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The beginners guide to a Lingam massage

If you’re seeking a more exotic massage,  wanting to boost up your antics in the bedroom department or in the Spice Girls’ words looking to ‘spice up your life’ then what a better way to start than a Lingam massage. The service is soothing, seductive and sexy – providing yourself with everything you need to iron out your stresses while giving you a seventh heaven experience. If you want to find out more you definitely need to read on…

A massive misconception in the adult massaging world is that a Lingam session is just a glorified handjob.  While it does boast strokes which are similar to hand relief, a Lingam massage provides an extensive array of techniques which go beyond a quick ‘jerk off’ The key to a good Lingam session is a build-up, with the therapist attending to your whole body, before edging closer and closer to your erogenous zones. The treatment is rich in history and is thought to be first practised by the Chinese more than 4000 years ago. Lingam is a loose Latin translation for ‘wand of light’ and is based upon the ideology that the penis is the most sacred part of the male body. With this in mind, it is believed the penis should be worshipped – and one of the ways to do this is massage.

The 5 steps of a Lingam massage

  1. A Lingam massage usually begins with the therapist seductively undressing you out of your clothes, while slipping out of her underwear at the same time. (The session is performed naked unless you request otherwise) She will then guide you to the bed and position you on your back to commence the first part of the rubdown.
  2. The masseuse will then warm and drizzle oil all along your body to perform techniques derived from the Swedish massage. She will unwind all of the tension built in your neck, back and shoulders with her soft hand’s dainty little fingertips.
  3. Once you’re feeling relaxed, the real magic will begin – by the art of teasing. She will take you to turn you onto your front and begin to patter down your body to edge closer and closer to your Lingam. She will repeat the movements at least three times, getting nearer to your sensitive area with every stroke. By this point, it will feel like your penis is crying out for attention. However, the more she teases, the more amazing the sensations will feel when she finally attends to your manhood. So strap yourself in tight boys, this promises to be the ride of your life.
  4. As well as your penis, the therapist will pay attention to your testicles, foreskin and scrotum, which promises to trigger the most mind-blowing feelings. Lingam massage is usually performed with the therapist’s hands, but there is often the option to add on mouth elements for a small supplement charge. The masseuse will be able to read from your breathing whether you’re soon to enter a deep state of arousal. Just before you climax, she will move away to a less sensitive area of the body before slowly manoeuvring herself towards your manhood to repeat. This promises to heighten the happy ending which is to come.
  5. And finally, the bit which you’ve been desperately waiting for – the orgasm. The orgasm you will experience during a Lingam massage is guaranteed to be the best of your whole life. Nor does it give you undeniable pleasure, but it also flushes out all of your stresses as well as promoting harmonisation in your body, mind and soul. Regular Lingam massage therapy is often deemed a key element to a healthy lifestyle.

Bonus step

Hand relief is always offered as part of a Lingam massage. However, if you have a taste for adventure and want a spicier thrill then why not go one step further with the Lingam full service? Lingam full service is offered in most massage parlours and adds a delicious oral and sexual intercourse experience to your session. Whether you have it in the middle of your Lingam treatment or close to the end is completely your choice. There will be a small extra charge, but as you’ll already be seeking the crème de la crème of massages you may as well go out.

Kick-start your Lingam massage journey today

We boast a gorgeous team of oriental therapists who have specialised in the art of Lingam massage in prestigious Tantra schools in Asia. They are now in England to showcase their perfected Lingam massage to the gentlemen of London, offering the service for incall and outcall bookings. If you want to find out more or book a session with us today then please dial 07774368218.  We have an in-house booking team who are waiting to kick-start your Lingam massage journey with us today.

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How a London Lingam Massage Can Make You a More Confident Lover

Confidence can go a long way. Whether it persuades your boss to give you the pay rise you deserve or gets the girl of your dreams to go on a date with you, confidence is invaluable. And being self-assured in general can affect your performance in the bedroom too. When you’re confident, you can act sexier and do wilder things that’ll blow both of your minds.

