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4 Hands Massage – Four is better than two!

Four is better than Two!

We have all heard the term “two is a company, three is a crowd” but have you ever thought about four? The first and only time I have experienced this glorious feeling was when I got a 4 hands massage at an Asian massage parlour in central London. On previous occasions I always got a full service massage with one lovely masseuse, however, on this particular day it was my birthday, therefore, I decided to treat myself and it certainly was a sexy celebration!

The thing with a four hands massage is it feels like having two full body massages, except they are both happening at the same time. It really is double the attention and double the pleasure.  It can be done in numerous different styles, personally, my favourite is when both masseuses synchronize their movements because they hit the same spots and pressure points with more of an effect and is twice as arousing. Their steady, calm and sensual strokes and rubs create a divine sensation that sends your whole body into a realm of relaxation and orgasmic bliss. You may find it hard at the beginning to relax as your mind may be following what the masseuses are doing, but the whole experience is so soothing before you know it you will be on a journey of pleasure and peace.

4 hands massages are definitely a luxury within the massage world and it should be the amazing experience you dreamt it would be. Although they do not come as cheap as other services, they really are a once in a lifetime experience that goes way beyond any kind of sexual gratification. You feel more in touch with yourself afterwards and you will wonder why society teaches us that sex should be between two people and no more. All erotic and tantric massages are of an indulgent nature but why have one slice of the chocolate cake when you can have it all?

Don’t worry, you are not being greedy   

Many people brand you ‘greedy’ if you like a 4 hands massage, jokingly saying “oh one girl isn’t enough”. Realistically, they are the ones missing out as you reap twice as many benefits than the normal guy having sex with one lady. If you are a sufferer of back problems or any sort of chronic pain then a 4 hands massage is perfect for you as it tackles every inch of your body. It I highly relieving and can help with physical and emotional stress or tension you may be feeling. It can reach and stretch muscles in a way that two hands would be unable to do and the coordinated movements of the masseuses add a soothing touch to your body.

You can pick the masseuses you want

Most erotic massage parlours in central London allow you to choose the masseuse you want from their website gallery or when you arrive at the parlour. Therefore, you could either pick two girls who are quite similar or maybe choose two girls who are completely different. From experience, I think it is always better to select two massage therapists who specialise in different types of massage. For example, both will be highly trained in the art of massage, therefore will be able to reach your points of tension and relieve your stress. However, if you then choose one masseuse who specialises in Lingam massage (massage on the penis) and one who is an expert for prostate massages (anus) then you really are in for a treat. Four hands massages without a doubt allow us to have a bigger variety when we are receiving a massage as they can perform more massage techniques at the same time, meaning your senses are heightened.

4 hands massage can help with your intimacy

Erotic and tantric massages do allow you to become a lot closer with the other person, making it very intimate and personal. However, when you are receiving four hands massage this is heightened even more and you can create an amazing bond with two beautiful women. They help you to learn to receive pleasure and also how to give it back equally. The three of you will enter a state of relaxation and bliss together and it will be a moment you never forget.

Four Hands massage to the men of London has recently gone mainstream by the excitement of having two women by yourself! you can make this happen her today at Erotic massage UK, phone our hotline for bookings 07774368218 or visit our 4 hands massage London page for more information.

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4 hands tantric massage in marylebone

The Top 4 Massages to Get With a Four Hands Service

Ready For Some Four Hands Massage Fun?

Ever heard of a 4 Hands massage before? If you haven’t, just had a seriously deprived adulthood. But do not fear, we are here to enrich your mind with the delights of erotic massages. The thing is, 4 Hand massages aren’t actually a massage- they are a service which is combined with a particular style of massage. If you haven’t already worked it out for yourself, four Hands = 2 masseuses. Now that is one good looking equation if I do say so myself! Paying for the 4 Hands service means that there’s twice as many hands and twice as many benefits, but which massage styles are best to team up this next-level experience? Here’s out top 5 massages to get alongside the 4 Hands service:

Tantric Massage

If you’ve hit puberty, you’ve heard of Tantra. End of. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you know what it is. Tantric massages are derived from the ancient practice of Tantra, which uses sexual stimulation and touch to unlock energies within the body. A Tantric massage is an incredibly slow and very sensual style of erotic massage, and promises to leave every single client feeling totally refreshed and revived. This style includes various techniques from different schools of massage; elements taken from bioenergetics, sexual therapy and yoga. This therapeutic experience forces client’s to break down their barriers and banish their negative chakras, awaken the Tantric warrior within them. Both erotic and sensual, Tantric massages are rife with healing properties and are not practiced purely for sexual gain. By selecting this massage alongside the Four Hands service, clients should expect to be projected into a euphoric state of bliss never experienced before.
What is this massage best for?
If you’ve been starved of romance and pine for the intimate touch of a woman, a Tantric massage should be the massage of your choice.


