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3 Tantra Techniques You Should Know


Tantra is such a wide subject. It’s easy to research – all you have to do is Google ‘tantric massage’ or ‘tantra’ and you’re greeted with thousands of massage tips and tantric therapists claiming to change your life forever. Among these tips, blogs and therapist advice, there’s also a lot of pornographic links so it’s easy to get lost in this wide world of tantra. Tantra is rooted in many cultures so each person’s understanding of the art will vary from person to person. Overall, tantra is an ideology and a way of life. Tantric massage is merely a small element of that. What else can we discover as we dig deeper?


Originally from India and practised around 5AD, tantra has footholds in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is a form of meditative therapy that was practised as a way of achieving enlightenment through harnessing sensual energy. This energy is extremely powerful and when efficiently circulated around the body, can encourage a highly energised and positive state of mind. While there are many ways to approach it, there are three major parts that are vital in authentic tantric massage sessions…


  1. Meditation and breathing


Erotic massage is based on tantra – that’s why it’s important to check if your masseuse has been trained in tantra before you have your erotic Asian massage session. Tantra uses meditative techniques in order to create a deep connection between the masseuse and the receiver. Breathing plays an extremely important role. By just concentrating on your breathing and incorporating certain techniques, you can find yourself becoming much more relaxed which will enhance your erotic massage experience.


Breathing can be anything from deep, relaxed breaths to short, sharp inhales. These two opposites are used in tantra because they engage the body in different ways and create different reactions. Another tip is to breathe in sync with the masseuse. This synchrony helps the two bodies connect, spiritually as well as physically, and helps them bond as they travel along this path of discovery.


authentic tantric massage chakras


  1. Balancing the Chakras


According to tantric practitioners, there are seven energy centres in the body. Named Chakras, these centres start at the base of the spine and work upwards in a vertically straight line. It’s said that illnesses are caused when these Chakras are blocked. Thus, regularly taking precautions to realign the Chakras and the energy pipes open will help keep the body and mind healthy.


The Chakra points directly correspond to different parts of the body, internal as well as external, and are responsible for our emotional states of mind too. In some ways, these Chakra points are where your physical and spiritual sides come together. When you experience an authentic tantric massage, the masseuse will use her specialist skills to unblock and rejuvenate these pressure points.


  1. Awareness


Being aware of your intentions before you come into an authentic tantric massage gives the session a goal and hence, a direction to work towards. For example, it could be that you want to nurture intimacy, build a connection with another person, explore pleasure and your sexuality, heal emotional wounds or improve sex drive. Tantra is so wide that it’s important to channel your energy in the right direction so you get the best results. When you get a traditional Swedish massage, you usually tell the therapist which parts of the body you’d like her to work on so why shouldn’t you do this during an authentic tantric massage?


To conclude


Naked oriental massages such as erotic massage and full body sensual massage are all based on these tantric rituals. No matter how sexually geared they may sound, erotic massages are still a great way to gain an insight into your own spirituality. That’s why they leave you feeling so refreshed and rejuvenated.

If you are interested in an authentic tantric massage in London, here at Erotic Massage UK we offer a range of oriental masseuses who have been genuinely trained in providing these excitingly sensual experiences. From just £120 an hour, we offer incall and outcall massages to men all over central and Greater London. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a tantric massage every once in a while, because it truly is a refreshing way to de-stress and can take you on a path of self-discovery!

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kundalini tantric massage and the kundalini energy

Tantric Massage And How to Awaken Your Kundalini Energy

Very few people have heard of Kundalini energy before yet alone a Kundalini Tantric massage, but it is present in all of us. Although unexplored, it has an impact on everyone’s lives, whether they realise it or not. Exploring it and accessing its power could be the answer to many problems people face, but what is it and how can we control it? Read on and learn how.

What is Kundalini Tantric energy?

A Kundalini tantric massage is designed to release kudalini energy and is known as a spiritual energy that is believed to be located at the base of the spine. This sleeping powerhouse is believed to be a dormant entity that sits in the first chakra at the bottom of our back. This energy is released during an orgasm, but can also be emitted during life threatening situations. Every heard of people developing superhuman strength during times of need? Well, this is thought to be Kundalini energy.

Can we access it?

Over the course of hundreds of years, people have developed massage styles that enable us to harness Kundalini energy- Tantric being one of them. By meditating on the chakras, Kundalini can be activated and will begin to rise through the body. Kundalini energy is wound up in us like a tight spring, and when accessed, can enter our bodies like an explosion. However more importantly, these releases aren’t always pleasurable- they can be uncomfortable and damaging if not controlled. This is why a trained expert should always be sought out for your first few attempts for your Kundalini tantric massage.

What is a Tantric massage and how does is harness Kundalini energy?

Tantric massage falls into the Asian category and combines sexual stimulation with spiritual teaching. An authentic Tantric massage involves gentle, slow stimulation that covers all areas of the body. By pinpointing erogenous locations, such as the neck and ears, arousal can be built up gradually, rather than instantaneously. This is one of the components involved in accessing the chakras (the body’s energies). Kundalini Tantric massage aims to send people into a euphoric state of self- meaning their mind, body and soul is open and free. This allows the chakras, both negative and positive, to escape and grow, thus resulting in a more powerful finish. Ultimately, Kundalini is harnessed to encourage stronger energies and cause a higher level of vibration throughout the body. This cleanses the organs, balances the chakras and cleanses the mind of negativity. It is one of the key ingredients needed to reach a full body, intense orgasm.

kundalini tantric massage chakras


What happens during a Kundalini Tantric massage?

A typical Kundalini Tantric sessions starts with a full body Swedish-style massage. This is non-sexual, but relaxes the mind and body completely. After several minutes, the masseuse will signal for the client to turn over onto their back where she will begin the Kundalini Tantric massage session. Using expert techniques and showing breathing techniques, the client will fall into a deeper, euphoric state of relaxation. At this point, chakras in the body will begin to surface and show themselves to the client. Some of these may be negative- but that’s natural. If anything, it’s a positive, because it allows clients to face their demons head on and then banish them. Using sensual touch, the masseuse will then stimulate erogenous points on the body that are closely linked with pleasure. A gradual rise of arousal is the key feature of this style as it makes for a more intense orgasm at the end. Over the course of an hour, the client will be touched, teased and massaged, and will be brought to the point of orgasm time and time again. Eventually, when the masseuse allows it, client’s often experience a once in a lifetime orgasm- an orgasm that pulses through them through electricity. As well as being incredibly pleasurable, it’s also therapeutic.

What are the benefits of a Kundalini Tantric massage?

