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And why they believe this style of erotic massage has saved them in more ways than you would expect!

Now erotic massage services have not always had the best of reputations. The thing with advocating anything remotely sexual in the Western world is that it is straight away slammed, right off the bat, as something dirty, corrupt.  Parlours are seen as the seedy underbelly, erotic masseuses are assumed to be working against their will; slaves of the trade and the clients that use the services? They are painted as disgusting pigs, they are seen as sex pests, perverts, incapable of getting it elsewhere…  Now, this is a reputation that’s hard to come back from. In the East, it is quite a different story. In the East the general public recognises the health benefits of sexual massages; the popularity of erotic massages in countries like China, Japan, Korea etc. is enormous. In the East men [and women] will frequent massage parlours as though a trip to the therapist, a physiotherapist, a hairdresser… It is an effective and pleasant way of maintaining a balanced healthy and happy life.

This self-care attitude re erotic massage is slowly starting to rub off on people in the West- and about time too! We are slowly starting to see a change in the perception, with healthy lifestyle bloggers, celebrities and the ruling elite citing erotic massages as a great form of therapy and an excellent form of physical and mental relief.

This month we are going to publish the stories of men who have agreed to share their personal experience of getting erotic massages and why they believe prostate massage has genuinely brought about positive changes in both their mental and physical health.

If you also have experienced the wonders of prostate massage and would like to share your story and the benefits you have witnessed then please feel free to leave a comment in the box below- let’s get a discussion going!

Today we are hearing Kevin’s story. A tale of re-invention, rejuvenation and becoming the man you have always wanted to be.

Kevin, 42.

I got divorced at 35! Imagine what that feels like.. we had been together since we were teenagers. It was the right thing to happen mind, by the end we were more friends than lovers- we would go months and months without sex. We just knew each other so well, we got stuck in a rut. I can’t say the sex was ever mind blowing but it wasn’t until we broke up I realised how vanilla it was. I suppose we only ever knew as much as each other and although I had watched a bit of porn I really didn’t feel comfortable suggesting my wife do any of these things… I was embarrassed! And she never brought anything new to the table so- what can I say? Maybe I was a coward or maybe we just needed to end so we could grow, discover ourselves.

Truth be told dating was pretty overwhelming for me. Not only did I not know what to say, how to act, getting back to their place and not knowing anything but the basics… at 35 you’re supposed to just know things. I didn’t know anything! But I wanted to… that’s when a friend suggested I try erotic massage. He said it wasn’t like I thought that it was a form of therapy and could give me exactly what I needed.

And you know what? He was completely right.

Getting an erotic massage awoke something in me, the masseuse taught me things I had no idea could feel that good! It was like being taught by an expert- but a really sexy, forthcoming expert. My first ever massage was with a woman called Anna and I just got a standard body to body massage will full service- believe you me there was absolutely nothing standard about it. The massage left me more relaxed than I think I’ve ever been.  Not only that but I was tingling all over it was terrific. And then the sex? Mind blowing, but see I didn’t think anything could beat it. Until I discovered prostate.

Anna explained to me all about the prostate gland and how it is the equivalent of massaging a female clitoris- I had no idea!  I went back a week later to give it ago. This time I was seen by a different masseuse, Amber. Fortunately Amber specialises in prostate and boy did she not disappoint! Having my prostate massage took me to a new realm, I felt as though I had transcended. I orgasmed for about 10 minutes, writhing around on the floor like a baby, it was crazy!

But see this is the really interesting part- I have been suffering from chronic back pain for about six years, I had just learnt to accept it, get on with it. After my prostate massage? It had completely gone away. And my nagging headache? Also eradicated. Getting a prostate massage did something to my nervous system; it was as though it gave it a new lease of life.

Seven years on and I have been getting prostate massages as regular as I like. Truth be told I only go as regularly as I’d go to the dentist now but that’s only because I have met a wonderful woman who is as interested in sexual experimentation as me…

I honestly wouldn’t have got the confidence to meet a woman like Carol if I hadn’t started getting a prostate massage. It made me a totally new man, a man with confidence, drive, and a very very fulfilled sexual appetite.

I’m sharing my story not because I enjoy sharing my private life with the internet but because I want to encourage other men. I want to spread the world that you’re never too old, too awkward, too set in your ways to discover ultimate pleasure. It’s right there- waiting for you! Without judgement and without repercussions. Prostate massage saved my life, and it could save yours too.

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