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Getting a nuru massage in London

The Rookie Guide to Getting An Authentic Nuru Massage in London

Getting a nuru massage in London, is one of the most sensual and satisfying Asian massages you can experience. It’s no wonder that they are also one of the most popular choices in salons and parlours. This exotic Japanese massage is taking the web by storm and more and more people are enquiring into getting one. Because of its sexual nature, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding it and many agencies in London are disguising sexual services as genuine nuru massages. In truth, a nuru massage is an art and desperately tricky to perform, so only trained therapists can provide the authentic service.


But where can you find a genuine nuru massage in London? We’ve put together a guide to help you find a real nuru masseuse. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or a massage veteran!


What is a Japanese nuru massage?


Nuru massage is an ancient art that originated from Japan. ‘Nuru’ is the Japanese word for slippery, which reflects the style of the massage. In addition to using her hands, a nuru masseuse uses her body to massage the client, incorporating a variety of slides, rubs and gyrations of her body. Now, what makes a nuru massage truly unique from other body to body massages is the gel. Nuru massage uses a specific gel, which is extremely slippery and allows the masseuse to slide her naked body sensually along the client’s body.


The whole experience is incredibly revitalising and probably one of the most sexually arousing and pleasurable of all tantric massages. The masseuse uses her curves and soft skin to slip and slide the client into a pleasurable paradise and eventually, a very happy ending.



What is a nuru gel?


Nuru gel is a special type of massage gel that’s primarily made from the Nori seaweed. The seaweed, which is edible, is found on the coasts of Japan. It is clear, odourless, doesn’t stain and is very viscous. Masseuses mix the gel with warm water to dilute it and make it easier to spread across skin. It’s extremely slippery, making it the perfect lubricant for a nuru massage.


Because nuru gel is made from seaweed which has soaked in nutrients from the ocean, it’s extremely beneficial for the skin. The gel also contains other botanicals like Aloe Vera and grapefruit extract, which are also great for the skin.

Get the best nuru massage in London

How is a nuru massage performed?


Traditionally, a nuru massage is performed on an air mattress covered in a protective plastic sheet. Nuru massage gel doesn’t stain, but it does tend to spread and get everywhere so covering your bedding with a protective sheet makes cleaning up much easier. The main point of this full body sensual massage is to have the masseuse stroke and slide you into a state of intense arousal and muscular relaxation.


A nuru massage usually begins with a hot shower, shared between the masseuse and the client. This prepares the skin for the gel, relaxes the muscles and helps emotional bonds to form between the masseuse and client. After the shower, the masseuse will mix the gel with warm water to dilute it. When she’s reached the desired consistency, she will begin to pour and slather her body in nuru gel. This is a very exciting thing to watch. Once her body is slippery, she will cover your body in the gel, making sure to slowly and sensually slide her hands over your most sensitive areas. Then, she’ll climb on top of you and begin to press, stroke and grind her body and all of her curves against you. It will feel incredibly arousing and mind-blowingly pleasurable.


What are the benefits of getting a nuru massage in London?


  • Promotes a stable and positive state of mind
  • Fights depression and combats insomnia
  • Relieves chronic stress and anxiety
  • Reduces the appearance of scars, stretch marks and cellulite
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Boosts immune system
  • Combats sexual problems e.g. premature ejaculation, loss of sex drive, inability to orgasm etc
  • Very pleasurable and satisfying release of tension


Where can I get an authentic nuru massage in London?


Now that you know the basics of a nuru massage, you might be wondering where to get it in London. There are many places in London that offer nuru massage, but there are many agencies offering sexual services disguised as tantric nuru sessions. Nuru massage must be performed by a professionally trained therapist who is skilled in tantra and uses authentic Japanese nuru massage gel, not cheap, low quality alternatives. Be wary before you part with your money!


On a lighter note, we offer some of the best nuru massages in London, using the most highly skilled nuru masseuses to be found. We have a range of genuine Asian nuru masseuses who are trained in tantra and are stunning. We are proud to be one of the few authentic providers of tantra, nuru and erotic Asian massages. Whether you’re after an incall or an outcall hotel nuru massage in London, we’re here for you. Furthermore if you do decide to opt for this highly seductive and sensual nuru massage be sure to read our post on what to do after receiving your nuru massage, now go forth and enjoy!