The benefits of this tantric massage are extensive– and are often valuable long after the session has ended. This massage teaches client’s to access a deeper state of mind, allowing them to control their chakra’s and therefore their thoughts and feelings. Regular practitioners of this style are generally happier and healthier, and that’s because this massage can benefit people both mentally and physically. Biologically, is boosts our immune system and encourages the body to release waste from our body. Mentally, it drastically lowers stress, anxiety and depression and gives us a sense of fulfilment. And spiritually, it is enlightening beyond words.

If you feel like controlling your Kundalini energy could benefit you, then book in for an authentic Kundalini Tantric massage with an expert. To experience this with a fully trained, Asian masseuse, call the number below and choose from a flexible outcall service or a quick and easy incall.

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how to get the most out of your oriental tantric massage

How to Get The Most Out Of Your Oriental Tantric Massage

Massage therapy is a unique style of treatment. When combined with more traditional methods such as medication and therapy, it can be extremely effective at eliminating persistent illnesses for good. Massage gives treatment plans a whole new way of tackling and curing conditions. Different massages are more suited to helping with particular symptoms, but generally, massages are fantastic at reducing stress, trauma and easing muscle strain.


What Is a Oriental Tantric Massage?


There are many types of massage therapy that you can choose from and many can be combined with each other to create customised, more holistic form of treatment. An oriental tantric massage is one type of Asian massage that focuses on very slow, drawn out movements which are effective at stimulating the deeper levels of muscle tissue. Unlike traditional massage therapy, tantric massage involves sexual stimulation. It works on the whole body, sexual areas as well as the neutral areas, and the slow techniques can feel very sensual and arousing.

Why Does an Oriental Tantric Massage Help With Stress?


An oriental tantric massage uses slow, deep movements that are designed to arouse the body, mind and spirit. This sexual arousal is intentional, because oriental massages typically use the power of pleasure to heal the mind. When you are aroused or having an orgasm, the body releases hormones that help to reduce anxiety and stabilise mood.


But a oriental tantric massage isn’t just about orgasms. It’s about exercising self-control, and building and prolonging arousal so you get to have the biggest release of tension at the end. This release is a physical manifestation of stress and tension that you’ve built up over time, and a tantric massage works to help you let go of it all.


Tantric massage is based on tantra, which focuses on keeping life energy balanced. When this energy becomes unbalanced and disconnected, you are more likely to become ill. That’s why a tantric massage is so slow and ritualistic – it works to reconnect and re-balance life energy in your body. Sexual arousal is a way of rebuilding this connection.

What Are the Benefits of a Oriental Tantric Massage?


Tension can be held all over the body, but tends to collect in areas that are more susceptible to strain – for example, the shoulders, back and legs. It is also particularly attracted to the sexual areas. When tension builds up in the sexual areas, it becomes more of a problem, because these areas aren’t usually as stimulated during massage therapy as the normal areas. It therefore builds up and up, which eventually results in sexual frustration and that can make people grumpier, crankier and generally more irritable. An oriental tantric massage aims to relieve the body and mind of all of its pent-up stresses, sexual and neutral.


Here are some of the main benefits:


  • Improved sex drive and appetite
  • Relief from intense stress and anxiety
  • Helps insomnia
  • Reduces migraines
  • Stabilises mood
  • Improves mental control and discipline
  • Boosts motivation
  • Improves immune system
  • Decreases risk of cardiovascular disease


How can I get the most out of my tantric massage?


As you can see, a oriental tantric massage offers a range of great benefits. If you want to experience the full spectrum and maintain them for a prolonged period of time, the following habits can help to maximise the afterglow.


  1. Play relaxing music and use aromatherapy


The point here is to create a soothing atmosphere. Because a oriental tantric massage focuses on building sexual arousal and edging along an orgasm, you need to be relaxed in order to engage your mind. Playing relaxing music (think classical instrumentals, chimes and waterfalls, not hip hop), lighting scented candles and using aromatherapy oils will help enhance this atmosphere.


  1. Focus on your breathing


An oriental tantric massage will require some serious mental control. It is extremely slow and will gradually build up your arousal to the very edge of orgasm, and then back off. Then it will repeat. The aim is to edge along an orgasm, so you feel all the pleasure of an orgasm but minus the ejaculation, which is seen as energy loss. In order to successfully do this, you will have to focus on your breathing.


  1. Don’t overthink


Aside from focusing on breathing, one of the main tips for enjoying tantra is to let go. Don’t be afraid to feel aroused. Let your body feel what it wants to feel and when it’s time to orgasm, just let loose.


  1. Stay hydrated after a tantric massage


Every massage, from tantric to Swedish, will speed up the rate at which your bodily systems work at. In general, massages stimulate blood flow so cells receive nutrients and have their waste products removed more quickly. This means cellular function is enhanced, and so the body will need to be re hydrated at a faster rate.


  1. Incorporate an oriental tantric massage into your lifestyle


The benefits of a massage are cumulative, regardless of style. The more often you have a massage, the greater and longer lasting the benefits will be. Pencil a oriental tantric massage into your schedule, make it a solid part of your regimen and watch the benefits become more pronounced every time.


Where Can I Get an Oriental Tantric Massage?


There are many places offering oriental tantric massages, but you can’t always be sure that these places offer genuine tantra experiences or sexual services. At Erotic Massage, we offer a variety of authentic oriental tantric massage and many others, and all of our therapists are fully trained in erotic and tantric therapy. We serve the whole of central and Greater London, and our therapists are available for incall or outcall services from just £120 an hour. Book now!



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how tantric massage can help alleviate migraine

Why Getting A Tantric Massage Can Relieve Your Migraine

A migraine is often categorised as a moderate or severe headache that is felt as a throbbing pain on one side of head. When suffering from a migraine, most people tend to experience the same symptoms: Nausea, vomiting and increased sensitivity to sound or light. Migraines are common, and affect about one in every five women and one in every fifteen men. Although migraines are generally sporadic for most, frequent sufferers can experience them up to several times a week. The main types of migraine are:

Migraine with aura– this is a migraine with warning signs. People tend to see things such as flashing lights before a migraine starts.
Migraine without aura– usually the most common type. This is a migraine that comes on without any warning signs.
Migraine aura without headache– aka the ‘silent migraine’. This is where people experience aura-symptoms but a headache never develops.

how tantric massage can help alleviate migraine
What are the causes?

Although the exact cause of a migraine is unknown, they’re thought to be the result of momentary changes in the chemicals, nerves and blood vessels in the brain. However, like most illnesses, they often have triggers. Some of which include:

– Stress
– Lack of sleep/ tiredness
– Certain foods or drinks
– Periods

How to treat them

There are no cures for migraines, but there are treatments to dull the pain. Most people are prescribed pain killers, however, they aren’t always guaranteed to ease the pain, and even if they do, it is often temporary. So what’s the long term solution? Is there a way to tackle migraines at the core and lessen more episodes?

