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going to an erotic massage parlour in london for the first time

A beginners guide to going to an erotic massage parlour for the first time

Welcome the ‘Bedroom Door Shut’ forum where we discuss anything and everything from the comfort of the anonymous messaging board.

Today the topic on the table is erotic massage parlours. Now I and Bill decided to talk about this after a mate of ours told us he had gone to one after work. He told us this casually over dinner, as though he was telling us he had stopped off at the dry cleaners on the way home. On the other side of the table, he was surprised we were surprised, and even more so surprised that we had never gone for one before. Men in our 40’s and we’d never ever been in an erotic massage parlour. We discussed it at length and really there was no reason I hadn’t been for a massage, I think Bill felt the same. We aren’t dead set against them, we don’t believe they’re the seedy underbelly of society; we are liberal educated men comfortable with sex in all its forms.  ‘Well you’re not seeing anyone Bill,’ our mate acknowledged, and Bill agreed that he was indeed alone. But then Bill said something which surprised me and something that I agreed with completely. He said, ‘I suppose it’s breaking the seal with that sort of thing isn’t, going for the first time. I feel like I’m too old to feel a fool because I don’t know the appropriate etiquette for a situation I am unfamiliar.’

Now I don’t think Bill is too old, I’m sure men double his age get erotic massages but what I did agree with was the assertion that breaking the seal is hard to do.  When we constantly associate our own actions with our life narrative we let ourselves become afraid of doing some new, something that could corrupt our narrative in any way. This is of course nonsense; we act in a series of different and erratic ways all the time. You’re not the same person as you were when you were 15, you don’t think the same. So why do you trouble yourself with the shadow of this former self, judging yourself on who you once were or might have been? Perhaps I’m going off topic but what I will say is that the older we get the harder we find it to do new things. I suppose the unknown is always scary, perhaps young men feel just the same. I asked Bill if there was anything that could persuade him to take the plunge. He thought about it and came back to me with the idea of a guide, a sort of erotic massage for dummies. Some kind of information that would help a first timer navigate the erotic massage parlour. A guide that would prevent a fresh face from being scammed cheated or in danger of saying the wrong thing. ‘Like what are the code words for this place’ Bill posted. So that gave us the idea. Over the next week, we set about learning as much as we could about the erotic massage industry alive and thriving in London town.

To do this we trawled websites, sourced information about different services, gaged typical prices. We even called the reception desk of a number of the most refutable parlours and asked their receptionists a bunch of questions. And ultimately we, well Bill, went and had his first erotic massage. He followed the tips we had picked up during the week and he learnt a few more. So without further ado here’s our guide for anyone going to an erotic massage parlour for the first time:


Before your massage what do you do?

Well first you need to BOOK and you do that by choosing your preferred parlour online and either phoning, texting or emailing a booking request.   We learnt from talking to parlour receptionists that it is always better to call up. Emails are not checked that regularly so you could miss your window, they say email bookings are best if you’re looking to book a couple of days in advance. If you want to be booked on that day it is always better to call: good to know.

You should never haggle with the price. All the parlours we spoke to told us they find it insulting when some clients try and ask for a discount. Only when you are booking say a 4-hour four-hand massage (which would be very expensive) then you can start inquiring about a discount.

Make sure you have cash available as most parlours do not accept card payments.

On our internet research, we discovered some helpful points about getting ready for the massage itself –

  • Make sure you’ve showered (or if there’s no time to go home ask to use their shower facilities) I mean it makes sense, if you’re sweaty and smelly you’re not going to feel comfortable and your masseuse is going to notice. If you want your masseuse to give you the best service the least you can do is give yourself a quick scrub.
  • Wear loose clothing. According to online advice, after a heavy massage session, it feels way better putting on a pair of soft joggers rather than try and squeeze into a pair of drainpipe jeans.
  • Drink plenty of water. Think of it like you’re going for a workout session. You don’t need to take a towel or anything they provide those.


If you have never had a massage before then you probably don’t know all the types of massage you can get (there are loads) it is well worth doing your RESEARCH- not only so you can pick your favourite service but also so you are aware what you should be getting. If you don’t do your research and choose a random massage it might be something you really won’t like. Some massage styles aren’t for everyone- like ‘nuru’ for instance, that involves getting covered in seaweed gel and rubbing bodies with your masseuse (personally not something I’d want to try…) but there are other services that deal with specific things like early ejaculation,  low libido etc. which could be perfect (if you knew about it.) So yeah, whatever you’re “into”, believe me, there will be a service to satisfy your needs.


If you would like to know who you are getting your massage with pre-appointment, you can select the masseuse of your choice from the chosen parlours website. Most parlours in London have websites with an area dedicated to their masseuses. They are normally under tabs like ‘girl gallery’ or ‘girl guide’, you won’t miss them. Once you have looked over the masseuse profiles then ask if your chosen masseuse is working and the receptionist will check for you. Alternatively, you can just choose a girl on your arrival to the parlour.


When you arrive you will be taken to a private room, you will pay your masseuse for this service you want and you will both get undressed. The massage can happen either on a massage table or on the freshly made bed; it is entirely up to you.


Once you have had your massage you are free to leave. If you wish you can tip your masseuse (most people do, around a tenner typically. International clients tend to give the masseuse euros or dollars they no longer want as she is happy to get them exchanged in GBP.


