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Can a happy ending massage cure your winter loneliness

The day you wake up in the morning and see that the car windscreens have frozen over is the day that winter has officially arrived. And winter doesn’t just bring frost and flu. It also brings about feelings of loneliness and a desire to be cuddled up in a relationship. But winter relationships aren’t like summer romances. They aren’t quite your average definition of a casual, throwaway fling. Urban Dictionary describes this feeling as wanting to be “cuffed”, something people who are usually single or promiscuous feel during autumn and winter due to the cold weather forcing them to stay indoors for longer.

While there’s nothing wrong with being single, you can’t deny that snuggling up to someone else is much better than wrapping yourself up in a faux fur blanket – especially when the temperatures drop. Playboy.com’s Sex & Dating columnist Bridget Phetsay discussed this in a recent article, saying that many of her relationships began in September or October. “When spring fever hits, I’m usually wondering how I ended up in what suddenly feels like prison” she wrote . So what is it about winter that makes us so sad and lonely?

Firstly, seasonal depression is something that plays a major role. Despite what you might think, it’s more than just winter blues. Seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD, is a real clinical problem that actually needs treatment. Like depression, the disorder brings on symptoms such as sadness, disinterest in hobbies, changes in sleep pattern, reduced appetite and fatigue. However its main difference from other types of depression because it only falls during certain months and is absent for the others. Although it’s associated with winter, SAD is actually linked to the darker months and shorter days instead of the colder temperatures. Women and people who see little sunlight during the day, for example those who work indoors, are at greater risk of developing the disorder. SAD is also more prevalent in countries that are further from the Equator.

A happy ending massage is a lesser-known cure for some of the depressive symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, stress and feelings of sadness. The happy ending is a euphemism for an orgasm, so essentially, this massage is a session that ends in a climax. It’s a highly erotic massage that is, for obvious reasons, meant for adults. However it’s more than about pleasure. An orgasm doesn’t just feel good – it also does your body some good. When you orgasm, your body produces hormones that relieve stress and lift mood. Have you noticed that after one, you lie there for a few seconds feeling blissfully content? That’s a result of those magical hormones. Now imagine the good it could do if you had them regularly throughout the winter.

As for the loneliness, it could be linked to the cold weather and being forced to stay indoors for the majority of the months. It’s a stark contrast to summer where you can do fun activities in the relative warmth and bright sunshine, and the sun doesn’t set until at least seven o’clock.  When you’re forced to stay indoors, you have fewer opportunities to meet and mingle with other people.

Loneliness does funny things to your body, even if you consider yourself an introvert and prefer to keep to yourself. We are a social species, after all. When you’re lonely, more norepinephrine and less dopamine are produced. A 2012 study conducted in the Netherlands found that the thought of being alone was enough to make a person’s body temperature drop. The researchers found that the best remedy was social interaction as it seems to bring actual physical warmth.

This may explain our craving for romantic connections and winter romances as the colder seasons begin. But what if you don’t have time to nurture a romance? Stoking the flames of passion can be rather tedious and you have to be fully committed if you want to feel a real connection. This is where a happy ending massage could come in. Happy ending masseuses are trained to treat you as though you’re the centre of their world for that one hour (or more, if you’ve paid for more). For those who are looking to feel the rush of passion that you get with a relationship without actually entering one, a happy ending massage can be the answer for you.

If you’re looking to experience the wholesome goodness of a happy ending massage, take the plunge with our elite service. We provide premium Asian massage programmes that are customisable and guaranteed to tickle your every spot. Based in central London, our highly trained therapists can help you discover new limits of pleasure.

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24 hour oriental happy ending massage services in central London

How to Extend The Benefits of An Oriental Happy Ending Massage

Massage therapy is a popular form of alternative treatment for many conditions, particularly ones with chronic and persistent symptoms. When combined with medication, massages can help to keep those illnesses at bay. There are many types of massages that you can choose from. All involve manually stimulating the body to produce a sense of deep mental relaxation and ease muscle strains. Some just focus on the main body areas, such as the shoulders, back and legs – the areas that are most susceptible to carrying stress. Others focus on these and the sexual areas, making them the more ‘daring’ way to treat illness.