A Tantric massage should do the trick

If you’ve in the dark when it comes to Tantric massages, let us explain why they might be the solution to your migraines. Tantric massage is a naked, full body massage that is known for being sensual, relaxing and often romantic. Although it does fall into the erotic massage category, Tantric massages do not focus purely on sexual stimulation. A typical session will begin with breathing techniques that allows the masseuse and client to create a bond from the offset. Eventually, this will progress into a full-body, traditional massage which is designed to relieve tension from the muscles in the body and increase blood flow. Once at ease and aroused, the masseuse will slowly introduce sexual play that will push the client into a deeper state of euphoria. This state of tranquillity is spiritual, and allows people to open up and free their minds of negative congestion.

help stress and fatigue with a tantric massageGoodbye stress, hello sleep

We are stressed, we don’t sleep. And when we don’t sleep, we become irritable and stressed. It’s one of life’s vicious cycles that have a close relation to migraines. However, getting a Tantric massage might just be what you need to nip it in the bud. First of all, getting a Tantric massage session could help you discover where the root of your stress stems from- what underlying issue is causing your brain to overwork. Tantric massages help to unearth deep causes of stress, depression and anxiety because of their spiritual nature and practice. Clients are forced to open up their mind and face their problems head on- this is done by accessing the bodies’ chakras (energies). Many practitioners of Tantric massage report feeling emotional after a session because of their exposing yet therapeutic nature. Once the fundamental problem has been identified and discarded, only then can true relaxation be achieved. All of these factors are directly associated to lessened stress and improved sleeping patterns. What’s more, these benefits are not short lived- in fact; they’re long-lasting and easily mimicked at home- talk about getting your money’s worth!

Book in for your session today

Contrary to belief, Tantric massages aren’t sleazy forms of prostitution decorated with a fancy name. They aren’t just about sex, nor or they just about relieving muscle tension- they overlap the two for a more powerful session. So if you’re tired of sitting in dark rooms or eating paracetamol like sweets, why not take a different approach and book in for a Tantric massage? Above all else, they feel great, so what are you waiting for? to see our best tantric massage deals visit here http://erotic-massage.uk/erotic-massage-in-marble-arch/

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how to use tantric massage as a ritual

Lingam & Tantric Massage: The Oldest And Best Erotic Massages

Erotic massage has a long and proud history. Most originate from Asia, typically China or India and are based on theories about energy. They run on the basis that the human body is a vessel of energy. When the ducts carrying the energy become clogged and energy is trapped in a particular area or cannot flow as efficiently, you are more likely to become stressed, suffer from pain or contract an illness. Erotic massage works to release the trapped energies and regular sessions help to prevent this build up.

When you think of erotic massages, do you automatically think of some small, dingy place down some dark, dodgy alley? The kind of place only sleazy old guys visit? Erotic massage is actually a highly misunderstood art and here’s why.

The Lingam as a symbol of creation

The Sanskrit word ‘lingam’ means ‘penis’. Scholars believed that Lord Shiva, a Hindu deity, was a formless being whose symbol was a phallus. Because of this and the fact that the penis is one of the two most important things needed for creation, the Ancient Hindus worshipped the penis. The lingam massage came about as one of the ways to treat the organ with respect.

There are phallic statues built in front of temples in India, and monks pour water over them to represent copulation and ejaculation. Sex is seen as a holy thing because it is one of the few activities where vital energies can be exchanged. A lingam massage works to improve the chance of successful energy exchange.

the lingam massage as a symbol of creation
The lingam massage

A lingam massage is a massage that is designed for male pleasure. It uses massage techniques that are meant to relax the body and stimulate the penis area. A variety of techniques are used to manipulate the penis and surrounding areas, which cause arousal and deep pleasure.

However, a lingam massage isn’t meant solely for pleasure. Lingam therapists use slow, sensual movements to gradually build up tension over a long period of time. They will slowly work you right up to the edge of an orgasm and then slow down just before you finish – repeatedly! This will keep you on that pleasurable edge, which will feel frustrating but extremely gratifying. When you do finally ejaculate, it’ll be extremely intense and a physical representation of all your tensions flooding out of you.

How the massage helps the body

The longer you edge along an orgasm, the more pleasurable it will be and the more self-control you will exercise. This does wonders for your control during sex, so if you find that you suffer from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, a lingam massage will help ease this. You’ll find that your orgasms will become stronger and more satisfying, which makes for a more enjoyable sexual experience for both you and your partner.

Tantra as an ancient ritual

Just like lingam massage, tantric massage was born from an ancient Hindu tradition. Tantra is a type of Indian meditation that focuses on maintaining a constant calm sense of mind and in doing so, expanding your awareness. Tantric massage evolved from this, but instead of just meditating, became associated with manual therapy. This meant that the body was actively stimulated as well as the mind and practitioners found that it was more effective.

Tantra and tantric massage is based on the energy theory as well. They work on the basis that sexual energies are one of the most important of life energies. But instead of releasing it, a tantric massage works to preserve that energy. Ejaculation is seen as wasting this valuable energy, so tantric techniques are used to help the man learn to control his orgasms. Ultimately, he will learn to experience the pleasurable contractions without wasting a single drop of energy.

erotic massage and tantric massage as a ritual


The tantric massage

Tantric massage follows a very rigid ritual and is arguably the slowest type of erotic massage. Like lingam massage, it focuses on slow, prolonged arousal. Typically, tantric sessions begin with a series of breathing exercises and mantra chanting, which helps to bind the masseuse and client’s spirits.

The massage itself is extremely pleasurable and satisfying. Again, it focuses on a slow build-up and you are brought to and kept at the edge of an orgasm for a period of time. It’s all about mind control and feeling your spirit escape to another level of consciousness.

Tantric lingam massage

It is possible to combine the two erotic massages for the ultimate cultivation and preservation of energy. There are tantric influences in lingam massage, particularly the emphasis on sexual control. Tantric practitioners believe that during sex, a phenomenal exchange of cosmic and sexual energies occur. Fusing a lingam massage (or yoni for females) with tantric influences enhances this exchange and overall, makes for better sexual experience and satisfaction.

To book your authentic tantric or lingam massage in Soho, then all you need to do is give us a call or book online using our booking form.