Even the most confident of us suffer dips in esteem. When this happens at crucial points, it can have very negative effects on us and leave us feeling humiliated and drained of confidence. When this happens in the bedroom, it’s the ideal breeding ground for anxiety which can affect performance and cause you to avoid sex all together.

Getting a London lingam massage can help build that confidence up to levels you didn’t think could ever be achieved. The lingam massage is a special erotic massage that’s just for men. Men suffer just as many dips in confidence as women, often fretting over their sexual performance, worrying about finishing too early or not being able to get it on at all. You may or may not know but a London lingam massage is a fantastic way to boost your sex drive, reduce the chances of premature ejaculation and overall, increase your self-esteem when it comes to intimacy.



The Best deals on London lingam massageHere are some of the ways a lingam massage can make you a better lover…

  1. Prevents premature ejaculation


Premature ejaculation is a common worry for men which can create great anxiety. The more you think about it, the more likely it is to happen and this can sour and put strain on a relationship. A lingam massage is a special form of sensual massage which has roots in tantra. It is essentially a massage of the penis. The masseuse uses a series of intimate and highly sensual techniques that are designed to slowly arouse the man and keep him on the edge of orgasm. It’s exquisitely pleasurable and the eventual release encourages total mental relaxation.


A London lingam massage expands the boundaries of pleasure. Special techniques are used to slowly build sensation and energy throughout your body. You will feel more than pleasure in your sexual areas – you will feel this extend throughout your body and your mind, familiarising you with your point of climax. This increased self-control will delay orgasm, helping you last longer, but you’ll still feel the same amount of pleasure.


get the best London lingam massage


  1. Helps with erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety


Premature ejaculation and performance anxiety often come together. And when you are anxious about lovemaking, this may even cause erectile dysfunction because you’re thinking about it too much.


Viagra can be used to treat erectile dysfunction, and while it is effective in a physical way, it only treats the symptoms and not the cause. The lingam massage technique directly targets the cause – of your anxiety. Its special techniques help to improve your confidence and show you how to become a more skillful lover.


  1. Promotes longer lovemaking


On average, women take 20 minutes to orgasm while men take between two and seven minutes. Unsurprisingly, this can often lead to disappointment, often from the woman’s side, and this causes the man to become anxious and self-conscious about his performance. During a London lingam massage the masseuses uses tantric massage elements that work to exercise the mind to fight against orgasm. The masseuse will take you to the edge of orgasm and back again multiple times, so you have no choice but to practise self-control.


When you have control over your sexual responses, you can voluntarily slow yourself down and give your partner more time to reach climax. She will find it more satisfying which in turn, satisfies you and makes for a more intense lovemaking session overall.


Try a London Lingam Massage Today!


A lingam massage may be a massage of the penis, but it’s really not as sleazy as it sounds. It’s extremely therapeutic and a great form of sex therapy as it balances sexual stimulation with mental control. You’ll become a better lover with a stronger understanding of intimacy and knowledge of new, creative ways to engage with your partner on a spiritual level. This new-found confidence will be obvious in your daily life as well as in your sexual. Try a London lingam massage with us, today and see what it can do for you!  simply

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the ultimate guide to the best lingam massage ever!

The Ultimate Guide to Giving The Best Lingam Massage

If you’re looking to spice up your sex life by giving your partner the gold-treatment, we might have a suggestion for you. A Lingam massage focuses on the penis, and uses expert and insanely erotic massage techniques to blow your man’s mind. For starters: it is not just a glorified hand job- oh, it is so, so much more than that. Lingam massage combines spiritual Tantric techniques with unadulterated pleasure for an out-of-this-world session. It is slow, spiritual, sexy and seriously saucy, but more importantly, it is a journey through the senses for both of you. Have we sparked your interest? Well, here is your ultimate guide to giving a lustful Lingam massage:

The Anatomy
Before we dive in to technique and style, let’s refresh your knowledge of the male anatomy, shall we? The Lingam is the Sanskrit word for ‘penis’ and literally translates to mean, ‘sacred’. Made up of the shaft and head, the lingam is a network of delicate senses that are easily stimulated- if you know what you’re doing, of course. Around the head lies the ridge which is known as the ‘corona’. The underside of the corona lays the frenulum- the most sensitive part of the head. However, if you think that pleasure is limited to the lingam alone- you have been truly misinformed. The testicles, scrotum and prostate are also sensation landmines. A lingam massage takes into account all points of pleasure that are available to men- not just the penis. If you’re devoted to giving a Lingam massage of dreams, it’s time to explore some different avenues.

