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Four is better than Two!

We have all heard the term “two is a company, three is a crowd” but have you ever thought about four? The first and only time I have experienced this glorious feeling was when I got a 4 hands massage at an Asian massage parlour in central London. On previous occasions I always got a full service massage with one lovely masseuse, however, on this particular day it was my birthday, therefore, I decided to treat myself and it certainly was a sexy celebration!

The thing with a four hands massage is it feels like having two full body massages, except they are both happening at the same time. It really is double the attention and double the pleasure.  It can be done in numerous different styles, personally, my favourite is when both masseuses synchronize their movements because they hit the same spots and pressure points with more of an effect and is twice as arousing. Their steady, calm and sensual strokes and rubs create a divine sensation that sends your whole body into a realm of relaxation and orgasmic bliss. You may find it hard at the beginning to relax as your mind may be following what the masseuses are doing, but the whole experience is so soothing before you know it you will be on a journey of pleasure and peace.

4 hands massages are definitely a luxury within the massage world and it should be the amazing experience you dreamt it would be. Although they do not come as cheap as other services, they really are a once in a lifetime experience that goes way beyond any kind of sexual gratification. You feel more in touch with yourself afterwards and you will wonder why society teaches us that sex should be between two people and no more. All erotic and tantric massages are of an indulgent nature but why have one slice of the chocolate cake when you can have it all?

Don’t worry, you are not being greedy   

Many people brand you ‘greedy’ if you like a 4 hands massage, jokingly saying “oh one girl isn’t enough”. Realistically, they are the ones missing out as you reap twice as many benefits than the normal guy having sex with one lady. If you are a sufferer of back problems or any sort of chronic pain then a 4 hands massage is perfect for you as it tackles every inch of your body. It I highly relieving and can help with physical and emotional stress or tension you may be feeling. It can reach and stretch muscles in a way that two hands would be unable to do and the coordinated movements of the masseuses add a soothing touch to your body.

You can pick the masseuses you want

Most erotic massage parlours in central London allow you to choose the masseuse you want from their website gallery or when you arrive at the parlour. Therefore, you could either pick two girls who are quite similar or maybe choose two girls who are completely different. From experience, I think it is always better to select two massage therapists who specialise in different types of massage. For example, both will be highly trained in the art of massage, therefore will be able to reach your points of tension and relieve your stress. However, if you then choose one masseuse who specialises in Lingam massage (massage on the penis) and one who is an expert for prostate massages (anus) then you really are in for a treat. Four hands massages without a doubt allow us to have a bigger variety when we are receiving a massage as they can perform more massage techniques at the same time, meaning your senses are heightened.

4 hands massage can help with your intimacy

Erotic and tantric massages do allow you to become a lot closer with the other person, making it very intimate and personal. However, when you are receiving four hands massage this is heightened even more and you can create an amazing bond with two beautiful women. They help you to learn to receive pleasure and also how to give it back equally. The three of you will enter a state of relaxation and bliss together and it will be a moment you never forget.

Four Hands massage to the men of London has recently gone mainstream by the excitement of having two women by yourself! you can make this happen her today at Erotic massage UK, phone our hotline for bookings 07774368218 or visit our 4 hands massage London page for more information.


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