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tantric massage frequently asked questions

Tantric Massage London: FAQ

If you’re reading this article, then the chances are you’re curious about Tantric massages. If you’ve never experienced one before, you’ve probably got a lot of questions that you need clearing up before you fork out the cash. So, rather than spending the next couple of hours reading post after post and still being confused, we have done the hard work for you and answered the questions you need answers for. So here are the most frequently asked questions surrounding Tantric Massages:


offering the best tantric massage in London sessions


What is Tantra?

Although most people have come across the word Tantra, very few are actually aware of its meaning. Tantra literally translates, ‘to weave and to liberate’, because it is known to heal and purify its practitioners. Tantra began when warriors would visit priestesses after battle to be cleansed and nurtured. The touch of the goddesses would heal the warriors and would leave them pure once again. Although Tantra is not a religion, it is a way of life for many, even to this day. Originating in India, and ancient China, Tantra practice is sacred, and if practised correctly, can be enlightening, spiritual and healing.

What is a Tantric massage?

A Tantric massage combines spiritual teaching with special massage techniques. The aim of a Tantric massage is to induce participants into pure, undisturbed relaxation in order to harness the body’s energies. Your entire body will be gently massaged and pleasured over the course of the session, enabling your body’s senses to become heightened.

A Tantric massage incorporates a full body massage with sexual pleasure. Unlike traditional massage styles, you will be coached to breathe properly in order to sink into a deeper state of relaxation. This is a very loving and romantic ceremony where you will feel pampered and nurtured and will leave feeling absolutely content.

How do you prepare for a Tantric Massage?

Preparing for a Tantric massage is incredibly important because it can add to your overall experience. Showering before an erotic massage is a necessity because a Tantric session involves a great deal of body to body contact, therefore hygiene is important. Moreover, oil is much easier to apply and spread on clean skin.

Am I naked?

This all comes down to you ultimately, but your masseuse would always encourage you to be naked. Like with any erotic massage, clothing restricts access to your intimate area’s which hinders the overall Tantric practice.

What parts of my body will be massaged?

Scheduling in for a full body massage is basically what it says on the tin- everything will be touched. This includes your feet, legs, torso, arms, head, shoulders, chest/breasts, buttocks, back and most intimate areas.

The masseuse will usually begin with a Swedish full body massage to relax you, and will then proceed to locate your erogenous areas and stimulate them. This includes locations such as the inner thighs, the perineum and the neck. However, if you feel uncomfortable being touched in a certain area or areas, your masseuse will stop immediately.

Do I have to do anything during the session?

All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Try to focus on your breathing and make a conscious effort to open up your mind and let go. The rest is up to your masseuse.

Where will my session take place?

Nowadays, most London based erotic massage salons offer an outcall service because it’s more flexible for clients. You can choose where your session takes place, whether it’s in your home, a hotel or the office, but there must be plenty of room available. Most people opt for the bed, but please be aware that this can be uncomfortable for people with back problems. If you choose to lie on the floor, just be sure to select a room that is spacious.


tantric massage frequently asked questions


How is Tantric pleasure different to normal pleasure?

Unlike everyday pleasure, Tantra focuses on accessing pleasure across the body, not just in the erogenous areas. The key to experiencing Tantric massage pleasure is by slowly building arousal levels gradually over the course of an hour, by gently touching and stroking the whole body, not just selected areas. The aim of a Tantric massage is not to orgasm, although this is the general outcome for most; it is the journey to that point that counts. Pleasure is more refined, touch is more sensitive and orgasms are more intense. When practised correctly, Tantric pleasure is like nothing you have ever experienced before. It is beyond words.

What happens if I ejaculate?

Ejaculation is encouraged by masseuses as it is the ultimate release. Masseuses are more than familiar with clients reaching climax, so you will not be made to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed in any way.
How long does it last?

That is really up to you- but most masseuse offer 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2 hour slots. It all depends on how much money you are willing to spend or how much time you have.

Are Tantric massages legal?

Yes, paying for an erotic massage is perfectly legal. Paying for a massage or for sex is suitable in the eyes of the law; running a brothel is not.

How much are Tantric massages?

Prices often vary depending on the masseuse, their experience and their client base. However, you generally get what you pay for, so the more you pay, the better it will be and vice versa. On average, a legitimate Tantric massage costs around £120- £200 per hour, but always read reviews before you book in for a session.

Is booking a Tantric massage discrete?

Pretty much all London based erotic massage services are 100% private and discreet and protect client confidentiality. Many businesses refuse to keep any client details on file, and destroy all information relating to their booking after the session has completed. As well as this, most businesses only accept cash in hand (it is also a preferred method of payment by most customers).

Hopefully that’s cleared up a few grey areas for you, but if you have any more questions, be sure to ask when contacting your chosen masseuse. She will be able to explain everything to you and clear any doubts you may have. Here at Erotic Massage we offer a full outcall massage service. So, if you’re looking to experience a tantric massage in kings cross or anywhere in London for that matter, be sure check out our gorgeous choice of Asian masseuses. But for now, enjoy your Tantric experience guys!

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tantric massage is good for your health

Are You Feeling Stressed? Get a Tantric Massage

If you’re reading this and you suffer from depression, you’ll know that it infects you like a deadly parasite. Despite being widely recognised and documented, doctors fail to treat depression effectively, and usually offer quick-fixes rather than long-term solutions. Depression needs to be tackled at the root, so here’s our suggestion. Tantric Massages are holistically healing, and are great for letting off some steam. Unlike traditional styles, Tantric Massages introduce sexual stimulation to increase pleasure and sensation. Experiencing pleasure is healthy for the body and mind, and is actually known to improve various bodily functions. Tantric Massages are modern day medicines, here’s why:

They relieve stress

These days, life for most of us is incredibly hectic and busy, and drowning in stress is a natural side effect. Although small amounts of stress are relatively normal, chronic levels can lead to serious physical and mental health problems. However, this is where Tantric Massages come into the picture. Of all the erotic massages available, Tantric Massages are undoubtedly the most relaxing of them all.

Derived from the ancient art of Tantra, this style of massage is extremely spiritual and focuses on reconnecting the mind, body and soul. Relaxation is the beating heart of Tantra, and in order to reach the maximum pleasure, it must be achieved. Tantric masseuse use gentle, soothing touches to slowly submerge clients into pure relaxation, and by doing so, the mind will clear and empty of negative energies. Reaching this almost euphoric state is, without a doubt, an unprecedented stress release, and is designed to tackle it right at the core.