Preparing for the massage
Every masterpiece is supported by some kind of planning- and this is no different. Preparation is important when it comes to the performing the [perfect lingam massage, because mood can have impact pleasure. Start by dimming the lights and scattering scented candles across the room. The relaxing aromas and soothing music will descend your partner into a state of tranquillity; heightening and refining the senses. Prepare the oil according to the instructions on the bottle, and be sure to heat the room to a comfortable temperature. After all, you’ll most likely be naked, so you don’t want to be chilly.

Tantalising techniques
Enough of the prelude, it’s time for the main event- it’s time to reveal the best lingam massage techniques that will leave your partner wriggling with pleasure.
Start with a full body, traditional massage by running your hands across your partner’s arms, legs, chest and back. Knead and rub out any points of tension that will relieve any discomfort or pain and will also submerge your partner into a deeper state of relaxation. Techniques include:

– Shiatsu
– Compression
– Stroking
– Kneading
– Friction

Perform these techniques for around 10-15 minutes, by which point, your partner will be floating on cloud 9. Now, it’s time for him to roll over where the real fun can begin.

Naughty lingam techniques
Ever heard the saying, ‘slow and steady wins the race’? – Well, when it comes to performing a Lingam massage, this fable couldn’t be more accurate. The most important thing to bare in mind when giving an Asian massage is that, the gradual building of arousal forms the basis of any Asian style massage. Gentle, teasing touches are the key to unlocking implausible pleasure- so take your time with it and enjoy the ride. Although the goal isn’t to make your partner cum, the chances are he will if you make the whole experience naughty enough- so here’s how to do it:

Thumb Strokes
Hold onto the penis somewhere near the middle of the shaft and rest it against your four fingers. Lightly slide your thumb up and down the shaft and repeat several times before switching up your technique.

Alternating grasps
Wrap on of your hands at the bottom of the shaft and then slide it gently up the penis. Alternate between hands and also vary your grip and speed.

Hold the base of the penis with one hand and use the other to grasp the head. Whilst gently massaging the head using your thumb, perform an opposing, pumping motion up and down the shaft with the other hand.

The Fire starter
Using the palms of your hands, hold the lingam upwards. Begin rubbing your hands together gently and move your hands up and down. Be sure to use plenty of lubricant for this technique!

Prostate massage
This technique should only be attempted by those of you who are feeling extra naughty and a little experimental. Always get permission from your partner before doing so, as it might give them a little bit of a fright! Start by using plenty of lubricant and drizzling it over one of your hands and the lingam/anus. Slowly and gently insert a finger into the anus until you’re able to locate a walnut-sized gland between the anus and bladder. This is the prostate gland- aka, the ‘sacred spot’. Using your finger, lightly stroke and massage the prostate, and slowly add pressure as the massage goes on. Try synchronising your movement by performing a massage on the lingam at the same time. It will drive your partner crazy, trust us.


Orgasm without the mess
Believe it or not, men can orgasm without ejaculating- as rare and uncommon as it is. Although most men do not possess this skill, learning it could be their answer to multiple orgasms- the holy grail of sex. There are two ways to achieve this:

– By pressing down on the ‘sacred spot’ (prostate) while he orgasms.
– By wrapping your fingers around the testicles and pulling down firmly on the scrotum during an orgasm.

In theory, these methods are mind-blowing. But in practice, they can be performed too aggressively. The key to perfecting it is practice; becoming accustomed to your partner’s limits and pain threshold- some like it firmer, other do not. However, if you just want to play it safe, feel free to end the session with a ‘Happy Ending’- it’ll still leave your partner shaking head to toe with intense, toe-curling pleasure.
However, if you’d rather approach an expert who’s fully-trained in the art of Lingam massage, then find out why we are the best for your Asian nude lingam massage here

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how to use tantric massage as a ritual

Lingam & Tantric Massage: The Oldest And Best Erotic Massages

Erotic massage has a long and proud history. Most originate from Asia, typically China or India and are based on theories about energy. They run on the basis that the human body is a vessel of energy. When the ducts carrying the energy become clogged and energy is trapped in a particular area or cannot flow as efficiently, you are more likely to become stressed, suffer from pain or contract an illness. Erotic massage works to release the trapped energies and regular sessions help to prevent this build up.