4 hands tantric massage in marylebone

Nuru Massage

When we think of Nuru, we think of naughty- and here’s exactly why. Although Nuru massages do begin with a full body, relaxing, sensual, Swedish massage, the child’s play is short lived, and then the real fun begins. Originating in Japan many centuries ago, Nuru is a special kind of gel known for its stringy, slippery texture. Renowned for its slick consistency, expert masseuses began using it to slide, grind and slither all over their clients. This body-to-body experience is notoriously sexy because the masseuse uses the curves of her body, her breasts and buttocks to relieve tension right across the body. This unique and widely practiced massage is powerfully intimate, and combines tenderness and lust for the ultimate passionate experience. Merging a Nuru with the four Hands service is not for the faint heartened- far from it. It is designed for thrill seekers; those who are thirsty for pure ecstasy. If you’re looking to have your mind, body and soul completely blown, get a 4 Handed Nuru.

What is this massage best for?
For a wild, raunchy hour of hot and steamy action, there’s no other massage that compares.

get the best four hands nuru massage in maryleboneProstate

If you’re hungry for new sensations and a different kind of pleasure, a Prostate massage might be just what you need. If you’re bored of vanilla sex, bog-standard hand-jobs and not-so-mind-blowing, blow jobs, maybe it’s time to venture through the back door? Believe it or not, Prostate massages were originally created to treat prostate-related illnesses, and are still recommended by doctors for their undeniable healing properties. However, they’re also insanely pleasurable. Over the centuries, men have not only sought out these distinctive massages for their health benefits, but instead, for their orgasms. The male prostate, also known as the male G-spot is a walnut-shaped ball of sensation. It is the central location for intense, toe-curling pleasure in men- fact. Choosing this style alongside the 4 Hands service does not mean that both masseuses will stimulate the prostate at the same time (ouch). It means that whilst one focuses on physical stimulation, the other will focus on alternative erogenous locations across the body. This incredible blend of alternate sensations truly is beyond words.

What is this massage best for?
If you’ve never explored anal play and you’re feeling experimental, paying for a Prostate massage will be the best thing you’ll ever do.


get the cheapest four hands prostate massage in marylebone

Happy Ending

Although most erotic massages result in a ‘happy ending’, it’s pretty much guaranteed with this style. However, what differentiates Happy Ending massages from other styles is that they’re all about worshipping the lingam (penis) – the sacred source of pleasure in Tantric practice. Whilst one masseuse stimulates the lingam, prostate and perineum the other will synchronise her movements on muscles across the body. 4 handed Happy Ending massages are the personification of Tantra because they unite pleasure and relaxation to complement one another. Without one, the other is hindered, which is why they rely on one another in order to create the ultimate pleasure and the ultimate relaxation. Happy Ending massages are designed to give clients a holistic release- physically and mentally. Falling into pure serenity is one of the best ways to cleanse the mind of stress and anxiety, so this massage is fantastic for ‘letting go’. Although 2 handed Happy Ending massages are desirable, choosing this massage with two masseuses really is twice as beneficial.

What is this massage best for?
I think the above description says it all- book for the orgasm of dreams.


get the best 4 hands service happy ending massage in London
The choice is up to you!

There you have it- our top 4 massages to combine with the famous 4 hands service. All erotic massages are unique and amazing in their own way, but so are you. Although a certain style massage might be right for one person, doesn’t mean it is for you. The fantasy of most men, four hands massages are arguably one of the, if not the sexiest massage service on the market- however, be sure to choose a style that’ll have the best results for you. Still undecided? Well, there’s only one way to go about it. Try them all and discover what you really need, whether it’s body-tingling pleasure or hypnotic relaxation. To book your Asian four hands massage in marylebone today, then book online or call us. And you can have a gorgeous masseuses at your door within the hour.



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why you need to try a 4 hands massage

Why You Need to Try a 4 Hands Massage

Imagine experiencing total bliss and relaxation. Imagine feeling your tensions lift off your chest and float away. Imagine going into a busy work office and being so relaxed, not a single bicker, nag or complaint affects you. It doesn’t quite sound possible, but a 4 Hands massage can give you all that and more!

A 4 Hands massage is, simply, a four-handed massage with two masseuses where they each manipulate your body instead of one. So instead of one masseuse, you have two spending an entire hour (or more) totally focused on pleasing you. Talk about being pampered. There are various types of massage you can choose and they can be standard or erotic. Either way, you’ll be experiencing total satisfaction.