Many people who have experienced Tantric Massages have reported feeling incredibly emotional for hours or sometimes days afterwards, but for reasons that will surprise you. Stress is often a side-effect of deeper, underlying issues, which is why Tantric massages are designed to unearth the underlying causes. Tantric practice looks to banish negative chakras (energies) in the body and mind by encouraging its participants to release- and we don’t just mean physically.

tantric massages fight stressThey are good for your health

If you haven’t already guessed, Tantric massages are great for your anatomy. A normal session will encourage the production of Oxytocin, a chemical linked directly with happiness and the reduction of stress and anxiety. The positive effects of this are that your breathing will become controlled and blood circulation will improve. This is great for the heart and of course your organs because it will help to lower the levels of cortisol and adrenaline in your system. It’s basically a facial for your insides!

For all of the gentlemen reading, there’s another benefit of Tantric Massages which might spark your interests… One of the main causes on premature ejaculation is actually stress, and often has very little to do with the function of the penis. Tantric massages are practised slowly, meaning arousal levels are increased gradually, and you are taught how to prolong pleasure, rather than rush it. A trained masseuse will use this technique to control your release, encouraging you to actually savour the pleasure, rather than feel pressured to reach an orgasm. If this wasn’t already great enough, this technique can also be practised at home, so say goodbye to erectile dysfunction!

tantric massage is good for your health

They are the solution for you

Exploring my widely known methods of stress release can be beneficial, but for most people, it’s short-lived. Tantric massages are a long-term investment, and will drastically improve your life if practised correctly. Whether you’ve had a stressful few days or can’t remember life without it, a Tantric massage is just what you need. there are many places that now offer tantric massage services all over London. If you’re looking for an affordable tantric massage in Kensington then be sure to check our kensington tantric masseuses who are sure to be able to help you de stress in the best way possible.

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tantric massage healing mandalas

Tantric Massages: The Healing Powers

Although Tantric Massages are known to be a erotic, sexual experiences, they are also renowned for their vast portfolio of healing benefits. The philosophy of Tantra aims to re-acquaint people with their bodies, teach them how to receive pleasure and most importantly, relax both physically and mentally. Unlike traditional massages, the Tantric does involve massages in intimate areas; however, they are also far more sensual and spiritual. Despite its sexual nature, the aim of a Tantric Massage is not to bring sexual gratification; it is the journey to that point which is important.

Although reaching orgasm is both accepted and welcomed, the aim of this massage is to eliminate any personal insecurities surrounding intimate pleasure. Apart from immediate benefits such as improved circulation and stress reduction, a traditional massage does not typically achieve anything beyond physical relaxation, meaning long lasting benefits are unlikely. The Tantric Massage is founded on a spiritual foundation; its sessions including body worship, Tantric rituals, breathing exercises and bathing.


tantric healing powers of mandala


As well as its individual healing powers, the Tantric Massage can also be experienced by couples who are searching for a more intimate and sensual sex life. The sessions teach couples how to perform messages on one another whilst learning how to integrate it in foreplay and sex. This massage enables couples to relax together and share in sensuality, but more importantly, it encourages emotional connection. Alternatively, these sessions are known to be extremely healing for men and women who suffer from mental, sexual disorders, because they encourage self-worth. The cathartic nature of a Tantric Massage allows people to open up about feelings, release negative energies and eventually heal. Although men are traditionally more reserved and reluctant to participate in something so intimate with a stranger, learning to relax and receive pleasure can have life changing benefits.


tantric massage healing


The many forms of Tantric Massage can centre on female and male, female on female and of course couples of any inclination. The physical dynamics of the massage differ from Western (Swedish) styles, which tend to be more intense and focus entirely on working the muscles. On the contrary, a Tantric Massage is gentle, tender and soothing, and looks to open up the mind and soul of the receiver rather than just relieve physical discomfort. One of the central principles of a Tantric Massage is the healing power of the Chakras. These concepts, which are said to be the seven centres of life, promote an enhanced state of awareness, wholeness and wellbeing.



According to most authors, Tantrism has been practiced for more than 5000 years because of its links to religion and spirituality. Tantric Massages focus on several principles, all of which concentrate on mental cleansing and self- esteem. Whether you believe in these principles or not, the restorative and healing powers of a Tantric Massage are irrefutable. A Tantric Massage can of course improve your sex life, but it’s the long-term, benefits that differentiate it from other styles.

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The health benefits of tantric massage

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Tantric Massage

What if I were to tell you that tantric massage can have amazing health benefits? Tantric massage therapy isn’t a new craze or sudden trend, in fact, it has been around for many thousands of years in both eastern and western cultures to help revitalise the body and mind. Many of the different massage techniques can have their roots traced back hundreds if not thousands of years, many of these cultures used these massage therapies to help relieve the body and mind from the physical and mental strain.

There are many different types of massage which all aim to eliminate and minimise these type of problem. Whether you have an aching back from working all day or just feel tired from everyday stress then there is a type of massage for you, which will not help you recover from the effects but also leaving you much more content and feeling generally happier.

As will all therapies there can be numerous health benefits to be gained from undergoing a tantric massage and the experience can often leave many speechless as the power of bodywork is undeniable. Yet despite this, there are still many misconceptions about the benefits of such a massage and it’s overall effects on health and spiritual well-being.


10 amazing health benefits of tantric massage


Usually, the main positive health effects a massage can have is the reduction of stress, muscle tension and aches and pains. However, there are numerous claims that a tantric massage can also help to alleviate the symptoms and effects of other chronic illnesses and conditions.

The top 10 amazing health benefits of tantric massage


1 Help relieve aches and pains.

Many people today have extremely busy lifestyles and as such often suffer from aches and pains,this could be because of a hard physical job or maybe even an injury. A relaxing tantric massage can be a great way to help reduce those lingering aches.

2 Helps you to relax.

What could be a better way to relax than to treat your body and mind to the sensual experience of a massage? Forget just relaxing those muscles a tantric massage will truly relax your whole body and mind while every inch of your body is cared for by your masseuse.

3 Relieves stress.

Many experts believe that the number one cause of poor health in modern society is that of stress, and it’s negative long-term effects not just on the mind but also the physical body. Because of this, it is vital to take care of your overall health and well-being, and a massage can be a great complementary medicine to achieve this.

4 Improved Sexual drive.

Because tantric is a very sensual concept in itself, that through the use of  subtle and soft touches to the skin. that it can help increase sexual energy and drive in both men and women. This can also help develop intimacy between partners which may have otherwise been lost.

5 Self Awareness and Awakening.

Tantric massages are not merely for those who suffer from painful conditions. But also be used by those wishing to discover themselves in a deeper meaningful way either spiritually or sexually as you submit to all control to another person.

6 Increased Blood Circulation.

Because a massage helps combat your stress levels and helps you to fully immerse yourself in the experience and relax. This can I have a positive impact on your blood circulation and can often help with blood pressures problems as a result.