When you think of erotic massages, do you automatically think of some small, dingy place down some dark, dodgy alley? The kind of place only sleazy old guys visit? Erotic massage is actually a highly misunderstood art and here’s why.

The Lingam as a symbol of creation

The Sanskrit word ‘lingam’ means ‘penis’. Scholars believed that Lord Shiva, a Hindu deity, was a formless being whose symbol was a phallus. Because of this and the fact that the penis is one of the two most important things needed for creation, the Ancient Hindus worshipped the penis. The lingam massage came about as one of the ways to treat the organ with respect.

There are phallic statues built in front of temples in India, and monks pour water over them to represent copulation and ejaculation. Sex is seen as a holy thing because it is one of the few activities where vital energies can be exchanged. A lingam massage works to improve the chance of successful energy exchange.

the lingam massage as a symbol of creation
The lingam massage

A lingam massage is a massage that is designed for male pleasure. It uses massage techniques that are meant to relax the body and stimulate the penis area. A variety of techniques are used to manipulate the penis and surrounding areas, which cause arousal and deep pleasure.

However, a lingam massage isn’t meant solely for pleasure. Lingam therapists use slow, sensual movements to gradually build up tension over a long period of time. They will slowly work you right up to the edge of an orgasm and then slow down just before you finish – repeatedly! This will keep you on that pleasurable edge, which will feel frustrating but extremely gratifying. When you do finally ejaculate, it’ll be extremely intense and a physical representation of all your tensions flooding out of you.

How the massage helps the body

The longer you edge along an orgasm, the more pleasurable it will be and the more self-control you will exercise. This does wonders for your control during sex, so if you find that you suffer from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, a lingam massage will help ease this. You’ll find that your orgasms will become stronger and more satisfying, which makes for a more enjoyable sexual experience for both you and your partner.

Tantra as an ancient ritual

Just like lingam massage, tantric massage was born from an ancient Hindu tradition. Tantra is a type of Indian meditation that focuses on maintaining a constant calm sense of mind and in doing so, expanding your awareness. Tantric massage evolved from this, but instead of just meditating, became associated with manual therapy. This meant that the body was actively stimulated as well as the mind and practitioners found that it was more effective.

Tantra and tantric massage is based on the energy theory as well. They work on the basis that sexual energies are one of the most important of life energies. But instead of releasing it, a tantric massage works to preserve that energy. Ejaculation is seen as wasting this valuable energy, so tantric techniques are used to help the man learn to control his orgasms. Ultimately, he will learn to experience the pleasurable contractions without wasting a single drop of energy.

erotic massage and tantric massage as a ritual


The tantric massage

Tantric massage follows a very rigid ritual and is arguably the slowest type of erotic massage. Like lingam massage, it focuses on slow, prolonged arousal. Typically, tantric sessions begin with a series of breathing exercises and mantra chanting, which helps to bind the masseuse and client’s spirits.

The massage itself is extremely pleasurable and satisfying. Again, it focuses on a slow build-up and you are brought to and kept at the edge of an orgasm for a period of time. It’s all about mind control and feeling your spirit escape to another level of consciousness.

Tantric lingam massage

It is possible to combine the two erotic massages for the ultimate cultivation and preservation of energy. There are tantric influences in lingam massage, particularly the emphasis on sexual control. Tantric practitioners believe that during sex, a phenomenal exchange of cosmic and sexual energies occur. Fusing a lingam massage (or yoni for females) with tantric influences enhances this exchange and overall, makes for better sexual experience and satisfaction.

To book your authentic tantric or lingam massage in Soho, then all you need to do is give us a call or book online using our booking form.

