, bring you to the edge of orgasm and back off just before you ejaculate. They will then pause and restart it all over again. This method of edging an orgasm will teach you to control your orgasms and arousal so you can enjoy better, longer sex and more powerful orgasms.

4. Erotic massage can save your relationship

The varied sexual techniques are designed to arouse you. Surprisingly, an erotic massage can actually help save failing relationships. Why? Well, the masseuses are well trained in the art of sensual touch, so they can show you new places on your body that you didn’t know could arouse you. They can show you new tricks to try in the bedroom. They can teach you to experience paramount pleasure. All of these things can help relight that spark you thought was long gone.

5. Erotic massage can relieve painful symptoms of urinary and prostate conditions

Erotic massage produces such powerful releases of fluid that they can actually clear out the blockages in your urinary and prostate ducts. These blocked fluids may have been causing your urinary and prostate problems such as painful urination and incomplete flow. An erotic masseuse or a prostate massage therapist can help relieve these symptoms for you, but pleasurably as opposed to at the hand of a stern doctor in a white lab coat.

Try an Authentic Erotic Massage!

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