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How can massage help fight sleep deprivation? well, usually massages have always often been thought of as a way of pampering oneself. All too often it’s the thought of having someone who is a trained massage therapist take their time working and looking after every inch of your body as you close your eyes and wish the world away. However before it was ever considered pampering or a luxury treatment, massage was considered an alternative form of medicine.

Throughout the years and in many different cultures massage was used as a form of alternative medicine, and contrary to popular belief was also used to treat more than just physical aches and pains. Massage has always thought to have been used solely to treat physical problems such as muscular pain, arthritis and similar aches and pains, however, studies have increasingly shown that the side effects of a massage can also help to aid in other no physical problems such as sleep deprivation or insomnia.

Many people today have become increasingly concerned about their health and well being and try to lead a more active and healthier lifestyle. This has resulted in a lot of people becoming more reluctant to take over the counter medicines and seek alternative therapies to help compliment their overall health regime. A good night’s sleep is vital as studies have shown that sleep deprivation is a major cause of more serious and long-term illnesses such as, cardiovascular diseases,obesity, and even diabetes, which are having a major impact on us and our overall health.

Massages are often used as an alternative form of therapy to help aid people with a good night’s sleep. more often than not the person suffering cannot sleep due to an overactive mind b worrying about events from their daily lives thus causing an inability to relax properly at night and therefore fall into a good night’s sleep. Because a massage involves a lot of bodywork and hand movements over the body it helps blood flow, in turn, helping muscles relax and creating a feeling of tranquillity which often results in a better sleep pattern and routine, making for a healthier sleep.Not only has this been shown to work for adults but also for small children who may also be tense from a busy day playing or even growing pains.

As life for many becomes busy it has become increasingly more important to look after one’s health and especially your sleep. Hopefully, once you have had a sensuous relaxing massage your sleeping issues will begin to subside, however, should you struggle then try making use of these handy tips.


Before going to sleep, try making a habit of a relaxing routine before you go to bed. This can be merely turning the television of half an hour before bed or reading a book to help you slowly relax before going to sleep.

Make Room

try to see if there is anything in your room that could be distracting you when you go to sleep, This could be little-flashing lights from your tv in standby mode or even a loud clock. Try to remove these distractions as best as possible to aid with your sleep.


As silly as it may sound, keep a regular routine, a major cause for poor sleep is irregular sleeping patterns. Even on the weekends try to sleep in and get up and go to bed at the same time.

Remain Cool

make sure your room is nice and cool before you go to sleep, as if it’s too warm you will struggle to drift off.

Fight After Meal Tiredness

All too often after a heavy meal we can be tempted to have a quick nap, try to avoid this as it will prevent you from getting to sleep straight away at night.


If you work in a less physical job then try to do as much as exercise as possible this will not only keep you healthy in the long run but to will also help tire you out making a getting to sleep a whole lot easier.

Don’t look at the light

With the onset of modern technology another influencing factor in a lack of sleep for many people is their smartphone or tablet. Whether you are checking emails or looking to see you a friend’s latest status update on the social networks, smartphones can stop you from sleeping because of their bright lights which can interrupt circadian in the body which helps with sleep.

So there you have our top tips for helping to get a better nights sleep, which many  do regularly suffer from. It’s for this reason it’s important we look after ourselves in every way possible. we currently offer a range of erotic massages in Kensington by our erotic massage therapists for those nearby who may be suffering with sleep deprivation and require some help.

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