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lingam massage secrets of the trade

Lingam Massage – Secrets of The Trade

If you’re feeling daring enough to give your partner a Lingam massage, there’s one thing you need to know before you get started- The lingam (penis) is sacred. According to Tantric practice, in order to give an expert-worthy lingam massage, you need to believe in, and follow this teaching. The massage should not be rushed- it should delicate, gentle and even loving in many ways. As the giver, it is your duty to unselfishly give. Although this massage should be performed without an expectation, it should always be performed with an intention- to blow your partners mind!

Why give a Lingam massage to begin with?

Aside from earning some serious brownie points with your man friend, they’re an intimate activity filled to the brim with love and appreciation, in all forms. It’s a great way to rekindle some romance, but it also has an array of benefits for your man:

• Improves blood circulation
• Enhances sensitivity
• Sexual pleasure
• Better ejaculation control
• Reduces stress and anxiety
• Minimises depression
• Improves sexual stamina
• Helps tackle depression

What do you need?

A man– Seems pretty self-explanatory, but be sure to choose your lucky fellow carefully. This is an intimate session, so select someone you’re totally comfortable with- ideally a boyfriend or husband.

Lubricant– The lingam is crazy sensitive, so avoid excessive amounts of friction- this will not be enjoyable for your man, trust me. Lubricant is a great way to avoid this, and it also makes most of the techniques more fluid and easier to perform.

Candles– Tantric practice takes a holistic approach to relaxation, so that means you’ve got to set the mood. Scented candles are a great way to alert the senses and get your arousal levels flowing.

Towels– Now, towels serve a few purposes. First of all, be sure to lay some out on your bed or floor to catch any stray lubricant. Secondly, the massage can get a little messy at the end (if you catch my drift) so the last thing you want is to have to mop up your partners swimmers off the carpet!

A warm room– Furthering to setting the scene, avoid conducting your massage in a morgue. Warm the room so that it’s nice enough to be naked in. Then again, people also avoid giving lingam massages in the Sahara desert for good reason. The massage is bound to get you both hot and sweaty in time! Room temperature people, room temperature!

lingam massage secrets of the trade

Start by meditating

It’s important to always keep in mind that this massage isn’t just a bona fide hand-job, it’s a spiritual journey shared with your partner. Start by gazing into one another’s eyes and synchronising your breathing. This will align your energies (chakras) and connect you on a much deeper level. Ask your partner to lie on his front and relax whilst you start massaging his body from the feet up. Leave no area untouched, but use gentle, teasing touches when venturing towards the inner thighs and pelvic area. Once you’ve reached his shoulders, realign your breathing and carefully roll him onto his back. This is where the massage really begins…

Lingam massage techniques

It’s all well and good setting everything up and getting your boyfriend pumped, but when it comes down to it, do you actually know what you’re doing? Probably not- that’s what Tantric masseuses are for after all, but luckily, we are here to leak all of the trade secrets just for you…

lingam massage secrets of the trade

Awaken the Lingam

This massage is slow and sensual, so you need to ensure that your partner is eased into by using an awakening technique to begin with. All you need to do it is use your first finger and thumb on both hands to grip the base of the lingam. Then, slowly work your way up alternating hands until you reach the head. Repeat a couple of times and then progress to full palm squeezes.

The Skier

This enticing technique is great for warming up arousal levels. Using the thumbs, start at the base and slide them up and down the lingam. You can use this technique on different parts of the lingam (i.e, front, back side etc), but ensure that the strokes remain gentle and tender.

The Corkscrewer

This is where things start to get a little more energetic which is why this technique is used to get waves of pleasure flowing through the body. This method focuses on the tip of the penis, the area that is particularly sensitive. Wrap your hands around the head of the lingam and initiate twisting movements around it. Be sure to apply plenty of lubricant for this technique so that it’s easier for you and feels more sensitive for your partner.

Wringing out

This movement is as exactly what it sounds like, and therefore requires the attention of both hands. With one hand wrapped around the base of the penis and the other around the head, use contradicting twisting movements like you’re wringing out a towel.