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what to do after a nuru massage

What To Do After A Nuru Massage

If you’re interested in getting a naughty Nuru massage, there are a couple of things you need to know before sliding onto that Nuru mat. Nuru’s aren’t a walk in the park- in fact, they’re very demanding on the body, which is its crucial to take specific steps both before and after a session. The positivists of a Nuru are often long lasting, but this is only possible when clients follow strict instructions. If you want to get your money’s worth, here’s what you need to do after your Nuru massage:

Have a snack!

Feeling a little peckish after your morning workout? That’s normal, most people do. But you’ll feel the exact same way after your Nuru, believe it or not. Nuru massages speed up your bodily functions, one of which happens to be the digestive system. Most people find that after any type of massage, they feel light heated and sick, and the main reason for this is because their body requires an energy boost. But it’s a great excuse to have a post-massage snack! Then again, don’t try and get around this by having a large meal before you session is due to start- you’ll regret it, seriously. Having a gorgeous masseuse slide and grind all over you is incredible, but not with a belly full of food. Have a light snack beforehand and then do the same after your session- it’s definitely worth trying.

after a nuru massage

Drink plenty of water

So, your massage is over and you’re feeling crazy relaxed. You’ll probably want to pick up a latte from Starbucks, read a newspaper and then head out for the day. But that’s literally the worst thing you could do! Experiencing a Nuru massage will have the same effect on your body as a workout would in terms of water loss, so re-hydrating your body is extremely important. Stimulating the muscles increases circulation of the lymphatic system and blood, but to do so, the blood needs a regular supply of water to carry oxygen around the body. The lymphatic system is responsible for ridding the body of toxins, so when it’s starved of water, it becomes lethargic and ineffective. This is what leads to a build-up of toxins, aches, pains and fatigue. Commonly, people use the toilet more frequently after a Nuru massage because the lymphatic system is banishing toxins through urine. This is normal, but the water must be replaced! So basically, if you’re not a regular water drinker but you’re getting a Nuru, you better pick up a Volvic on your way!

Welcome your emotions

If you’ve ever experienced a Nuru massage before, you’ll know that it’s like taking a trip to emotion-lane. The body and mind are connected, so when your body relaxes, so does your mind. Ever heard the saying, ‘opening of the floodgates’? Well, for a lot of people who’ve experienced Nuru massages before, this term happens to be very accurate. Whilst you’ll probably feel energised, elated and peaceful, you might find yourself filling up with tears as well. Stress is an incredibly powerful thing, and can impact us in more ways than we could ever being to understand. Stress, emotions and hormones all manifest themselves in our bodies, so when they mind is free, so are these feelings. But it’s important to remember that as well as being completely normal, emotional releases are actually really good for you, and this is exactly why Nuru massages are renowned for having long-lasting benefits.  Not only are they insanely pleasurable, but they’re also therapeutic, and might be just what you need- even if you don’t know it yet!

be sure to welcome your emotions after a nuru massage in london

Watch your body’s reaction

We’ve touched on this a little bit already, but massages are full body workouts, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Most people find that their muscles are a little sore after a Nuru massage, and that’s because they’ve been stretched, kneaded and exercised. When muscles get overly tight for long periods of time, it restricts the blood vessels in that particular area, preventing toxins from being flushed out of the system. When the muscles are massaged and relax, releasing tension can leave you feeling tender (just like after a workout), but it normally eases off after a day. In some cases, however, soreness can last a couple of days, and this is usually as a result of the masseuse pushing your body too far. If this is the case, vocalise this to your masseuse for your next session so that she is able to tailor the massage to one that is more suited to your limits. Similarly, if you’ve never had a massage before or haven’t had one for a while, signing up for a couple of sessions, rather than one sporadic appointment is often more effective for the body as a whole. If you are sore, it’s probably because you had more tension in your muscles to be released; therefore each session will be less uncomfortable. Several sessions with the same masseuse will give you the best results- but more importantly, it’s a great excuse to go back for more!

Sound Like Fun to You? 

If that sounds like a piece of cake to you, then what else are you waiting for? to indulge in your own amazing and sultry outcall nuru massage in Mayfair. Then all you need to do is either pick up the phone and give us a call or book online using our form, and we’ll bring this once in a lifetime nuru massage experience to you.


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Japanese soaplands of yoshiwara

The Japanese Soaplands: The Incredible History Of The Nuru Massage

Japan has a rich and glorious history. It’s the country that’s known for being one step ahead of technology and embracing the mantra that necessity is the mother of invention. Japan is a country that doesn’t believe in the word “can’t”, only “won’t”, because where there’s a will, there’s a way. You only have to turn to Google to find the craziest inventions that have come out of this country.