Contrary to widespread belief, the latter style of massage therapy is not a sexual service, despite its focus on sexual arousal. When you’re stressed, you’re more likely to become ill and pleasure is a great and highly effective way to combat stress. Of course, it’s not the be all and end all, but certain styles of oriental massage are medicinally effective at relieving particular conditions despite their sensual nature. For example, a prostate massage involves stimulating the prostate gland, which is accessed through the rectum. It sounds very sexual, but medications can only go so far and only when you combine it with manual stimulation can you begin to relieve the inflammation.

What is an oriental happy ending massage?

An oriental happy ending massage is a massage that ends in an orgasm – hence the ‘happy ending’. This is arguably the most infamous of all Asian massage therapy, which is understandable as on the outside, it seems very scandalous. Even in practice, it uses a lot of sensual techniques that are meant to arouse the body and work towards an orgasm.

However, sensual oriental massages don’t treat orgasms as just sexual satisfaction nor are they just for pleasure. Orgasms represent a release of tension. They are a physical manifestation of all of the stress your body has gathered over time. Have you ever noticed that when you are stressed, it affects your ability to concentrate on your daily life? It’s even worse when that stress is combined with sexual frustration. When that happens, you can expect to be demotivated and unproductive until that tension is tended to. In that aspect, oriental happy ending massages work to help improve the quality of your general life.

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What are the benefits of an oriental happy ending massage?

Stress is held all over the body, but typically gyrates to areas that are most susceptible to experiencing strain. The back, shoulders, neck and legs are a good example – these parts of the body arguably work the hardest on a daily basis. However, stress is also attracted to an overlooked part of the body – the sexual area. During normal massages (ones that don’t involve any kind of sexual arousal), this area is obviously neglected. Although you will leave feeling physically relaxed and your muscles will feel looser, you may still feel some lingering pressure. As a result, the stress tends to come back rather quickly.

An oriental happy ending massage works the same way as a normal massage, but as well as relaxing the main body, it also works on the sexual area. You are therefore left feeling physically, mentally and sexually relieved, which makes a deeper and longer-lasting sense of relaxation.

Some of the benefits of an oriental happy ending massage include:

Improved sex drive
Intense stress and anxiety relief
Cures insomnia
Stabilises mood
Improved intimacy (may help with commitment issues)
Boosts motivation
Enhances immune system
Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease

So how can I extend these benefits?

There are a couple of ways you can make the most of your Asian massage experience and extend the benefits of an oriental happy ending massage.

1. Set a relaxing mood

During the massage, make sure the mood is as relaxed as it can be. Enhance your experience by lighting some candles, playing some soothing music and using aromatherapy oils. When the atmosphere is chilled, you too can begin to relax your mind. An oriental happy ending massage is about using the power of orgasm to soothe your mind and you can’t do that if you’re highly strung.

2. Make room for some ‘me-time’

Look after yourself, physically and mentally by setting aside some designated me-time. Stress is inevitable, but always put your mental wellbeing first in order to delay its return. Book yourself in for regular oriental happy ending massages, take monthly trips to the spa – do whatever you need to do to stay relaxed. When you’re in the best condition that you can be, you can begin to improve other people’s lives.

3. Stay hydrated

Massages enhance all of your bodily systems. During a massage, your blood circulation will improve and you will breathe more deeply. This means the cells can perform their nutrient/waste product exchange more effectively. In order for all this to happen, you need to replenish your body’s water supply and that means increasing your water intake. So, put down that latte and pick up that Evian water bottle.

4. Stay focused and remember to breathe

You can’t prevent stress, but you can dodge it as best you can. When you’re put in potentially stressful situations, breathe and count to 10. Stay as zen as possible!

So there the main ways you can extend the benefits of your massage. To book your oriental happy ending massage experience, have a look at our services and selection of oriental masseuses here. We offer a wide range of massages from £130 an hour and cater to the whole of central and Greater London. We look forward to hearing from you!

