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Prostate problems can affect men of any age living in any environment. Lifestyle and living conditions don’t play a role. Prostate issues, such as inflammation and prostatitis, can be caused by bacteria as often as non-bacterial microorganisms. It can also be due to nerve damage or a faulty immune system response.

These days, an increasing number of men are suffering from prostate problems, and this can have a massive impact on their sex lives, affect their confidence and even develop into serious conditions. As a result, it’s essential to treat and prevent such problems and their painful symptoms as soon as possible. Prostate massage is an alternative form of therapy that’s hailed for its effectiveness. Medicines do ease the symptoms but aren’t always long-term. For some people, they don’t work at all. Prostate massage therapy is a more active method that directly targets the source of the problem – the prostate itself.

What is prostate massage therapy?

Prostate massage therapy is a unique form of alternative treatment. It involves gentle stimulation of the prostate – the therapist will insert a lubricated, gloved finger into the rectum and softly press the prostate. They will use a mixture of light strokes and rubs, which will feel uncomfortable at first. The client will feel a build-up of deep pressure and fluid inside. Deep breaths are important to stay relaxed, as it was encourage the client to stop fighting and let go of these fluids.

Eventually, the massage will result in a release of these fluids that have been blocking the prostate ducts for so long. The blockage is often what is causing the pain and general discomfort. Regular prostate massage will help to keep the prostate healthy, working as efficiently as possible and reduce the risk of fluid build-up and thus prostate conditions.

Prostate therapy as an erotic massage

Prostate massage is a popular form of erotic massage as well as therapy, because it provides a combination of pain relief and sexual pleasure. It can be an external or internal massage.

External prostate massage:

When you’re trying an external prostate massage, it’s important to have short, trimmed and clean nails. It would also be useful to have removed pubic hair for easier access. You can locate the prostate with the help of the perineum – the area between the scrotum and the anus.

Once you’ve found this area, use the pads of your fingertips and gently stroke. Slowly build up pressure, but stay gentle. Run your fingers back and forth this area. Locate a small depression in the perineum and gently press it as you rub your fingers across it. When done properly, it can result in an immediate erection shortly followed by an ejaculation. There’s often initial discomfort but this should go away once the receiver relaxes. If the massage receiver feels too much discomfort or pain, you are exerting too much pressure or stimulating the wrong area. If that’s the case, try again from the top.

Internal prostate massage:

Just like an external massage, you should have short, trimmed and extremely clean nails. It’s advisable to remove pubic hair for easier access and for the massage receiver to have a bowel movement before the session (to prevent any accidents considering this massage involves an ‘exploration’ of the rectum).

For cleanliness, it’s advisable to wear rubber gloves and have a water-based lubricant. Start by lubricating the anus by gently stroking in circles. The slower and more lubricant you use, the better it will be. Stroking should always be firm but gentle and never rushed. This will help the receiver relax, because clenching will cause discomfort. Once the area is well lubricated and the anal muscles are relaxed, slowly and gently insert a lubricated gloved finger into the rectum.

Gently crook the finger upwards so it strokes the wall of the abdomen. Lightly and slowly stroke around until you’ve found the prostate gland, which should be about the size of a walnut. Once you’ve found it, lightly stroke and rub it. Always use the soft pads of your fingers and not the nails. Simultaneously, reach between his legs and stimulate his testicles and penis. This will help invoke relaxation and pleasure, because initially, it will feel uncomfortable.

He will feel a build-up of pressure and liquid deep inside. This is normal. He should focus on his breathing to stay relaxed. The majority of receivers will experience an erection and continuing to rub the gland will result in an ejaculation. The orgasm will be extremely pleasurable due to the dual stimulation (of the gland and penis area).

The importance of regular ejaculation

Massaging the prostate helps relaxation and with arousal, which will lead to ejaculation. Prostate massage therapy is a new way to experience sexual pleasure and gratification. If foreplay and intercourse are getting old and boring, a prostate massage can help to introduce new levels of arousal. It may even show you areas of the body that you didn’t think would turn you on but do.

Regular prostate massage and ejaculation is important for men. Ejaculation helps to clear out the ducts and keep sex drive intact. But it’s not just for sexual reasons. Stimulating the prostate gland helps to release any trapped fluids and toxins, which may be causing prostate pain. It also encourages the production of prostate fluid, which is an important component in semen. Lack of or corrupted fluid can affect fertility. Ejaculation also brings fresh blood flow to the pelvic area – blood that carries oxygen and nutrients, which helps with cell growth and function in the prostate and surrounding area.

So why is prostate massage so good for men?

Many men who suffer from sexual impotence, painful ejaculation and thus a reduced sex drive find that prostate massage helps to relieve them of these problems and return them to normal. Sexual impotence is usually caused by muscle constriction due to blocked fluids which causes painful urination and ejaculation. This causes men to wince and clench, causing muscle constriction as a reflex. Prostate massage helps to relax them and release the fluids. Over time, regular sessions can help a man overcome his impotence and regain his sexual confidence.

Prostate massage in London

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