If there’s anything that shows off Japan’s will to survive is the birth of the Soaplands and nuru massage. Centuries ago, prostitution was legal and it was alive and thriving. The red light districts would pull in hundreds of overworked businesspeople and stressed out husbands a night. East Asia was particularly notorious for their skill and expertise in providing sexual pleasure. When laws changed in 1954 and prostitution became illegal, it didn’t faze the adult industry at all. Sex workers adapted by selling erotic body massages instead, sensually bathing clients with soap instead of intercourse – which is where the name ‘Soaplands’ came from.

Yoshiwara: Japan’s most notorious district

Japan’s red light district seems like a normal district during the day – bustling and energetic, if a little unassuming. But it comes to life at night. Yoshiwara, for example, was once one of Japan’s most infamous red light districts and it was been associated with sex since 1617. Yoshiwara, which is located in Tokyo (formerly Edo), was home to over 9,000 women in the late 19th century. Many of the girls had been sold to brothels by their families between the ages of seven and 12. The lucky ones became apprentices to high ranking courtesans, who trained them in the art of pleasuring men. After their training, they’d work their way up the ranks.

old prostitutes of Japan Yoshiwara girls
Courtesans typically consisted of the following ranks:

Yujo (prostitutes)
Kamuro (novices/young students)
Shinzo (senior students)
Hashi-joro (lowest ranking of courtesan)
Koshi-juro (middle ranking of courtesan)
Tayu (high ranking courtesan)
Oiran (courtesans who provided pleasure. Like Yujo but were trained in courtesan arts and entertainment)
Yarite (older chaperones for oiran)
Yobidashi (replaced the tayu when they were priced out of the market)

There were also geishas and maikos (apprentice geisha), but unlike courtesans, geisha were not supposed to be sexually involved with the clients (although there were exceptions).

The women often held a contract with their brothel for up to ten years, but debts (the cost of their training, their living and health costs and how much it cost to acquire them from their family) might keep them there for their entire life. The only ways to escape Yoshiwara were for a rich man to buy her contract and keep her as his wife or mistress, or the woman to become so successful, she became financially independent. The latter was rare and many girls died of STDs or failed abortions before reaching the end of their contracts. Many came from poor families and could not afford a proper burial, so their bodies were left at the Jokan-ji Temple. There’s a memorial there today, dedicated to these anonymous girls.

Today, Yoshiwara looks like any other district in Tokyo since the police cracked down on the prostitution. However, there are still remnants of sex establishments and Soaplands – if you know where to look.

geisha's performing Gion Kouta

Nuru massage: Japan’s worst kept secret

The Soaplands were originally called Toruko-buro, meaning Turkish bath until a Turkish scholar led a campaign in 1984 protesting against this name and ‘Soapland’ won a nationwide renaming contest.

Since sexual intercourse for money was banned, brothels sold different types of sensual body massages instead. The main clientele were men, although there are some that catered to women. The services ranged from simple baths where the women bathed the men to body to body massages.

Nuru massages and their cousin, the soapy massage, were born within this era. They are a special form of erotic massage where the masseuse uses her entire body to slide and press against the client’s as an alternative way of massaging. A specific gel that’s made from Nori seaweed is used, which is extremely slippery so allows for maximum slide. Because of its nature, nuru massages are often performed naked or semi-naked. Some men have even described it to be better than sex, because of the sensual full body contact.

After WWII, Japanese culture began spreading around the world and Japan began to rise in name. People started to flock to the country for business and pleasure. Westerners had a chance to experience this unique erotic massage that was, back then, specific to Japan.

the best japanese nuru massage in London

It wasn’t until the digital era when the power of the Internet took off that nuru massage became a worldwide sensation. Adult websites became incredibly easy to access – you just needed electricity, internet connection and a device to watch it on. Nuru massages quickly became a popular search term for these pornographic sites and suddenly, Asian erotic massages could be watched by millions of people all over the world. Unsurprisingly, their popularity boomed (many of these adult sites have a category dedicated to ‘Asian’) and soon, many people wanted to know where they could get one of these erotic massages in their local area. Demand has spread fast and now you can experience a nuru massage either with your partner (nuru gel is widely available online and in sex shops) or at the hand of a professional masseuse.

Where can I get one?