What happens during a 4 Hands massage session?

A four-handed massage is a synchronised dance of the hands. Typically, one masseuse will lead and the other will follow. One masseuse will massage one side of your body, for example your right leg. The other masseuse will massage the opposite side (the left leg) and move in the opposite outward direction. This synchronised collaboration of motions will be near-hypnotic. You’ll be totally mesmerised by the sensations and your mind will be lulled into relaxation.

Alternatively, the two masseuses may work on different areas of the body. So instead of dividing the body vertically down the middle, they may split it horizontally. One masseuse might massage the top half of the body and the other will massage the lower half. Like the first approach, the masseuses will be synchrony with each other and your mind will be mesmerised.

One of the best things about a four Hands massage is that two pairs of hands can reach more areas and achieve more pleasure than one pair can. One masseuse cannot stimulate your torso and your legs at the same time. Two masseuses can.

Have you ever had a massage and somewhere during the clouds of pleasure, have fleetingly thought a leg rub would be nice? But you didn’t interrupt the masseuse because the work she’s giving to your shoulders feels so good? Well with a four Hands massage, you can! While one girl pays attention to your top half, the other can focus completely on your lower. Four hands can literally give you head-to-toe pleasure.

why you need to try a 4 hands massage in London with erotic massage Uk

Why a 4 Hands massage is essential for health

Modern day society treats pleasure as though it’s a dirty thing to be ashamed of. But in reality, pleasure is scientifically proven to be healthy. Pleasure doesn’t just invoke mental satisfaction. When we experience pleasure, a cocktail of feel-good hormones is released into the bloodstream. This wondrous mixture of hormones and endorphins has several positive effects on the body:

Dopamine – lights up the pleasure centre in the brain
Oxytocin – creates happiness, mental tranquillity and encourages the forming of bonds
Serotonin – stabilises mood
Prolactin – reduces anxiety and tension

These hormones are typically released when we do exciting things that we enjoy and get our hearts racing – for example, driving fast cars and riding roller coasters. But we don’t have to go to a theme park or buy a sports car to achieve this. We can do something that’s free and produces just as much pleasure – have an orgasm.

Yes, that’s right. Orgasms produce all of these hormones and it’s a natural side effect of pleasure. A 4 Hands massage can produce orgasmic, carnal pleasure, particularly if it’s an erotic massage.

But it’s not just about arousal and orgasms. Massages have fantastic physical benefits as well:

Realigns muscles and reduces pains and aches
Improves blood circulation
Boosts immunity

4 Hands vs 2 Hands

A Four Hands massage offers you all of the benefits of a standard massage, so you’re probably wondering why you shouldn’t just choose the standard one, especially as it’s cheaper. Four Hands massages are more expensive because there are two masseuses who are being compensated for their time and skill. However, two pairs of hands can manipulate a larger surface area than one pair can. A 4 Hands massage offers the same long-lasting benefits as a standard massage but in much less time (more hands = more pleasure). So, if you’re strapped for time, feeling particularly overworked or just want totally holistic relaxation, a 4 Hands massage is the one for you.

I’m interested in erotic massage! What styles can I try?

There are many types of erotic massage, but these are the most popular ones:

Erotic massage
Tantric massage
Sensual massage
Lingam massage
Nuru/soapy massage
Body to body massage
Prostate massage

Our advice? If you’ve never tried an erotic massage, we recommend diving straight in the deep end with a four Hands massage. If you have, we recommend upping the ante and going for a 4 Hands. Whatever your needs are, an erotic massage is designed to help you release those near-permanent tensions, exploring your sensual side and reconnecting your body, mind and soul. A four hands massage certainly does that.

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4 hands massage

The Benefits of Four Hand Massage

Looking to find out what The Benefits of Four Hand Massage are? We’ll not to worry as always here at Erotic Massage UK we’re here to help you.


There are numerous types of tried and tested massage techniques being offered by millions of providers around the world. There is enough variety for every need depending on the condition a user wants to address but all massage approaches are aimed at helping the receiver to relax physically and emotionally.

A four hand erotic massage is one where two therapists perform the massage in a coordinated manner and the outcome is that of two full body massages. It has been known to deliver a higher level of outcome to the receiver. Those who present multiple complaints such as aches, pains and stiffness or difficulty with mobility benefit more from this method. It has been proven to deliver fantastic results for such clients.

The way a 4 hands massage is performed is so multifaceted that in many cases you may realise that in the same you experience many different types of massages in the same session. Some of the known common experiences are deep cleansing, reflexology, deep tissue and possibly others.

