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Erotic Massage London-England
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An erotic massage has a long history in both Eastern and Western cultures.

Erotic Massage – Perhaps the most controversial form of massage is erotic massage mostly practised in London – UK by Chinese masseuse . Erotic massage has been around for several centuries and is the most “sexual” of all massaging types. During this massage, the massage therapist focuses on the erogenous zones of the client with the aim being able to arouse him/her.

The prevalence of erotic massage was one of the main reasons why the public perception of massage therapy was not positive. It is only in the past two decades that people have begun to understand that there is more to massage therapy than erotic massages. However, Erotic massage has a big part to play with those over 40 yrs, as they have a likely possibility of suffering from erectile dysfunction.

The main difference between normal massage and erotic massage is the areas of focus. The massage therapist works on different parts of the body which trigger sexual excitation. One important point to understand here is that most erotic massage businesses are not a cover for shady practices.



What is tantric massage? If you have never tried a Tantric mobile massage in London-UK, then the experience will impress you deeply, it will not be like anything you have tried before.  

Tantric massage is a type of massage very common in Asia, where your sexual energy is built up to heal and also to release energy blockages that may exist in your body. In Tantra, your body is seen like a temple of your soul, and as such it gets treated correspondingly. Unlike the therapeutic and sensual massage practice of the Western world based mostly on anatomy and physiology, the Tantric massage is rather a spiritual practice that affects your psychic-energy centers – chakras, and allows the energy to freely flow through your body connecting your physical frame and your inner self with long lasting effects on some individuals. Tantric massage is a powerful procedure, highly associated with touching someone sensually and erotically to enhance his sensation and erotic stimulation than ever before.

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Erotic Massage London

Let's talk about mobile massage...

What is the fantasy like?

What is mobile massage? Mobile massage brings the masseuse to you rather than you going to a masseuse. With gentle, soft and enticing caresses over all your skin, our erotic mobile massage masseuse will give you that pleasurable opportunity to reconnect with your inner-self and partner in ways that go beyond your imagination and expectations. 

Once this delicious mobile massage masseuse has taken you to ecstasy, enjoy priceless moments with your partner in the jacuzzi, a perfect occasion to rekindle the passion that you won’t easily forget! What it includes: Our special massage, our Erotic Massage with edible oils, feathers, aromatic candles, sex toys of your choice, Jacuzzi time, sparkling wine and hors d’oeuvre. (optional) Where it can take place: In the comfort of your suite or if you prefer, in the spa.

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With our spa and massage services you’re getting an expert’s rhythmic and relaxing touch. With an aromatic pillow for your eyes, a choice of aroma therapy oil, and a heated pillow for your neck, our massage offerings will restore balance to mind and body..

Erotic Massage

To get excited with the delicate touches of your massaging partner is one thing and to get involved and come out with complete satisfaction from the erotic massage is a different thing…Chinese and southern Asian masseuses are best known for their mastery and hands on experiences on all forms of erotic massage.

Nuru Massage

What is nuru massage? Nuru massage is a type of erotic massage technique where naked massage masseuses rub their body against that of their client and both are covered in massage oils that has no smell. Nuru is a Japanese word which means slippery. Watch our sexy nuru masseuses unlock and administer the secrets of this sensual body-on-body massage technique that is hundreds of years old. Let our experienced Asian masseuses help you to relieve stress using powerful tactile sensations.

Tantric Massage

Tantra massage is a type of massage that uses sexual energy to achieve a higher state of consciousness. Skilled tantra massage therapists, or lovers who study the art, use specific sensual touches…Tantra is an old Thai traditional massage of the genitals for both men and women for the promotion and deliverance of individual welbeing. For men, nuru massage services is invasive as the the masseuse will take a long period massaging a man’s penis to delay ejaculation thus giving than a far more better and stronger erection while for women it is a prolonged massage of the outer and inner vagina but without penetration.

Mobile or Out-call Massage

The philosophy behind Maui OutCall Massage or mobile massage services is quite simple – who wants to drive after getting a massage or bodywork session? Half the massage session is ruined once you fasten your seat belt…For that reason, our experienced, friendly and sexiest masseuse will come to you wherever you find comfort, tranquillity and personal privacy.

Be sure of what you want and be sure about yourself. Massage is not just beauty, it’s about good attitude and quality services. You have to believe in yourself and be strong…Guaranteed customer satisfaction


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