If you’re not lucky enough to have a partner who’s willing to try this sensational massage with you, just have a look at our masseuse gallery to see which girl you’d like to experience a nuru massage with today. Our talented Asian masseuses have been authentically trained to give you mind-blowing pleasure, and are based in London so you don’t have to travel to Japan for it! Interested? Head over now!If you decided to opt for a nuru massage be sure to read our post on what to do after your nuru massage to help you maximise it’s effects.

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how a body to body massage can help you lose weight

Got a weight problem? Get a Body to Body Massage!

Britain, also known as the ‘fat man of Europe’ has a worryingly high obesity rate, with 64% of the population been deemed as overweight. Despite these alarming figures, obesity is not tackled the way it always should be. Generally speaking, the NHS approaches obesity from a medical stance, which isn’t always the most effective way of encouraging weight loss and healthier life styles for individuals. For many people, eating habits and failure to exercise is a direct result of an unhealthy mental attitude, resulting in psychological barriers. This therefore begs the question: is it better to encourage a healthy mind before implementing exercises regimes and diet plans? Will this give people a better chance of sticking to it? More than likely, yes. However, unlike therapy and counselling, I do not believe that talking about your inner demons is always the way forward. Humans are simple beings: they are more inclined to do something if they get a physical reward. Now, although weight loss for an overweight person is extremely rewarding, the benefits take a while to show. Without instant results, motivation tends to wither and the diet plan goes out of the window. What people need is something positive to feed off that isn’t food; an instant reward to inspire motivation.

Here is my solution: Get a Body to Body Massage. This might seem like an unusual recommendation, but body to body massages are natural healers. Derived from the ancient Art of Tantra, they have a vast portfolio is mental and physical benefits, and can be life changing experiences for people of all ages, sex and sizes. This could be your answer to weight loss, and here’s why:



They psychologically and spiritually cleansing

People don’t lose weight because they tell themselves they can’t. Simple as. Psychological barriers are one of the main reasons why people try, and fail to lose weight. The most important thing to remember about erotic massages is that they are mentally cleansing; they help to re-set your mind if you will. Body to Body massages are incredibly exposing, both physically and spiritually. In order to experience this genre of massage to its full potential, clients are forced to open up their minds and stretch their comfort zones. Despite their sexual foundation, practioners of Tantra describe body to body messages as extremely emotional and moving experiences. Some people even cry during sessions! Why might you ask? Because your mind is a gate, and once opened, who knows what can flood out. Maybe you’ve been holding onto a negative experience from your past which has influenced your life, or maybe you were abused in some way and you’ve never been able to let go. Erotic massages are healing and incredibly powerful experiences. Whatever negative energy you’re holding onto, a body to body Massage just might be the medicine you need.

They are great for your self-esteem

Although body to body massages require both masseuse and participant to be completely naked, you wouldn’t believe how much this can help your ego. Being completely naked in front of someone can be daunting if you’ve got low self-esteem so undressed in front of a stranger might be your idea of hell. Erotic masseuses are trained experts who believe in the values and teachings of Tantra, meaning they do not see people as bodies, they see them as souls. A Tantric masseuse will never make you feel unattractive; their intimate, romantic touch will have the opposite effect. Although highly erotic, body to body massages are seriously romantic, and it’s not unknown for participants to feel a connection with their masseuse, and vice versa. A Tantric masseuse will touch, caress and tend to every inch of your body, and will teach you love yourself holistically. Although this style does have an erotic basis, your masseuse will show you that you are an embodiment of your sexuality; you are a powerful being. This positive reinforcement will feed your confidence, and in turn, you’ll feel more driven and motivated to stick to your goals.


raise your confidence and self esteem with weight loss


A body to body massage is good for the body

If you ever need an excuse to get a sexy, body to body massage, here’s your justification: Body to Body massages are seriously good for your health! Hallelujah! Like all erotic massages, the Body to Body style combines a sprinkle of pleasure with a large dose of relaxation, and that my friend, is the perfect recipe for a body cleanse. Unbeknown to most people, experiencing pleasure is really important when it comes to bodily function. Aside from feeling mind-blowingly good, orgasms are great for the immune system because they stimulate the production of an important antibody known for tackling illnesses. In fact, the results of a recent studies proved that climaxing several times a week decreases your chance of dying as a result of a medical complication by 50%, as opposed to those who orgasm sporadically.