Making fire

It’s time to heat things up now- so get the fire going. Using the palms of the hands, place them either side of the lingam and use quick movements to stimulate the sensations. If you’ve ever started a fire before using a stick, take inspiration from this movement and project it onto the lingam.

Testicle cupping

The testicles are sensitive, so don’t forget to show them some love too. Use one hand to cup the testicles and use the other to massage the lingam. The differentiating sensations will drive your partner crazy!

Prostate massage

When it comes to a prostate massage, it’s important to get permission from your partner before giving it a go. Most men are apprehensive to explore a prostate massage and anal play because it can seem incredibly daunting at first- but if willing, its unprecedented in its pleasure. Be generous with the lubricant, and then slide a finger into the anus until you’re able to locate the prostate (a walnut-sized ball). Once you’ve identified it, gently massage and stroke it and watch as your partner wriggles in intense pleasure. But do not neglect the lingam- combine this technique with a lingam stroke of your choice for pleasure like no other.

We love a happy ending massage

The Happy Ending

Now, although your partner probably will reach orgasm, it is not the final destination of the massage. Your partner will undoubtedly be oozing with mind-blowing sensations and feelings by this point, so it’s up to him whether he chooses to release his tension.

Either way, you have already given him his happy ending.


Maybe you are single but want to experience a lustful lingam massage? Well, book in for a session now with one of our Asian outcall masseuses and be transported through the experience of a lifetime. All you need to do to enjoy the best lingam massage in Covent Garden is pick up the phone and give us a call!

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benefits of lingam massage

The lingam massage: A complete And Comprehensive Guide

Not many are familiar with the term ‘lingam’  these days and even fewer with the lingam massage. However, It is an ancient term that refers to the male penis and because it is essentially a lost art, only a few sexology practitioners have the knowledge, wisdom and deep insights into what a lingam massage can achieve.

An ancient practice

To give a brief account, it is found in the ancient Hindu texts of sexual practice but it is most fully incorporated in the Taoist manuals of human sexuality. Stemming from the Sanskrit term, ‘lingam’ linguistically means ‘wand of light’ and the meaning of this can be best understood by briefly looking into Chinese philosophy.

Understanding sexual energy

When sexual energy is understood, one will learn that the Lingam houses a great deal of energy. And in order to really appreciate this, ejaculation has to be refrained from and yes, also during sex.  The Tantric practitioners believe that this way you will keep all the powers and the so called Ojas (Seed) within yourself so that you’ll be able to direct them towards the divine. This is because ultimately Tantra is a spiritual path that leads to enlightenment.

Immediately a western reader finds this idea unusual because sex is not considered to have a spiritual or sacred dimension but to a philosophically trained easterner, sex and spirituality go hand in hand without tension.

To dig a little deeper within traditional Taoist philosophy, the penis is thought to contain numerous reflex points (as in the feet and arms) which, if stimulated correctly, can have an intense feeling on the whole body. The discipline of reflexology is wonderful here because it provides greater, more intimate knowledge of the penis and this knowledge is powerful if pleasing one’s partner is of a high priority.


Let’s get into fascinating detail

Did you know that there are over 25 different massaging holds of the penis that intensify the feelings of lust and desire? This includes a gentle rub of the body to squeezing the shaft and caressing the scrotum.  However, it must be remembered that orgasm is not the goal here. The result is about a heightened sense of sexual satisfaction and performance that allows one to have sex for hours without ejaculation!

The lingam massage is a secret window into the world of tantric sex, whereby a man can learn the art of controlling ejaculation. In other words, an orgasm can be experienced without losing a drop of semen! Or let’s say it in a different way – men can experience multiple orgasms without secreting their bodily fluids!


the complete guide to the lingam massage


How does it work?

With the help of massage oil (jasmine is the best), a relaxed and calm mood coupled with a good masseuse (ideally your partner), the receiver would lay down on his back at a slight incline and focus on his breathing.  With the legs slightly spread and knees bent, the male genitalia are completely exposed and ready to be pleased. The various slow and rhythmic techniques that are employed ranging from the abdomen to the scrotum and perineum achieve two primary benefits: –

  1. Enhanced lustfulness
  2. A dispersion of sexual energy

In terms of the first point, a heightened level of arousal and sexual tension is the inevitable result of the entire scheme of massage and holding methods. The receiver is encouraged to focus on his breathing at this point and feel the build up of energy in his sexual organ. Most men find this unusual. More often than not, sexual activity is goal and position orientated whereas very little attention is given to one’s sexual potential.  Men, in particular, need to learn how to relax and receive pleasure.  The lingam massage teaches exactly that!