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5 misconceptions about getting a happy ending massage

5 Misconceptions About Happy Ending Massage

In massage circles, a happy ending is a pseudonym for an orgasm, so it’s safe to assume that a happy ending massage is one of an erotic nature and uses sexual techniques to bring the client to ejaculation or orgasm. So it’s understandable if you don’t want to engage in that sort of activity with a stranger. And god forbid if your partner tries it. I mean, it sounds like borderline prostitution, right?!

But the thing is, happy ending massages aren’t as bad as their scandalous covers make them sound. And Many people often have many questions to ask when it comes to happy ending massages. So here are five of the most common misconceptions about happy ending massages.

5 misconceptions about getting a happy ending massage1. It’s not prostitution

This is the biggest misconception about happy ending massages. Although it might seem like prostitution because the masseuses provide sexual services, the therapists don’t like to class themselves as prostitutes because they directly provide massages, not sex. The massage is supposed to arouse the client but the orgasm that often concludes the session is a side product, not the aim. That’s one of the main differences between erotic massages and prostitution – both provide arousal and pleasure, but massage is still manual therapy that’s meant to ease muscle tension.

happy ending massage is not prostitution2. It’s an art

Erotic massage is an art and requires skill that cannot be learnt overnight. Massage therapy itself requires training because there are a variety of techniques and areas on the body that best correspond to certain techniques. Incorrectly applying a technique may result in discomfort, pain or even injury. As well as that, masseuses have trained meticulously for years to learn the proper way of inducing arousal and prolonging pleasure to create satisfaction. There may be plenty of “give your partner an erotic massage” guides out there on the web, but they can only provide tips and a sliver of the pleasure you could be experiencing. Just like how you’d visit a spa to get a proper Swedish massage, visiting a proper massage parlour or trying a service with a professional erotic therapist ensures you are getting the full benefits.

happy ending massage is an art form3. It can save your marriage

If you heard a story about a couple turning to a happy ending massage to save their relationship, you’d think it was a farce or they’d obviously sold their story to the press to make a bit of extra money. They might as well have introduced an escort or prostitute into their marriage or started an open relationship, because it’s basically cheating, right? Wrong! Despite whatever perceptions you have, happy ending massages can actually save dying relationships. The most common reason behind dying relationships is the loss of chemistry. The sex isn’t as great as it used to be, neither of you feel satisfied and so, you just don’t want to make an effort anymore. An erotic masseuse, who is trained in the arts of pleasure, can help you both embrace your sensuality, discover spots on your body that you didn’t know could turn you on and help you rediscover that lost spark.

happy ending massage can save your marriage4. It can save your job

Happy ending massages end in orgasms and orgasms are actually really good for you, despite society’s hush-hush approach to sexual activity. During orgasm and the lead-up to it, the body releases a cocktail of endorphin’s and hormones into the bloodstream. The hormones, which include oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin and prolactin, are known to stabilise mood, reduce anxiety, induce a state of calm, activate the brain’s pleasure centre and encourages the formation of relationship bonds. A combination of these effects can actually help you in daily life. When your pleasure centre is activated, you are more wired and motivated to complete tasks that will pleasure you, such as succeed in your job. This, combined with a stable, calm mood, will surely help you get ahead in your career and motivate you to impress your boss.

5. It’s good for health, physically and psychologically

A happy ending massage uses a combination of sexual and standard massage techniques, which will result in full-body satisfaction. We all know that places like the shoulders, neck and back are where we typically carry stress, but we also carry stress in the genital area. Because of society, we downplay the importance of sexual satisfaction when it comes to stress relief. The massage itself will help improve blood circulation and ease tense muscles, but the happy ending part helps to release tension from these areas. Plus, orgasms release a bunch of hormones into the bloodstream (see point four) that make us feel good about life.