If you’re overweight, you’ll know that you’re in danger of suffering from heart attacks, strokes, cancer and other serious illnesses. As well as minimising the risk of these traumas, orgasms can actually boost fertility, smooth out wrinkles, lower blood pressure and increase your immune system. Losing weight isn’t just about looking good, it’s about feeling good too. If you want to shed some points, start from the inside first, and the rest will fall into place.


body to body massage


What are you waiting for?

Body to Body massage is not timid; they are energetic, sexy and extremely arousing. Although most participants to reach their ‘happy ending’, it’s the journey to that point which is the real selling point. Body to Body massages are all about body confidence, so you’ll finish your session feeling great about yourself whether you like it or not. If you’re incapable of sticking to a diet, or your exercise regime is non-existent, it’s time to take a different approach and think outside the box. Instead of learning how to love healthy food and sports, learn how to love yourself first. Be different, get a Body to Body massage and transform your mentality.

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oriental nuru massage london

How to offer a nuru massage to your loved one

Firstly, let’s speak a little bit about what an oriental nuru massage is.

It’s a movement, a brand, a desire, a taste – in other words, it is more than just a massage. Originating from Japan, the erotic community in Tokyo have lived up to Japan’s rich history of ideas and innovation by giving the world something more than gadgets, raw fish and karate.

This is such a turning point in sexual history that the word ‘foreplay’ would need a whole new definition to incorporate this particular way of doing things.

Ok, so enough of the jabber and let’s go straight to the details. For starters, this is what you will need: –

  1. Plenty of time
  2. A working shower
  3. Nuru gel
  4. Latex sheets
  5. Oil
  6. A loving partner

Jump into the shower, both of you!

First thing is to prepare your environment. Dim the lights, burn essential oils and put on some soft, gentle music – a slow tempo sax is ideal. Once you are happy with the ambience in the room, spread some latex sheets on your bed because it is going to get really wet and messy! Then it is a case of preparing the oil. Do this by getting a bowl of warm water and place the entire bottle of nuru oil into it standing up so to warm the substance. Have another bowl of warm water ready on the side.

Slowly take off each other’s clothes whilst kissing and caressing. Rub yourself against each other so that you really feel the passion and love. Make sure the shower is on and that the steam is clearly visible. Grab your loved one by the pelvis and lead them under the water.

Applying the gel

Spend some time giving each other a soapy lather just as a pre massage routine – a warm up, so to speak – then you will be refreshed and at your sensual peak so the rest of it will be highly erotic! Ensure that the erogenous zones such as the genitals, buttocks and breasts are caressed and rubbed using the nuru gel. The slippery feeling is quite irresistible!

Leaving the shower, just dab a towel against each other just to remove excess water but not too dry oneself completely. A little moisture is ideal for the oil to be most effective. Also, you need a little wetness to slide on the latex sheets!

Remove the bottle of oil from the bowl and add a few squirts to the other bowl that is already standing. This is to create a diluted form of the lubricant that is wet enough to aid in the slippery activity that you’re about to do! Be warned, this will get messy so ensure that the latex sheets are secure against the bed.

Before engaging in  passionate ‘sexercise’ on the bed, both of you must stand next to each other in very close proximity so you have physical contact. Your partner’s whole body is at your disposal so the breasts, rear and hips should get a good dose of the nuru massage oil. Don’t forget to keep eye contact with the occasional kiss to keep the sexual tension going!

Traditionally, the masseuse takes charge and will move the man to the bed and in most cases, he will lie down on his stomach. This is personal preference but this is the most sensual position because the man cannot see the masseuse and this simply enhances his sense of touch.

Let’s pause for a moment.

Take note that by this stage of the oriental nuru massage, most couples are in a heightened state of sexual frenzy. So, the next phase can either be a slow and romantic ceremonial exercise or an uncontrollable sex feast that unleashes the animal within you. This often takes shape at the spur of the moment so just follow your desires at this point!

Action points to enhance intimacy

  • Use plenty of oil
  • Use the curves of the body to excite and stimulate
  • Use the tongue on erogenous zones
  • Avoid penetration until the last moment
  • Repeat the nuru massage again and again!

Your Not Alone

That’s right, believe it or not, but you’re not alone oriental nuru massage is becoming increasingly popular here in the UK and more and more people are opting for this type of massage mainly because the oriental nuru massage is not only extremely relaxing and enjoyable as you might have guessed but because it also brings together through the intimacy of touch. It will also help you to appreciate your body in a whole new light and your loving partner of course!

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