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Despite the sudden rise in gym memberships and diet plan subscriptions in Britain, over 64% of the population still remain overweight. This is an alarming figure- but is the NHS tackling this problem in the right way? Approaching obesity from a medical stance doesn’t work for everyone, so how else can we encourage people to lose weight, or even just become comfortable in their own skin? We have a solution, but it might seem like an unconventional suggestion to most of you. How about splashing out a little bit of cash and getting an authentic, raunchy Asian Body to Body massage? If that doesn’t ring a bell then read on and let us explain.

What is an Asian Body to Body massage?

This is an oriental, erotic style massage that involves a naughty amount of naked, Asian body to body contact between a masseuse and client. Although they do fall into the Asian category, they’re not centred on getting a ‘happy ending’- they’re far more complex. Body to Body massages incorporate ancient massage techniques that are designed to totally relax the body and mind. Pure, undisturbed relaxation is a realm that most people are unable to reach; but it is a very important to do so for our health, believe it or not. Relaxation is a necessity, both for the body and mind. Physically, it benefits:

• The heart- It lowers blood pressure, thus minimising the risk of a heart attack.
• The immune system- It stimulates the production of white blood cells; the cells in our body that combat illness and disease.
• Your chance of having a stroke- A 2007 Cambridge University study showed that people who relax more often are 24 per cent less likely to suffer from a stroke.
• Your skin- Many skin-related problems, such as psoriasis are linked to stress. Relaxation helps to clear up these issues.
Mentally, it helps you to:
• Improve your memory- Studies have proved that stress actually increases your risk of developing Alzheimer’s, whereas regularly relaxing counteracts it.
• Fight depression- Prolonged depression reduces the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the body; the hormones responsible for happiness. Properly relaxing counters this.
• ‘Put you in the mood’- Stress is one of the main culprits when it comes to putting people off sex. Relaxation, on the other hand, gets the sexual juices flowing.

Love yourself again

Asian Body to Body massages are clearly worth getting, but they’re also beneficial when it comes to dropping some pounds. Physically, relaxation makes resisting naughty treats far easier. Stress not only takes a toll on our mental state, but it also takes a toll on our waistline; because stress actually encourages food consumption. Similarly, relaxation actually helps us to make better decisions in day to day life. People who are stressed are more likely to focus entirely on the positives of a situation, rather than viewing it holistically. For example, take two people; one of which is stressed, the other has had a Asian body to body massage. Both people are offered free cocktails in a bar nearby on a Tuesday night after work. Who is more likely to go to work hung over the next day? Of course, the answer is obvious: the person who is stressed. Want to know why? Well basically, people who are relaxed are in a more realistic state of mind, meaning they are able to make better decisions on a day to day basis. So, imagine how useful this would be when dieting? It speaks for itself.
Ultimately, Asian Body to Body massages are great if you need an ego boost. They’re the ultimate Asian massage for boosting self-esteem. Why? Because they’re both exposing and rewarding. If you’re self-conscious with your body, stripping off for a complete stranger can be extremely daunting at first. However, it’s also a good way to overcome your fear. Asian Body to Body massages are pleasurable, exciting and also intimate, and they make you feel loved- regardless of your size. They teach you to love yourself holistically, no matter your size, shape or weight- it’s the purest form of self-acceptance.

Book your Body to Body, now

One of the key ingredients needed to stick to a diet, exercise plan or personal goal is self-belief. If you tell yourself from day one that you can’t achieve something, you won’t. B2B Massage London are inspiring, motivating and healing, mentally, physically and spiritually. If you want to step outside of your comfort zone in order to succeed, get an Asian Body to Body massage- you’ll not believe what they can do for you.

To book in for, then give us a call or book online using our booking form. And we’ll book in for your raunchy session with an expert Asian masseuse.

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