So there you go – five misunderstandings about getting an erotic happy ending massage. Now that you know, you don’t have to be afraid of getting one.

happy ending massage le fini

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happy ending massage frequently asked questions

Happy Ending Massage: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve managed to end up here, you’re probably curious about happy ending massages. Whether you’re well-acquainted with Asian massage therapy or you’re totally new and have never experienced one before, you’ve probably got a few queries that need clearing up. We’ve put together a guide on happy ending massages so you don’t have to trudge from post to post, searching high and low on search engines, looking for your answer. We’ve covered everything from what a happy ending massage is and what to expect to the typical costs and the proper etiquette when it comes to this sort of thing (yes, there is an appropriate way to act!).

So here are the most frequently asked questions about happy ending massage!

What is a happy ending massage?

In the simplest terms, a ‘happy ending’ refers to an orgasm, so a happy ending massage is a massage that ends in one. Happy ending massage is a style of massage therapy that uses a series of erotic movements designed to arouse the body. These movements are similar to the ones used to standard massage therapy, but attention is paid to the sexual areas as well as the normal parts of the body. This excites all of the senses and heightens arousal. The sexual areas are usually the parts of the body that hold a lot of tension and because these areas are seldom stimulated on a regular basis, this tension builds up. Happy ending massages are designed to help people release these tensions and allow them to live their daily life without stress and mental baggage weighing them down.

happy ending massage frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of a happy ending massage?

Orgasms (happy endings) result in feelings of elation, relaxation, stress relief, mental tranquillity and contentment. This is due to the feel-good endorphins and hormones released into the bloodstream when the body is aroused and/or experiencing an orgasm. These include oxytocin, dopamine, prolactin and serotonin – all of which are calming, motivating, anxiety reducing, create pleasure and encourage the formation of relationship bonds. Some of the other major benefits of an erotic massage in general include:

Improves sex drive and sexual impotence/erectile dysfunction

  • Relief from urinary and prostate-related infections
  • Muscle ache relief
  • Improved blood circulation and skin condition
  • More efficient digestive and immune system

How can I prepare for my happy ending massage?

Because a happy ending involves touching of the intimate areas, it’s advised that clients wash themselves thoroughly before the sessions. Shaving is also recommended in order to maintain a certain level of cleanliness. It’s not compulsory, but it’s etiquette and shows some consideration towards the masseuse. Clean skin also means that the massage oil is applied more easily and feels more pleasant to the client.

What parts of my body will be massaged?

Your entire body! A happy ending massage is an erotic massage so includes some massaging of the sexual areas like the buttocks, the penis/vaginal area and the breasts. But it’s still massage therapy, so the masseuses will also massage the normal parts of the body, like the back, shoulders and legs. A happy ending massage isn’t an excuse for a massage therapist to masturbate you – it might involve touching of those areas, but it’s still massage therapy at the end of the day.

Will I be naked?

Being naked isn’t compulsory, but it is recommended, because clothing restricts proper stimulation of the body. Clients are often given a towel to drape around their midriff for some initial modesty. But whether or not you’re naked is up to you – you can wear as little or as much clothing as you want.

What do I do during the massage?

You only really need to lie there, close your eyes and relax! Focusing on your breathing, perhaps concentrate on syncing it with the masseuse’s. This will encourage the formation of bonds between you and the masseuse, which will help enhance the experience. You can also politely ask the masseuse to focus on a particular area, or switch to a certain massage technique if you preferred it. You don’t have to lie there in total silence – you’re paying for the overall experience so you might as well customise it to your specific needs to enhance your happy ending massage experience! But always be polite and respect the masseuse.


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Why Happy Ending Massages Shouldn’t Be Taboo!

Happy ending massages are unexpected but welcome surprises. Getting one would be like sleeping with your best friend’s sister – it feels bad and yet so good. But are they really so bad? They’re just massages that turn you on, and it’s near-impossible to not get aroused from someone running their oiled hands all over your body. If regular massages aren’t frowned upon, why should erotic?

Ah, but with erotic massages, the masseuse finishes you off with a wondrous orgasm. For the less informed, a happy ending massage is a euphemism for massage with an orgasm. It is a massage typically performed by a girl to a guy. It’s meant to arouse and the girl finishes the guy off with a hand job or more. It’s definitely something to fantasise about and that’s why it’s seen as bad. But we live in the age of casual hook-ups and unlimited Internet pornography, and somehow see them as acceptable. Why should a happy ending massage be any different? They’re also no-strings-attached sexual encounters.