This totally breaks down the traditional understanding of sex. We are conditioned to just focus on the orgasm but we forget that our internal energy can be nurtured in such a way that a man can be in complete lustfulness without ejaculating. And this leads onto the second point.

Massaging the penis

It is the spreading of sexual energy that is just not comprehended to most minds. Once a reasonable amount of oil is applied to the shaft and testicles of the penis, the intimate massage begins by rubbing the scrotum and prostate area with one hand, whilst with the other hand, the main body of the penis is recipient to a gentle up and down vertical movement. Applying the right pressure in the right spot is the key to intensify sexual desire. With a variation of speed and pressure, the feeling of ejaculation will be strong but the masseuse slows the tempo right down and spreads the energy around the body so the entire being feels pleasure without the need for ejaculation! Through this technique, the orgasmic energy will disperse to all parts of the body like waves, some intense whilst others being more subtle. The result is ejaculatory mastery that enhances one’s love life manifold.

You would not be surprised to know that this massage is used by the more sexually inhibited to those with marital problems. Whatever the reason for men receiving this massage, one thing for sure is that it unlocks people’s sex lives. Orgasms and ejaculation are two different phenomena and once you experience this, the feeling will be like no other!

So, there you have it. From its roots as a mystical Indian/Chinese tradition, the lingam massage has an incredible power to it which most men are not even aware of, let alone know how to unlock it.

No doubt, it takes time to master this as a lot of time and understanding needs to go into it. But the best time to start is now. Widening the breath of sexual experience adds to the depth and richness of life to the extent that one feels more positive, confident and assertive in everyday life.

Hopefully, that on its own is a tantalising reason to give this ancient lingam massage practice a go and who knows, it may take your sex life to new heights!

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lingam massage in london, lingam massage,

Getting a London Lingam Massage


In today’s often hectic and busy world, where we are all busy it is vital that we find time for our own pleasure, which form this takes is entirely up to you whether it’s catching up with old friends, watching your favourite movies indulging on ice cream, or maybe even taking a long leisurely stroll in the countryside. Here at Erotic Massage UK in we suggest that you experience the sheer sensual delight of a London lingam massage the next time you decide to visit.

Our sensual London lingam massage are renowned for being the ultimate and best lingam massage a male can get anywhere! Regardless of who we are and whatever our background we are seeking to find one thing in life and that is pleasure in all its forms, and here at Erotic Massage UK, we aim to just do that and offer you untold bundles of pleasure and joy.

Everywhere around us in nature are animals that love to feel the sense of touch, dogs loved to be petted, cats adore being stroked. And as you might have guessed so do we as humans. It’s often forgotten on us just how powerful this sense is and it has the ability to profoundly move us. It somehow makes us feel more connected with ourselves and sometimes even a sense of safety. It doesn’t matter if it is a soft touch, a warm-hearted cuddle or a full erotic and sensual massage we all need a reason to feel loved or special.

With our London lingam massage we specifically focus on the mystical and powerful sense of touch as well as the fine art of seduction. The breath-taking experience of a London lingam massage is one that you may describe as world changing. This form of super sexy massage releases trapped muscles, emotions and often our own inhibitions. They relax the body and mind and release waves of untold pleasure and sensual energy throughout our bodies. It’s because of this accumulation of feelings and emotions being released that help us to awaken our bodies and helps to increase our sexual energy and libido. Sensual and erotic massage are a sure-fire way to give you and your body a heightened sense of ecstatic and spine-tingling sensations no other can. These Tantric kinds of massage experience are designed to give your whole body an amazing experience like never before instead of a quick genital one.

