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Massage therapy is a unique style of treatment. When combined with more traditional methods such as medication and therapy, it can be extremely effective at eliminating persistent illnesses for good. Massage gives treatment plans a whole new way of tackling and curing conditions. Different massages are more suited to helping with particular symptoms, but generally, massages are fantastic at reducing stress, trauma and easing muscle strain.

What Is a Oriental Tantric Massage?

There are many types of massage therapy that you can choose from and many can be combined with each other to create customised, more holistic form of treatment. An oriental tantric massage is one type of Asian massage that focuses on very slow, drawn out movements which are effective at stimulating the deeper levels of muscle tissue. Unlike traditional massage therapy, tantric massage involves sexual stimulation. It works on the whole body, sexual areas as well as the neutral areas, and the slow techniques can feel very sensual and arousing.

Why Does an Oriental Tantric Massage Help With Stress?

An oriental tantric massage uses slow, deep movements that are designed to arouse the body, mind and spirit. This sexual arousal is intentional, because oriental massages typically use the power of pleasure to heal the mind. When you are aroused or having an orgasm, the body releases hormones that help to reduce anxiety and stabilise mood.

But a oriental tantric massage isn’t just about orgasms. It’s about exercising self-control, and building and prolonging arousal so you get to have the biggest release of tension at the end. This release is a physical manifestation of stress and tension that you’ve built up over time, and a tantric massage works to help you let go of it all.

Tantric massage is based on tantra, which focuses on keeping life energy balanced. When this energy becomes unbalanced and disconnected, you are more likely to become ill. That’s why a tantric massage is so slow and ritualistic – it works to reconnect and re-balance life energy in your body. Sexual arousal is a way of rebuilding this connection.

What Are the Benefits of a Oriental Tantric Massage?

Tension can be held all over the body, but tends to collect in areas that are more susceptible to strain – for example, the shoulders, back and legs. It is also particularly attracted to the sexual areas. When tension builds up in the sexual areas, it becomes more of a problem, because these areas aren’t usually as stimulated during massage therapy as the normal areas. It therefore builds up and up, which eventually results in sexual frustration and that can make people grumpier, crankier and generally more irritable. An oriental tantric massage aims to relieve the body and mind of all of its pent-up stresses, sexual and neutral.

Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Improved sex drive and appetite
  • Relief from intense stress and anxiety
  • Helps insomnia
  • Reduces migraines
  • Stabilises mood
  • Improves mental control and discipline
  • Boosts motivation
  • Improves immune system
  • Decreases risk of cardiovascular disease

How can I get the most out of my tantric massage?

As you can see, a oriental tantric massage offers a range of great benefits. If you want to experience the full spectrum and maintain them for a prolonged period of time, the following habits can help to maximise the afterglow.

  1. Play relaxing music and use aromatherapy

The point here is to create a soothing atmosphere. Because a oriental tantric massage focuses on building sexual arousal and edging along an orgasm, you need to be relaxed in order to engage your mind. Playing relaxing music (think classical instrumentals, chimes and waterfalls, not hip hop), lighting scented candles and using aromatherapy oils will help enhance this atmosphere.

  1. Focus on your breathing

An oriental tantric massage will require some serious mental control. It is extremely slow and will gradually build up your arousal to the very edge of orgasm, and then back off. Then it will repeat. The aim is to edge along an orgasm, so you feel all the pleasure of an orgasm but minus the ejaculation, which is seen as energy loss. In order to successfully do this, you will have to focus on your breathing.

  1. Don’t overthink

Aside from focusing on breathing, one of the main tips for enjoying tantra is to let go. Don’t be afraid to feel aroused. Let your body feel what it wants to feel and when it’s time to orgasm, just let loose.

  1. Stay hydrated after a tantric massage

Every massage, from tantric to Swedish, will speed up the rate at which your bodily systems work at. In general, massages stimulate blood flow so cells receive nutrients and have their waste products removed more quickly. This means cellular function is enhanced, and so the body will need to be re hydrated at a faster rate.

  1. Incorporate an oriental tantric massage into your lifestyle

The benefits of a massage are cumulative, regardless of style. The more often you have a massage, the greater and longer lasting the benefits will be. Pencil a oriental tantric massage into your schedule, make it a solid part of your regimen and watch the benefits become more pronounced every time.

Where Can I Get an Oriental Tantric Massage?

There are many places offering oriental tantric massages, but you can’t always be sure that these places offer genuine tantra experiences or sexual services. At Erotic Massage, we offer a variety of authentic oriental tantric massage and many others, and all of our therapists are fully trained in erotic and tantric therapy. We serve the whole of central and Greater London, and our therapists are available for incall or outcall services from just £120 an hour. Book now!

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