Massages possess a wealth of fantastic benefits. Data compiled by the National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that in 2009, $34 billion was spent annually on alternative medicinal therapies such as massage therapy. Eight years on, the figure is likely to be much higher. This just shows how effective massage therapy, in general, is.


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The Benefits of a Happy Ending Massage

The motions and the varying pressures used in a massage have been proven to improve blood circulation and thus, blood pressure. When you’re cold, you tend to rub your hands together to stimulate blood flow, right? Massages work in a similar way. When you’re in pain, you tend to rub that area, so in the same way, the rubbing motions of a massage are also great for muscle ache relief. Just like when someone gives a cuddle and strokes your hair, the sensations of a massage are deeply relaxing.  When you’re relaxed, the digestive system works more efficiently as food and waste products move at an increased rate through the body. Breathing becomes deeper and slower, and respiration becomes more efficient as you’re using more of your lungs’ capacities.

Happy ending massages expand on these benefits. Not only do you leave with a reduced blood pressure and better circulatory, digestive and respiratory system, you’re more than utterly relaxed. Why? Sexual arousal and orgasm cause the body to release a bunch of feel-good endorphins and hormones into the bloodstream. You get some oxytocin (calming and creates bonds between you and your partner), serotonin (major ingredient in anti-depressants because of its mood stabilising ability), dopamine (turns on the brain’s pleasure centre) and prolactin (reduces anxiety and helps you sleep).

Have you ever noticed how after an orgasm, you feel totally calm, chilled and a little bit sleepy? It’s because of those hormones. An erotic massage with a happy ending can give you all this. You can’t experience the full dose of these wonderful endorphin’s from a regular Swedish massage.

It’s not just mood and pain alleviation that a happy ending massage can affect. The eventual orgasm can actually improve focus and enhance brain activity. When you’re aroused, it’s not just the sexual areas that blood goes rushing to. It also flows to the brain, sending nutrients and oxygen with it, meaning that you can get be the most productive you’ve ever been while in this post-orgasmic state.

The massage techniques used in happy ending massages are also fantastic for skin. The swirling and kneading motions stimulate blood flow to the surface of the skin, meaning you’ll leave a massage session with flushed, glowing skin. Orgasms associated with happy ending massages are responsible for this too. In the lead up to orgasm, the body releases DHEA, which is a prime ingredient in steroid supplements, and human growth hormone – both of which help with skin elasticity. This means happy ending massages are sort of like the Fountain of Youth, right?


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Breaking the Happy Ending Taboo

It’s crazy that happy ending massages possess all these amazing health benefits and yet society still shuns them into the ‘taboo’ box. Some people will argue here that it’s because you pay for this sexual encounter and so they’re basically prostitution. Prostitution is illegal in many countries and perhaps the shaded nature of massage parlours give off this vibe. In some places, intercourse will likely take place and that is against the law. However, the loophole is that the session will open with a massage and the happy ending is independently offered as an optional extra, so it then becomes consensual sex between two adults. A ‘private agreement’ like this is not against the law.

Taboo and illegal are not the same thing. Taboo is a term that’s been curated by society. We unnecessarily associate terms and images to situations, and once they’re there, it’s stuck. This is the case with happy ending massages. Because of their regular status on Internet porn, people form a negative stigma. Also, sex is a very hush-hush subject itself. But getting an erotic massage and becoming aroused to the point of orgasm shouldn’t be so embarrassing. We’re humans and we’re biologically programmed to enjoy sex.

Whatever your stance may be, it’s safe to say that erotic Asian massages seem salacious, suspicious and somewhat sleazy. This view isn’t helped by the regular spot held by Asian massages on the category list of many pornographic websites.


Happy ending massage in London


But if you ever happen to stumble on the chance to get a happy ending massage, grab it with both hands and get one! Don’t worry about what other people might think. Deep down, they’ll be wishing they were you.

Try our happy ending massage – hailed as the best erotic massage in London! For £130 an hour, it’s well worth your time.


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