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Have you ever wondered if tantric massage benefits us in any way shape or form?

Every single massage that is practised from east to west and north to south has its wide and varied benefits.  Whether it is the traditional Swedish massage or the Thai massage, there is something replenishing, refining and redefining about the various massage techniques that are employed. As for the tantric massage, its core benefit is located within the name, ‘tantra’.

That mystical word that leaves so many westerners baffled isn’t so baffling to an easterner. This is because of the east’s rich heritage of spirituality and sacredness that seeps through every facet of life. In essence, ‘tantra’ is the understanding and right to connect to the divine, to be part of a cosmic energy and at one with the universal flow. It isn’t entirely erotic or sensual. It is more than foreplay and sex.

It is the combination of exoteric and esoteric, a sacrilegious ceremonial exercise that has to be respected and respectfully given.  What does that mean? To put simply, it is a massage that is designed to awaken and enhance the real you. Through the channelling of sexual energy and through the realisation of its power, a human being can become more refined, more confident and positive.

Therefore, through various tantric massage techniques coupled with mindfulness and breathing, the entire persona of a human being elevates and ascends to a height that is not achieved merely through conventional massage.

Typical tantric mandala as used in tantric practices

Firstly, the use of appropriate music that penetrates the soul and excites the inner being has to be employed in order to enhance and relax the mood. Music, in itself, is powerful and can create a range of emotions from sadness to anger and so, gentle sounds need to be coupled with dim red lighting. The modern mind is still trying to grasp the idea of how colour can impact on mood but it is through the ancient text of tantric practices, we come to understand how ‘colour therapy’ can produce exceptional results. That is why a soft tone of red has often been associated with sexual activity and this is a very intriguing element of the human disposition.  Also, the use of soft fragrances that brush against the gentle air add to the serene tantra which encourages a cultivation of sexual energy that is geared towards longevity and not immediate gratification.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to the tantric massage in London is that it forces couples to go against everything they have been accustomed to when it comes to sex. The notion of foreplay changes because now, the massage becomes the foreplay. It is no exaggeration, therefore, to say that many a couple would begin their sexual encounter with a tantric massage which would eventually transition onto tantric sex. The lessons that are learned in the tantric massage are the keys to successful intercourse. The ability to channel sexual energy and passion in a fruitful way means that a man can last for hours without feeling strained.

Therefore, to enhance the sexual capacity, tantric massage does wonders. In today’s time of rush and mania, many of us have forgotten the ancient technique of mindfulness and it is through this many a problem like premature ejaculation can be treated.

So, what are its steps?

With the use of oils, such as jasmine, deep tissue relaxation techniques are implemented that involves concentrated pressing motions on specific areas in order to loosen the tissue thereby improving mobility and blood flow. This quite often comes with the ‘untying of knots’ which typically focuses on the back and shoulders and with the subsequent relaxation coupled with the erotic aroma of the oil, a heightened libido is achieved.

Then it is the second phase – erogenous zones.

Gentle and light pressure is applied and rhythmic movements are put in action whilst the receiver is encouraged to breathe in unison to the rubbing of the sexual organ. Whether it is the penis or the vagina, gentle strokes are applied to create that deep sexual yearning.

After that? Tantric sex!

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