Therapists will usually combine deeper movements to target various muscle groups while keeping you completely relaxed as they apply a mixture of harder and relaxing motions. Due to this approach, the receiver always experiences other types of massage during the same treatment.


four hands erotic massage


Why is it special

The four hand massage approach is unique in the sense that it places the receiver in a mind condition whereby they are completely relaxed to the extent that the therapists are able to explore all their muscles without any resistance which in turn means optimum outcome for the receiver ensuring no injuries occur during the treatment due to reactive movements from the receiver. Scientifically this is achieved due to the fact that the brain is not able to envisage or anticipate the motions and the likely pressures from a four hands erotic massage. In renders the person in a totally relaxed state which is absolutely great for the treatment.

The aim of this approach is to put your body into full relaxation state and therapists achieve this by applying long, slow and sweeping movements all over your body. They then use targeted techniques to ensure that muscles which present pains, aches and stiffness are properly massaged to eliminate any tensions, knots and any inflammations.

How Exactly Does It Benefit You?

Four hand erotic massage approach is aimed at those clients who present complex conditions and that is why the therapists apply a combination of methods such as superficial massaging, deep tissue and pressure point work techniques. There are many reasons to try a four hands massage some of which we listed below.


What Does It Achieve?

  1. It stimulates both logical and emotional sides of your brain hemispheres
  2. It realigns and stretches muscles due to the complex techniques approach
  3. It breaks down tissue build up by enhanced blood circulation
  4. It targets your whole body and mind which delivers a holistic experience

The Morning After Experience

Like with all massages you will feel changes in your muscles. You will probably feel sore, stiff and all, nevertheless don’t be alarmed; it will all disappear in time. Your body is adjusting to a new normal provided by the treatment.

However, you may want to warm up your muscles with a warm bath, heat pack or just jump into a wellness pool! The trick is to keep the muscles active to adjust to this new normal. Some dynamic stretches will help to lengthen your muscles and this will subsequently reduce some of the tenderness you may be experiencing. Ensure you warm up your muscles before any of the stretching activity.

Many people ignore this but it is crucial to keep your body hydrated both before and after the treatment.

After a couple of days when all that aches, stiffness and tenderness subsides you will feel more relaxed, a brand new you bubbling with energy. You will experience a sharpness in mind because of the effect and direct benefit of a four hand erotic massage is to bring your body and your mind in harmony. Because it engages both your brain hemispheres you will realize that you will be quick at making decisions and more relaxed about challenges that come your way. As they say, your mind will pay attention to your heart when making decisions.


How Many Sessions Are Recommended?

4 Hand Massage is one of those therapies you could have up to five times a week. The massage is mainly based on Swedish Massage techniques. You may need to discuss with your therapists their availability and preference for your treatment objectives.

You need to plan for at least 2 hours for every session and you need to explore providers who better suit your needs. The prices will vary from provider to provider, it may be worth your investment to take a trip to the options you are considering and find out if it is a place you would like to go for such a treatment and also if the offering price is within your budget plan.

You need to be very clear as to what you want to achieve with the treatment. Explain in detail as much as you can to the provider your main reason for wanting to use the four handed massage in particular. Most providers will use their professional judgement based on the information you share with them about yourself to make recommendations of the most appropriate treatment for your needs.

To benefit from this treatment, you need to be prepared psychologically and convince yourself that it will offer you the healing that you need. You may be seeking the four handed massage after trying a few interventions for your problem which probably did not work. However, you need a positive attitude towards the treatment. Don’t underestimate the power of the mind. The therapy has worked for millions of people around the world but your involvement will determine the most you can draw from it. If you are going to invest your time and money on the treatment you had better make the most out of it, don’t just go for the average. You are looking for better that is why you are finding solutions for your condition and you can get better with the four hands erotic massage if your case is that of a person who needs a robust therapeutic approach.

Where to Find the best Four Hands Erotic Massage Providers

There are many providers in most big cities of the World it just depends where you are at your moment of need. If you are in the United Kingdom most major cities will have therapists. London is probably the place with the highest number of therapists’ concentrations offering a variety of treatments. A city like Manchester will offer opportunities to explore the four hand erotic massage treatment erotic massage treatment.

Remember a four hands erotic massage is a treatment where two therapists work synchronised harmony with a strong focus to release your tensions and help you relax both mentally and physically. In some outlet’s the whole session begins with a welcoming foot ritual. The therapists will then start when you are ready exploring your body with low, deep and long strokes applying oil enriched with fragrant spices.

You are the first person who should make yourself feel special. Find time to look up a few providers and just get out there and get indulged.



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