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There is something incredibly captivating about Japanese nuru massage. They’re sexy, they’re erotic; they’re energetic. Japanese nuru massage is depicted a lot in X-rated videos- after all, why wouldn’t they be? They’re crazy hot and can be a massive turn on even just thinking about them. But why don’t more people live out this fantasy? Why don’t more people take the plunge and actually pay for a Nuru massage with a trained expert?

What is a Japanese nuru massage?

Nuru derives its name from the Japanese gel that is used during a session. This is what separates it from other massage styles. Nuru means ‘slippery’ in Japanese, and Nuru gel is exactly that. Its stringy, elastic texture makes it a lubricant, and allows for body to body contact to be fluid and smooth. Nuru masseuses apply nuru gel to their bodies of their clients, and use their naked physiques to slide, grind and slip all over their subject.

What is a 4 Hands massage?

You do the math- 4 hands equal two people. The 4 Hands service can be added onto pretty much any massage, but is particularly arousing for this style. Adding another masseuse to the mix transforms this already erotic massage into something of a dream. Every man fantasises about having two beautiful women touch and caress him; so imagine getting all of this and a seriously relaxing massage, too? It’s almost too arousing to comprehend, but believe it or not, it comes with some health benefits, too.

The health benefits of a 4 Hands Japanese Nuru massage

They reduce stress, anxiety and depression

It is common knowledge that massages are relaxing, but you’d be surprised to learn how relaxing a 4 Hands Nuru can be. This incredible massage style can dramatically decrease stress, anxiety and depression and is closely linked with the production of important hormones that make us feel happier.

Boosts the immune system

Getting a 4 Hands Japanese nuru massage helps to strengthen the immune system by heightening its immune response. Clinical studies have proven that regular massage can naturally increase the immune systems cytotoxic capacity and can also decrease the number of T cells in the body. Ultimately, this improves the body’s immune functioning overall.

Improves Flexibility

Massage naturally relaxes the muscles, but it also makes them suppler, too. 4 Hands Massages increase flexibility because they require you to move your body into unusual positions. Don’t worry- it’s nothing too crazy, but don’t expect to be sat still the entire time!

Helps you to heal and recover faster

White blood cells are responsible for fighting disease and aiding recovery. Getting a 4 Hands Nuru massage encourages the production of white blood cells, making your body securer against illnesses. Getting a 4 Hands Nuru massage also decreases the heart rate and improves blood flow around the body which also helps the body to work more efficiently.

It’s good for your skin

Nuru Gel is made from Nori seaweed which contains vitamins and nutrients to nourish the skin. Essentially, Nuru gel moisturises the skin leaving it soft and supple. It’s like a full-body facial.

What happens during a 4 Hands Japanese nuru massage?

4 Hands Japanese nuru massages usually begin with a full-body massage which is designed to sooth the muscles and the mind. The two masseuses use synchronised movements on opposite sides of the body to knead tension out of the muscles and to induce relaxation. After several minutes, the masseuses will turn their client onto their back where the real massage will begin. They will start by applying Nuru gel to the body of their client and their own, which will enable them to move freely over the subject. Whilst one masseuse grinds on the legs, the other will occupy the chest. Using expert techniques, both masseuses will use their assets to send waves of relaxation and pleasure through the client. They will coordinate their routine into an orchestrated masterpiece of bodily contact, whilst the client sits back and admires the view. The point of the session isn’t necessarily to reach orgasm, but it’s a massive possibility. The masseuses do incorporate sexual stimulation into the massage, but it will remain slow and sensual throughout. Arousal levels are warmed up gradually, making every touch, stroke and grope intensely sensitive. Most sessions do end with an orgasm- but no ordinary orgasm. Most sessions end with an orgasm like no other before.

Book your massage, today

4 Hands Japanese nuru massages are completely unique. They’re more arousing than most other styles and more pleasurable than many of them too. But why does the involvement of a second masseuse make a difference? Well, it’s simple. Twice as many masseuse, twice as many benefits. Using two masseuses means that no area of your body will go untouched. No muscle will be left un-kneaded, and no area of skin will be left un-stroked. The 4 Hands service isn’t just a luxury add-on; it’s a worthwhile investment with a kinky twist. So, if you’re ready to experience the wonders of a 4 Hands Nuru with two stunning experts, call on the number below and let them make all of your wildest dreams come true.

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