7 Help to Improve Sleep.

Another overlooked health benefit of a tantric massage is that of helping to improve your sleep. As you go about your day and stress builds up this causes things to play on your mind when all you really want to do is sleep. massages can be a great way to help solve the problem of poor sleep.

8 Control Impulses.

Believe it or not but tantric massages make use of various breathing techniques. Once you have mastered the control of these breathing techniques not only will they help enhance your experience but they can also be used to help you control your body naturally.

9 Sex Education.

Sexual education in modern western culture is often found to be lacking, and not detailed enough to help prepare us for the intimate and sensual experience of being intimate with one’s partner. massage is a good way to explore and truly discover what it is you desire.

10 Improved and stronger orgasms.

Massages are a very sensual experience and make use gentle touches this combined with the breathing techniques can help men overcome erectile dysfunction.  Although the main goal of a tantric massage is not to orgasm this can often be a welcomed side effect and enhanced by the techniques used throughout the massage.

So there you have it folks 10 amazing health benefits of tantric massage, that you may have not previously known about. So if you have been thinking of a new way to get healthier or relax, then the next time your in London get yourself a tantric massage.

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tantric massage the tantric way

Tantric Massage – The Tantra Way!

Tantra or Tantric massage will lead you into ambience, your thoughts and worries disappear, time dissolves. You will enter into a state of complete oblivion. Here you will have an opportunity to deepen & surrender into pleasure and bliss, you will connect with your deepest, innermost, essential, divine, authentic self. Closing the gates to the rest of the world behind you, you are welcomed by a vision of beauty. Her seductive eyes and elegantly sensual demeanour welcome you. You enter your Sacred Space, you feel calm and serenity surround you, your entire soul will feel the touch of sensuality.

Tantric massage predates most and is intensely erotic, ensuring to sooth every muscle and nerve in your life, then guiding your mind and body to increased pleasure. Using a combination of traditional deep tissue massage, Thai, Swedish, Reiko, Head massage, and Tantra massage. You will feel the ancient spiritual arts of sacred connection to yourself and others. Using deep and intentional breathing, visual and mental imagery and movement. A mental and physical connection is created, together you open and activate the Chakras, by moving sexual energy and bringing you to the path of true passion.


tantric massage the tantric way


Your entire body, head to toe will relinquish to the touch and caresses of your beautiful therapist. Feel the warmth of her naked body, her delicate soft skin, her deep hypnotic gaze captivating you in the most sensuous manner, while losing yourself to the most pleasurable, loving, nurturing, healing, seductive touch, through Tantra massage.

A prostate massage will also be offered to discover the male G-spot, as well as ejaculatory control, Multi-orgasmic response (MOR), energy orgasm, full-body orgasm & expanded orgasm techniques.

The Lingam massage is never rushed. Your therapist will tenderly focus her hands and body on the energy of your Lingam, arouse and control just before ejaculation becomes inevitable. This repeated “peaking” process will help you with premature ejaculation and also teach you to have multiple mind and body orgasms without ejaculating. The delay method for ejaculation during our tantric massage in London sessions is a desirable feeling of prolonged pleasure. Many do like to end the session with a Lingam massage, enabling you to release all your sexual energy through a full body orgasmic release. It is here you will not only explore your sacred spot, but you will find your Sacred Space. It is here your Chakras will be aligned, and your life balanced.

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what are the principles of tantra

What is Tantric Massage and the Elements Behind It?

If you’re reading this, then chances are you already know there are several different types of massage available in central London, and you’re probably a little curious as to what a tantric massage is and what makes it different from other kinds of massage on offer in London.

What is Tantric massage or Tantra?

By this point, you’ll know that massages are performed for relaxation, but tantric uses sexual energy to help the receiver reach a higher level of arousal and consciousness. In some ways, it’s similar to sensual and erotic massages, because they all focus on the goal of inducing orgasm. The relaxation that follows is said to be similar to the release of tension felt after sexual intercourse, but with sexually stimulating massages like tantric, the feeling of arousal is extended until the client is completely satisfied, which will produce full-body relaxation.

But while sensual uses methods that help the client reach orgasm and erotic manipulates the sexual body parts, tantric is less about foreplay and more about dramatising the sexual act as though it were a theatrical play.

Background history of tantra

The word ‘tantra’, which originates from the Sanskrit root word ‘tan’, means to expand or show. Tantric massages originate from ancient India, and aims to smooth out any blocked energy in the body and awaken the Kundalini –a mythological energy that exists at the base of the spine. When this energy is awoken, it spreads throughout the spine and encourages healing. The only way to have this happen is to massage virtually every part of the body – it is a complete body massage, after all.

But, tantric massages are more than just massaging your you-know-what, so before you go dashing off to your local massage parlour, keep reading! The massages that are often depicted in films – usually in some shady parlour in Thailand with dodgy lighting – are not real tantric massages.

For starters, unlike these cinematic massage parlours, a Tantric massage takes much longer than five minutes. Such massages can also use elements, such as aroma and sound therapy in the process as well.



The importance of good technique

As with many sensual and erotic massages, tantric has a certain stigma attached to it, but the practice is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among women. Surprisingly, women have no objections to being touched, so perhaps it’s time to brush up your techniques and study up on the art of tantra and tantric massage.

When it comes to receiving a tantric massage, the key is to relax in order to fully enjoy it, but there are many different aspects of a tantric massage. This is why the art’s becoming so popular – many people book one for different purposes and everyone leaves feeling satisfied. This is because there are many different essential elements to a tantric massage, and all bring about different benefits to the person receiving the massage. Some of the important elements of a massage are surrender, recognition, breathe and acceptance.


The element of surrender is where the recipient of the tantric massage should surrender to the pleasure. Allowing yourself to switch off and confidently have fun is an essential part of life. For many people, work and relationships can take their toll, and this can have an impact on your psychological and mental health. There is a genuine need to let go in order to be challenged to reach their full potential. Although it’s easier said than done, the benefits of switching off and letting go can be obtained in everyday life if you take the time to relax and make the most of the opportunities that come along. Surrendering yourself is a lot to do with self-appreciation too – realise the good in what you have and never forget the finer things in life. Just take a chance!


Recognition is not just recognising that your life can be less stressful, but also noticing every move and detail during the massage process. One of the focuses of tantra is to ensure that energy stored in the body is spread throughout. It should also benefit the psychological state of mind as well as have a physical impact on your body. Being aware of yourself, your surroundings and the process of tantric massage plays a major role. Ideally, you should feel relaxed enough to switch off – drift, if you will – but you should still be very much aware of everything that’s happening.


