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Playing sports and doing exercise is good for your health, but it can result in injuries. From the minor injuries like twisted ankles and strained muscles to the more serious ones like torn ligaments and fractures, sports injuries can be pretty nasty and very painful. The doctors will prescribe medications, painkillers and plenty of advice to “stay well rested”. But what do you do when these don’t work?

Massages can ease the pain of sports injuries and help facilitate the healing process. Sports massages are probably the first type you think of, but if you want to try something that’s just as healing but feels even better, you should think about an erotic massage.

What is an erotic massage?

An erotic massage is a massage that is designed to stimulate the body and cause arousal. Techniques are used that are meant to feel pleasurable and therapists often bring the client to orgasm. Erotic massage is a whole body massage, but is generally focused on the genital areas. Although orgasm plays a role, it is not the goal of an erotic massage. An erotic massage aims to help the client let go of their pent-up tensions and anxieties, and uses pleasure to do that.

An erotic massage feels so good because of the techniques used. An erotic masseuse will typically practise ‘edging’ with you, which is where she will repeatedly pleasure you to the edge of orgasm and back down. This results in a prolonged state of pleasure and when you do finally orgasm, it’ll be a deeply intense and sensational release of physical and mental tensions.

How can an erotic massage help my sports injury?

As well as feeling good, erotic massages offer a wealth of benefits for sports injuries. The massage techniques will stimulate blood flow and improve overall blood circulation. Blood will flow more freely, and nutrient and waste exchange will become more efficient. This will help with the healing of the damaged muscles and tissues.

The varied pressures and range of motions will help soothe aching muscles as well and smooth out any knots. The erotic nature of the massage will arouse the client and also help to take their mind away from the pain of the injury.

What types of erotic massage are there?

There are a variety of different erotic massages you can choose from. The most common ones are as follows:

Sensual massage
Erotic massage
Lingam massage
Happy ending massage
Body to body massage
Nuru massage
Tantric massage
4 Hands massage

Sensual and erotic massage

Erotic massage is a specific type of massage as well as the umbrella term for these kinds of arousal-focused therapies. Sensual and erotic massages are very similar in nature. They both focus on arousing the body, but sensual works towards exciting the senses by perhaps engaging in sensual deprivation (e.g. using a blindfold) and building anticipation, while erotic directly stimulates the sexual areas and works to prolong arousal.

Areas like the buttocks and thighs, particularly the inner section, are often under the most strain after exercise and sports activities. However, standard massage therapists are often cautious in approaching these areas because they are seen as ‘indirectly sexual’ due to their close proximity to the genital area. But unlike standard massages, sensual and erotic massages focus on the sexual areas so the therapists can directly target areas like the buttocks and inner thighs. They can work on these areas without being cautious in order to avoid arousal because unlike standard massages, erotic massage styles are meant to arouse. So you don’t need to feel ashamed or embarrassed if you do become aroused while the masseuse is working on your inner thighs!

Body to body and nuru massage

Body 2 Body  massage and nuru massage, sometimes also known as a soapy massage, are two of the most daring of erotic massages. They are highly sexual in nature, due to their unique style of the masseuse using her naked body as the massaging instrument (as well as her hands). The difference between the two is that a nuru massage uses a special kind of gel made from seaweed, while a body to body massage uses massage oils.

Because the therapist will use her body and press her weight down onto your body, a variety of deep pressures can be used. The pressures provided by body weight can be deeper and more intense than what the hands can provide on their own. This can be very soothing and pleasurable for aching muscles, and help to iron out the knots caused by intense sports activity.

Tantric massage

Tantric massage is a type of ritualistic erotic massage that focuses on prolonging arousal and delaying orgasm in order to provide an intensely pleasurable experience. It uses a variety of speeds and pressures, fast and deep to bring the client to the edge of orgasm and then switching to slow, light strokes to bring them from the edge, which will intentionally frustrate and pleasure the massage receiver.

Because tantric massage is so slow and intense, it can feel extremely soothing on sports injured muscles. Initially, manipulating the sore areas may hurt and feel sensitive, but the therapist can slowly ease the client into the massage strokes. Nothing is rushed during a tantric session and there is also an emphasis on breathing techniques, so you can focus on that to ease the pain of the sports-strained muscles.

Lingam and happy ending massage

These two styles of erotic massage are arguably the most focused on orgasms than the other styles. A lingam massage is a massage that is meant to stimulate the male genital area, particularly the penis and a happy ending massage is one that ends in ejaculation/orgasm. The difference between the two is that a lingam massage is a massage meant for males while a happy ending massage is unisex. A lingam massage also focuses on stimulating the penis while a happy ending massage might cause orgasm by stimulating other parts of the body.

Although a lingam and a happy ending massage are not as directly linked to providing care for sports injuries in the same way that the other types of erotic massage are, the full body massage techniques used still soothe the aches and iron out the knots. However, these two massage styles are perfect if you want precise pleasure and intense orgasms to help take your mind off the body aches.

Four hands massage

A 4 Hands massage is a massage where two masseuses manipulate your body, hence the ‘four hands’. The masseuses will work in a synchronised motion, with one leading and the other following. The choreographed synchrony will feel mesmerisingly relaxing. Plus, two pairs of hands and two masseuses can reach a further distance and cover more surface area than one masseuse with one pair of hands ever can. A 4 Hands massage is the only time you can feel the knots in your thighs be straightened out at the same time as the knots in your shoulders. This makes a 4 Hands massage fantastic for sports injuries.

An erotic 4 Hands massage (you can have a 4 Hands session with any of the afore-listed styles) will be even more mesmerising due to the arousing aspect. After all, four hands can stimulate more body parts or create deeper friction than two hands can.

Where can I get an erotic massage for sports injuries?

If you’re interested in getting an erotic massage to treat your sports injury, then take a look at the outcall erotic massages we offer here at Erotic Massage UK. Our finely hand picked range of sexy Asian masseuses are a perfect choice to help begin to heal that injury. We provide a wide variety of popular outcall erotic massages to suit most peoples needs. We also offer these fantastic outcall  massage services all across Central London so where ever you are located isn’t an issue. In Fact the only problem your going to have is which masseuse to book for your sensational outcall erotic massage in Knightsbridge.

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