A sensual and erotic London lingam massage with Erotic massage UK is an opportunity not to be missed, it’s a combination of slow, gentle strokes, with warm hands caressing every inch of your body with erotic and sensual touches bringing you and your body untold amounts of bountiful pleasure and excitement.


London lingam massage


Our London lingam massage experience makes use of all aspects of massage therapy, which includes using the bodies sense of touch to tease and caress your body. You will be amazed at the overwhelming array of pleasure you feel in places you didn’t know were capable of feeling such things as well discovering new and exciting erogenous zones. Once you have tried this London lingam massage experience your body will never feel the same again, as you will discover and reconnect with your inner self on a much deeper level of understanding, you will leave with a glow about you and a warm fuzzy feeling that encompasses your whole body and can’t be explained.

Not only does this type of massage promise to be extremely rewarding and pleasurable it will also have you feeling very content within yourself and give you a newer sense of focus. We offer a truly unique and once in a lifetime London lingam massage experience that will have you feeling undeniably intoxicated and left wanting more.

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How a Lingam Massage in London Can Help with Impotence

How a Lingam Massage in London Can Help with Impotence

A Lingam massage in London, also known as a ‘Tantra Lingam Massage’ was developed in India around 4000 years ago and was designed to celebrate the union of body, mind and soul. In Tantra or Sacred Sexuality, the Lingam (penis) is respectfully viewed and honoured, and is referred to as a “Wand of Light” that channels creative energy and pleasure. As such, the purpose of this massage is to teach its clients that the Lingam is not disconnected from the mind; so if you suffer from impotence, try tackling the problem from a different starting point.

Impotence or premature ejaculation is a common issue amongst men, but is very rarely explored or treated. It is usually a result of over thinking and over analysing sexual experiences, meaning men often psyche themselves out before they even get down to the nitty gritty. If you think you’re bad in the bedroom, you will be. If you think you’re going to come prematurely, the chances are, you will. Catch my drift? The purpose of a Lingam massage is to show men that physical problems often stem from the mind, so in order to kill the weed; you need to start at the root.

Starting Your Lingam Massage in London Experience

So, let’s start from the beginning; what do you think could be affecting your performance in the bedroom? One of the main psychological instigators of premature ejaculation is low self-esteem and confidence. Although this is a common attitude for both men and women, it can have a huge impact on a man’s ability to have sex. Lingam Massages do not only involve a message of the Lingam, they’re performed to encourage self-esteem, self- appreciation and body confidence. The masseuse will start by touching and caressing other parts of your body to stimulate positive and even pleasurable feelings. By associating different parts of the body with pleasure, you will start to see your body as temple of sexual prowess, not just your Lingam.


a lingam massage in london


By this point, participants are pretty relaxed; allowing the mind’s to clear. Like most erotic massages, relaxation is crucial for the release of negative energy from the body.  Relaxation is important because it has regenerative powers for the mind. But more importantly, it helps to re-charge our sexual battery by increasing erotic energy. Not only will this increase your sex drive, blood pressure will also decrease and circulation of oxygen and nutrients will improve. During this stage of the treatment, the masseuse will teach you about Tantric breathing techniques. These techniques can be applied at any time – even outside the Tantric massage sessions. This will allow you to re-access that state of relaxation experienced during the massage.

Once in that desired relaxed state, the masseuse will begin to stimulate the lingam and pelvic region. The massage techniques stimulate the lingam directly through a series of gentle and light strokes. Areas of the lingam which are connected directly to blood flow and ejaculation will also be stimulated for maximised effect. If you begin to reach the point of climax, your masseuse will teach you how to sense sexual energy and how to pull back the reigns before the release. If your orgasm is prevented, your masseuse will continue to repeat this technique. Repeating this ritual over and over is a great way to train your mind and control those urges. At the end of the day, practice makes perfect, right?  The purpose of the Lingam Massage is not to experience an orgasm, although this is welcomed, it is to teach sexual control and stamina.

Why Should You Get A Lingam Massage In London?

Simply put sex is an incredibly passionate experience and should project feelings of sensuality and pleasure, not discomfort and embarrassment. No matter what your age or history, getting a lingam massage in London, will open up your eyes and you may be surprised as to what it can do for you.

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