Breathing is important and obviously plays a vital role in life, but it is also essential to focus on your breathing when receiving a tantric massage. When we breathe, we nourish our bodies and take control of this universal energy that we, as humans, need. By taking deeper breaths, you can allow yourself to switch off, and if you can manage to sync your breathing with the masseuse, you will make an even deeper connection, which then produces a more pleasurable way to communicate through the art of massage.

Acceptance is said to be at the heart of everything good and positive in life, and in some ways, this is also true in a tantric massage. Accepting that things happen for a reason and learning to let go of bad memories is a fantastic way to mentally align yourself. You should find peace and enlightenment as well as relaxation from this form of massage, so if you ever get the chance to receive a tantric massage in Kings cross, then be sure to book yourself in for one!

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Tantric massage

Tantric massage benefits

Have you ever wondered if tantric massage benefits us in any way shape or form?

Every single massage that is practised from east to west and north to south has its wide and varied benefits.  Whether it is the traditional Swedish massage or the Thai massage, there is something replenishing, refining and redefining about the various massage techniques that are employed. As for the tantric massage, its core benefit is located within the name, ‘tantra’.

That mystical word that leaves so many westerners baffled isn’t so baffling to an easterner. This is because of the east’s rich heritage of spirituality and sacredness that seeps through every facet of life. In essence, ‘tantra’ is the understanding and right to connect to the divine, to be part of a cosmic energy and at one with the universal flow. It isn’t entirely erotic or sensual. It is more than foreplay and sex.

It is the combination of exoteric and esoteric, a sacrilegious ceremonial exercise that has to be respected and respectfully given.  What does that mean? To put simply, it is a massage that is designed to awaken and enhance the real you. Through the channelling of sexual energy and through the realisation of its power, a human being can become more refined, more confident and positive.

Therefore, through various tantric massage techniques coupled with mindfulness and breathing, the entire persona of a human being elevates and ascends to a height that is not achieved merely through conventional massage.


Tantric massage benefits
Typical tantric mandala as used in tantric practices




Firstly, the use of appropriate music that penetrates the soul and excites the inner being has to be employed in order to enhance and relax the mood. Music, in itself, is powerful and can create a range of emotions from sadness to anger and so, gentle sounds need to be coupled with dim red lighting. The modern mind is still trying to grasp the idea of how colour can impact on mood but it is through the ancient text of tantric practices, we come to understand how ‘colour therapy’ can produce exceptional results. That is why a soft tone of red has often been associated with sexual activity and this is a very intriguing element of the human disposition.  Also, the use of soft fragrances that brush against the gentle air add to the serene tantra which encourages a cultivation of sexual energy that is geared towards longevity and not immediate gratification.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to the tantric massage is that it forces couples to go against everything they have been accustomed to when it comes to sex. The notion of foreplay changes because now, the massage becomes the foreplay. It is no exaggeration, therefore, to say that many a couple would begin their sexual encounter with a tantric massage which would eventually transition onto tantric sex. The lessons that are learned in the tantric massage are the keys to successful intercourse. The ability to channel sexual energy and passion in a fruitful way means that a man can last for hours without feeling strained.

Therefore, to enhance the sexual capacity, tantric massage does wonders. In today’s time of rush and mania, many of us have forgotten the ancient technique of mindfulness and it is through this many a problem like premature ejaculation can be treated.

So, what are its steps?

With the use of oils, such as jasmine, deep tissue relaxation techniques are implemented that involves concentrated pressing motions on specific areas in order to loosen the tissue thereby improving mobility and blood flow. This quite often comes with the ‘untying of knots’ which typically focuses on the back and shoulders and with the subsequent relaxation coupled with the erotic aroma of the oil, a heightened libido is achieved.

Then it is the second phase – erogenous zones.

Gentle and light pressure is applied and rhythmic movements are put in action whilst the receiver is encouraged to breathe in unison to the rubbing of the sexual organ. Whether it is the penis or the vagina, gentle strokes are applied to create that deep sexual yearning.

After that? Tantric sex!

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Why tantric matters

Why Tantric Massage Matters

Why tantric massage matters? well quite easy really have you been searching high and low for a great tantric massage in London but struggling?…… Then look no further because we offer the best tantric massages in London. We have a great team of fully trained dedicated exotic masseuses who are not only beautiful but also empathetic and very caring and strive to give you the best tantric massage in London ever! So if you have been looking for a great tantric massage experience then you’re in for a treat as we not only cover anywhere in central London but also Gatwick and Heathrow airports, making your search for the best a whole lot easier and more convenient.

Our tantric massage masseuses are well qualified and take an active interest in therapeutic massage therapy, contrary to people’s popular notion that they give some sort of sexual extra’s which we do not! We are not a sex shop nor an escort site. This means you will be looked after by someone who is fully aware of the benefits of therapeutic massage therapy. For instance, in the UK the weather can be extremely cold and damp during certain parts of the year and this can have an impact on our health stiffening of the muscles and cold aching bones, also in sports injuries where muscles become tight and require loosening up afterwards. Massage has many health benefits to be gained from using it. By treating such problems with massage it helps the body and muscles relax improves our physical performance and helps our blood circulation which helps to remove toxins from our blood and body having a positive impact on our overall health.



Why tantric matters

Using tantric massage regularly as a treatment is a good idea and can be used as a sort of body tonic which also helps tone up the muscles and helps feel more flexible and supple. You’re an active and outgoing person who enjoys a lot of sport or exercise than using massage as a tonic will have a significant impact on your well being, it will your body fight of stiffening muscles, arthritis of the joints in your bones which is becoming more and more of a problem as we age and grow older. To compound the problem further as a nation we have not been helping by eating unhealthy foods which have had a detrimental effect on our health. By eating less fresh fruit and vegetables we are neglecting our bodies of much-needed vitamins and minerals which our muscles and bones rely on to remain strong and healthy and this is why tantric massage matters because it can be so rewarding.

People fail to realise the importance of this and the effect it has on ourselves. As the body becomes more malnourished and starved of proper nutrients it makes people hungrier which leads them straight back eating unhealthy foods and further adding to the risk of future health problems such as diabetes, angina, high cholesterol, High blood pressure and even heart disease. This circle can often be very hard to break. It very important to avoid fatty high cholesterol foods in order to prevent serious health problems such as strokes and arterial blockages. Manufacturers have become very clever in hiding unhealthy things in our foods that taste good making us crave them further adding to the problem.

Another cause of longer-term health problems is smoking and the effects this can have the body too, for instance, massage can be a great way to help males overcomes erectile dysfunction. However more often than not simply reducing the number of cigarettes one smokes can help improve things as again smoking reduces our bodies blood flow and the amount of oxygen in our blood. It has also been proven to cause heart disease and heart attacks.

