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What is a Tantric massage?

Tantric massage is an Asian massage style that combines full-body relaxation with sexual stimulation. The delivery of Tantric massage is slow and sensual and uses lingering movements to gradually increase arousal levels. A typical Tantric massage is not centred on reaching an orgasm; the importance of every session is the journey along the way. Evolved from the ancient art of Tantra, Tantric massage is a highly spiritual practice that dates as far back as 5AD. Tantra centres it’s teaching around the concept of chakras; energies in the body that are believed to control our thoughts, feelings and actions. By using spiritual touch and gentle massage, practitioners of Tantric massage are able to induce their client’s into a state of pure relaxation- only then can the chakras be accessed and manipulated for positive effect.

What is a Four Hands massage?

Technically, ‘4 Hands’ is not a massage- it’s a service that can be combined with specific massage style. Ultimately- the clue is in the name, so I’m sure you’ve already worked it out for yourself. The 4 hands massage service is performed by two masseuses- hence the title, ‘Four hands’. Client’s often choose a style of massage, for example, Tantric, Nuru, Body to Body, Erotic or Sensual, and combine the Four Hands service for twice as much pleasure and twice as many benefits.

Why get a Four Hands Tantric massage?

Ultimately, all massage styles are designed for relaxation. In most cases, people seek out massages for exactly that reason. Then again, what makes a 4 Hands Tantric even more effective?

Relaxes the mind, body and soul

A typical Tantric massage begins with a full-body traditional massage to iron out ailments and areas of tension across the body. This relieves physical pain, but also sends the client into a state of pure relaxation. Although one masseuse is bound to achieve this, can you imagine how good it would feel with two sets of hands instead of one? Transitioning from an alert mind to a clear one is much quicker with a 4 Hands massage; therefore clients are able to experience the benefits of the massage for a longer period of time and with added benefits.

It’s doubly arousing

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have a stunning, trained masseuse touch and caress your entire body? We get it- it’s a thing of dreams. But imagine all of this with two masseuses instead of one? It’s unbearable to even think about it! A 4 Hands Tantric massage is performed in unison, meaning the actions and movements of each masseuse would mirror the other. By echoing technique on opposing sides of the body, clients literally experience twice as many sensations and twice as much joy as they would in a standard Tantric massage. Moreover, for client’s suffering from tired or aching muscles, the addition of another masseuse would mean that no area of the body would be left untouched. Its two massages rolled into one.

Twice as many benefitsTantric massages aren’t just sought out for their pleasure factor; they’re also associated with a great deal of health benefits. Tantric massages are known to increase blood flow, lower blood pressure, improve the function of the organs and improve the immune system. Unbeknown to most people, experiencing pleasure is important when it comes to our health. A recent study showed that people who experience orgasms several times a week are twice as likely to live longer than those who don’t. The mind and body are closely linked, so if one if impeached, it’s not unusual for deformities to show in the other. Tantric massages look to heal the mind, body and soul- untimely; it’s a full body makeover. Essentially, the 4 Hands service simply accelerates these health benefits.Tantric massages are holistically healing, but combining this style with the Four Hands massage transforms it into a whole new kettle of fish. The bottom line is: 4 Hands massages aren’t just hotter and sexier- they’re actually incredibly beneficial in more ways than you could imagine. So if a 4 Hands Massage London sounds like exactly what you need, then make sure you book online and schedule yourself in for the massage of a lifetime.


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