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Sensual massages are designed to excite the senses and arouse the body. A full body sensual massage (FBSM) is an erotic style of massage that stimulates the entire body using a series of techniques. These movements are designed to heighten the senses and arouse the body.

A FBSM is based on our innate craving for touch. When we’re hurt, we rub the body part that is in pain. When we’re feeling some sort of mental anguish, we wrap our arms around ourselves. When you’re feeling down, a hug or a simple pat on the shoulder can work wonders. We humans need to be touched because it makes us feel loved and wanted. A full body sensual massage works on this and builds up arousal to create a pleasurable state of mental satisfaction.

Because of their erotic nature, sensual massages are often looked down upon in society. They’re seen as sleazy, taboo and something only seedy old men would get. But actually, there are a plethora of wondrous things and sensations produced by erotic massages that standard massages just cannot top. Here are 10 of the best things about sensual massages that are bound to persuade you:

1. Total satisfaction

Because sensual massages are so erotic and taboo, they mostly exist in our dreams and fantasies. Now imagine that fantasy coming true. FBSM’s result in complete mental satisfaction, including sexual gratification due to their dream-like status and stimulation of the entire body. Erotic massages massage the whole body, seeing the sexual areas as important as the neutral areas. The eventual orgasms also do more than feel wonderful. Orgasms release a bunch of feel-good hormones into the bloodstream, which invoke feelings of calm, love, thrills and happiness.

2. You’ll be a sex god

Sensual massages work on prolonging pleasure. The massage techniques work to build up arousal, but stop just before climax and repeating this several times. This creates an extended state of heightened pleasure. Regularly practising this edging technique will help with premature ejaculation, increase the intensity of an orgasm, improves sex drive and overall performance in the bedroom. Sex will never be the same again!


3. You’ll be totally relaxed, content and stress-free

Massages are known for their relaxing nature. This combined with sexual satisfaction results in an ultimate state of contentment. Sensual massages create feelings of deep calm while being thrilling and pleasurable. Plus, orgasms are hailed for their remarkable de-stressing nature, so an FBSM can do more for you than a trip to the spa.


4. You’ll feel motivated

Orgasms and sexual satisfaction are totally de-stressing. When your stresses and worries have been lifted from your shoulders, you’ll instantly feel refreshed and energised. Sensual massages have the ability to leave you motivated for life, work and success.

5. You’ll sleep better

A relaxed, satisfied, stress-free state of mind is the perfect setting for a fantastic night’s sleep. And this is just what a full body sensual massage and the finishing orgasm provides.

6. No more muscle aches

Massages help to iron out any knots and strains in your muscles. Unlike standard massages, sensual massages venture to more areas on the body. An erotic masseuse can manipulate your erogenous areas, straightening out any tensions there. This results in a more holistic ache-free state.

7. Fantastic skin

The oils used in sensual massages are wonderfully moisturising for the skin and help to prevent stretch marks and cellulite. The techniques used in massage, such as fanning strokes, encourage an increased flow of blood to the skin’s surface, which leaves clients with glowing skin.

8. Better circulation

The massage techniques help to stimulate blood circulation, reducing blockages and sluggish flow in even the furthest parts of the body such as the fingers and toes. The increased blood circulation also results in speeding up the body’s working processes such as healing.

9. Better digestive system

Massage improves blood circulation which allows for greater blood volume to be sent to the digestive system. This allows for faster and more efficient digestion, which can help with your overall health and weight.

10. Better immune system

Massage increases blood flow, which means that the swapping of nutrients and toxic waste in cells is more efficient. Cells will receive more nutrients and get rid of waste products much more quickly, which results in a better quality of cellular processes, and thus allows for more efficient immune responses. Studies have also found that arousal and orgasms increased the number of leukocytes, the white blood cell that guards our bodies from illness.

So there you go – our 10 best reasons for trying a FBSM near you. Are you persuaded to get one?

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