These two issues are major contributors to our increasing poor health. Yet by taking simple measures in our daily lives such as making sure we eat plenty of healthy nutritional foods, exercising regularly, reducing bad habits like smoking and being sure to treat our bodies to a great massage, are the best precautions we can take to avoid problems like these from developing in the future and to make sure we remain in good health and fighting fit and again another fabulous reason as to why tantric massage matters.

So once you are eating healthy and exercising regularly make sure you then come to Erotic Massage UK for your amazing tantric massage experience.

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the origins of tantra, tantric mandala,

The Origins of Tantra

Tantra is an ancient Indian tradition of ritualistic practices that date back to roughly around the 5th century.  The belief centres around the god Vishnu and goddess Shiva, and has very strong ties in Buddhism and Hinduism.

The oldest Tantras date back to around 550CE when the house of the Gupta’s fell. It was then during the later 6th and 7th centuries did they become more widespread and popular. The teachings of Tantra do not distinguish between both the physical and spiritual parts of the body, and as such believe that both are intrinsically connected and should, therefore, be nurtured together to help one become more self-aware with their self.

The main goal of Tantra is to use the energy throughout the universe and body known as (Prana) to reach and achieve one’s goals, either physically, spiritually or materialistically.  The Tantra practitioner uses bodywork to help move trapped energy called Kundalini from the spine where it is believed to be at rest. By awakening this energy from its rest it is believed that it radiates it’s healing power throughout the body as it spreads. Which results in an awakening of the body and mind.

In the origins of tantra, the body in all its functions spiritual, sexual and the human mind are one. And that by looking after these aspects we can attain enlightenment.Tantra also uses breathing techniques to help aid in the spiritual process. It is believed that by controlling our breathing in this way we are able to move this energy freely around our body which can help to enhance the experience and thus connect with our inner-self more consciously. It is through this process of harnessing our inner energy and sexual power that we have a deeper understanding of ourselves. Once we are able to achieve this we are then able to recognise this energy in other people and this is said to be able to have a profound lasting effect on our relationships with other human beings in a more connected way. Not only this but by mastering these breathing techniques we are also able to exert more control over our body and thus control and resist impulses much better and easier.


the origins of tantra, tantric mandala,


Tantric Mandala

The origins of tantra is many thousands of years old and Tantras are often passed down verbally from teacher to student. However, because Tantra is mainly focussed around rituals rather than a single coherent belief it is much harder to all the varying different Tantric practices.

Tantra as a whole makes use of many different techniques and these are known in Indian as (Sadhana) and are used to help the practitioner in their meditation and in achieving spiritual power and harmony, some of these practices include the following

Dakshina – a gift to one’s teacher.

Diksha – Initiation ritual which can include Shaktipat.

Yoga – Including both breathing techniques (pranayama) and posture techniques called (asana).

Mudras – These are hand gestures used.

Mantra – The reciting of words and phrases.

Mandalas – Spiritual and ritualistic symbols used to represent the universe made using Yantras.

Yantras – Symbolic diagrams of the universe’s forces at work.

Ritual Purification – This is usually of one’s body or Idols.

Yatra – Pilgrimages and processions to temples and hold places.


Tantra has no doctrine and is defined as a style of spiritual practice. Since the origins of tantra have diversified and all developed a variety of teachings with the religions adopting the Tantric method. The practices are mostly orientated around those who embrace the world in all its glory rather than deny it. Taking up the principles of Tantra can have a profound and lasting effect on one’s life and the people in it.  If this have tickled your fancy and you’d like more information on tantra you can visit our page London tantric massage or give us a call on 0777 436 8281.



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The difference between erotic and tantric massage

The Differences Between Erotic and Tantric Massages

The differences between erotic and tantric massage can often be a bit blurry but one thing is clear. That a nice soothing massage can be one of the best ways to relax after a hard days work or looking after the kids, And for many can often be a very enlightening experience. A well-performed massage can help relax your entire body but not only that it can also release your body from built up tension and to alleviate any aches or pains you may be suffering.

There are many various forms of Tantra techniques as some derive from the Hindu teachings of Tantra but some also stem from Taoist tradition in an effort to connect the various elements together using some more modern techniques such as a Swedish massage. Tantric massages although similar in physical approach to erotic massages differ in the fact that they are focused much more on a physical and deeper understanding of the body, mind, and sexuality of a being.



The difference between erotic and tantric massage


So What’s the difference between erotic and tantric massage?

Well, when it comes to the differences between erotic and tantric massage many people are often confused at to what each entails, and as a result, the general public can be quite misinformed about them. It’s a question that is asked quite often and as such, I’ll try to explain exactly the differences between the two helping you to make a more informed decision when you receive your next massage.

Tantric Massages

Are primarily based on the ancient Hindu belief of Tantra. in which the body has several area’s or zones called chakras that correspond to different elements of our lives. On the lower end of the spectrum is our sexuality and the end opposite is our spirituality. There are 7 chakras in total which relate to parts of our lives and are in order as follows.




Consciousness/Breath with Sound.

Eye Gazing/Integration.


The principles behind tantra teach that by aligning these chakras that our true sexuality can be unlocked and can be connected to the spiritual side of a person. This is achieved through a combination of senses such as touch,sight, and sound. When receiving a tantric massage the masseuse or masseur will take their time to make sure that every inch of your body is cared for by slowly easing you into the experience and helping you to relax.

By combining the massage oils with the tantra and breathing techniques will help bring the receiver more in-tune with their consciousness and inner self. Tantric massages are often a tender and awakening experience with the ability to help the whole body reach orgasm. It is only by fully submitting one’s self to another’s full control that we as humans can fully understand the truly rejuvenating journey of self-discovery.

Erotic Massages

Erotic massages are very similar in physical appearance to a tantric massage, however, the main exception here is that erotic massages are not trying to connect to a more meaningful and deeper understanding of the sub consciousness. Erotic massages are more aimed towards achieving or enhancing sexual arousal. Therefore the areas of focus for an erotic massage are usually the male or female genital areas.

Erotic massages can have health benefits for both men and women. For men, an erotic massage can help with problems that they may otherwise be embarrassed about such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and even loss of sexual drive and libido. And the same can also be said for women who feel uncomfortable naked in front of their partners or struggle to reach an orgasm with their partner or loved one.

There are many benefits for those wishing to seek an erotic massage which as stated can raise your sex drive, increase strength in orgasms and also increase sexual stamina. Both men and women have noticed improvements in their sexual health and well-being.


So if you’d like to experience a thrilling and sensually awakening erotic massage in London or possibly even a tantric massage, then be sure to book in with one of our stunning Asian masseuse now to avoid disappointment.





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