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Have you been having trouble lately with relaxing? Do you often find it hard to free your mind of thoughts? Well, let me show ho that can be solved with breathing techniques for meditation.  Yes, that’s right meditation, you might not think much of this but believe me it works. Just by taking simple steps such as altering our breathing patterns and techniques it can have a profound effect on our ability to relax properly and aid meditation with. Meditation itself is a fantastic way  for you to relax free your mind of all your worries and just have some good old ” me time”  which lets be honest many of seem to miss out on in today’s ever increasingly busy world.

Below is a really great video provided by PhyscheTruth which covers many aspects of varied breathing techniques which when practised will help you overcome numerous problems relating to anxiety, relaxation, and even sleep deprivation. PLEASE go and check out their youtube channel it covers many aspects of well being and provides a wealth of knowledge through their videos for anyone struggling. Alternatively you can book a session with one of our stunning erotic masseuses and practice breathing with them.

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