If you asked for any extras during your session you are expected to pay for this now too. Make sure you are aware of what counts as an extra before you do it. For instance, many first-timers don’t realise that kissing the masseuse is classed as the ‘girlfriend experience’ and this is typically a £20 extra. Similarly, many first-timers don’t realise that oral without a condom is again £20 extra than if you were to have oral with. So make sure you find out what something cost- even ask your masseuse if you aren’t sure. There’s no wrong question in a parlour, everyone is curious- even clients that have been going for years.


Bill, on eventually having his first erotic massage said it was good. He enjoyed the experience and was reassured and relaxed because of the prior research. He said he doesn’t feel like he’s ‘missed out’ his whole life but he definitely would recommend it to a friend.

What are your thoughts? Do you frequently go to massage parlours? What advice would you give to a first-timer? Have you never had a massage? What do you want to know? Chat away!

Massage services available in London not just erotic massages but many other hot Asian oriental services.


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couple ready for an erotic massage to help save relationship

How an erotic massage could help save your relationship

 Relationships are fun, loving and enjoyable. However, they are very difficult and at times come with problems. In particular, those who have been in a relationship for a longer period of time may often come to a bump in the road and it can often be hard to override it. This can affect the mood and dynamic of the relationship a lot and things that used to be important such as your sex life can often take a hit. An erotic massage could be the solution to this problem, allowing you both to take a moment to focus on what is important and the fact that you do still love and care for one another.

Here are 5 reasons you and your partner should try an erotic massage together;


  1. They are relaxing

Erotic massages are highly relaxing, and just like any other type of massage they help zone you out and enter into a blissful state of peace and tranquillity. With the madness of everyday life, it is essential that we take time out and focus on ourselves. At times we live life at such a fast pace that we are just existing rather than actually living. Massages allow us that personal space to sit back and chill when the world around us goes crazy.

All of us deserve a little pamper very so often and you do feel very luxurious when you have a tantric massage. Many of the erotic massage parlours in London are very clean and beautiful, with comforting rooms that smell nice with fresh sheets and towels for you to use. If you have this experience with your partner or lover, you will get to enjoy some time out together and get that one on one time to re-connect and remember what brought you together.

IT is also nice to see your partner calm and happy rather than all flustered and stressed.


  1. They help your mind

Erotic massages are an incredible way for you and your partner to take care of your mind and mental health. Often we become so caught up in our minds and it is hard to manage our stress and worries. Erotic massages teach you how to do this, therefore you and your partner can help one another out and be strong together. You can vibe off one another’s amazing energy and be a happy unit, helping each other to progress and move forward with a happy, positive attitude.


  1. They help your body

Couples erotic massages are a good way of relieving any muscle pain, tension, spasms or other problems you or your partner may be occurring. They make your body feel abler and energized and you can then put more effort into one another. Once you feel more capable and mobilized you to feel as if taking on lots of tasks is a lot easier.

They are also amazing for, please. They are highly arousing and sensual and you will be turned on seeing your partner enjoy themselves, while you are also enjoying yourself too. They help you to learn about your body and where your most sensitive points are, therefore you and your lover can then practice this, even more, when you get home. The masseuse will teach you both new tricks that you can use. The point of an erotic massage is not to just have the ultimate outcome of an orgasm but to feel and enjoy every moment of the experience. It is all about the build-up and living in the moment, because if you master this then your climax will be so much more heightened as well as intense and longer lasting.

Erotic massages with your partner are a good way to tackle body confidence issues and helping you to love yourself and your partner as you are. Many couples may watch porn together where the actors are slim, toned and look like models – this is not realistic. Having an erotic massage together will allow you to realise this and you will gain confidence for your appearance and realise that everybody is flawed and nobody is perfect.

Overall, tantric and erotic massages are the perfect way to join a couple in an intimate and loving way. They have helped so many couples rekindle the love and get that happiness back that their relationship may have been lacking. It makes you stronger as a couple and you learn to overcome anything together in a positive manner. The effects of an erotic massage are long lasting and will help build up your bond and love for one another.

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erotic massage London woman giving man an erotic massage

The popularity of an erotic massage

Massages are a worldwide luxury, enjoyed by millions across the globe. Where in the world you’re from may depend on what massages you seek. The super relaxing Swedish massage is a popular bodywork enjoyed by Europeans and North Americans. While those from Asia have a taste for more therapeutic massages, including Shiatsu and Thai massage. However, there is one massage which is enjoyed universally and if you’ve not tried it, you would definitely have heard of it. Let’s talk about erotic massage…

You may not be aware of it, but erotic massage is everywhere – the service is hugely popular with worldwide businessmen, it’s mostly found in built-up cities such as London, New York and Tokyo. Many erotic massage parlours aren’t able to be spotted with the naked eye, but why? Well, many erotic massage clients are usually married, live around the area or are highly respectable. Being spotted visiting an adult massage parlour could be enough to cost them their prestigious status. To prevent this, the salon managers often make a conscious effort to ensure the salons are discreet as possible. The parlours often have no sign from the outside and are often disguised as luxurious apartments or private office spaces in the heart of the city. For those who regularly book adult massage will be aware that the address to the company’s parlour(s) is never displayed online. Instead, they are sent to the client when a booking is made. This ensures the parlour is top secret. You never know, you may walk past an erotic massage parlour on a daily basis…

So, why are erotic massages so popular? Well, it’s not hard to see why they’re a big hit across the globe. A run-of-the-mill massage is super enjoyable, allowing clients to kick back and relax while switching off from all life’s stresses. An erotic massage encourages that too, but it is enhanced with what we’d like to call the ‘juicy bits’.

Massage of all forms can be seen as an intimate experience. So why wouldn’t you want to fancy your masseuse? Unfortunately, when you visit an average spa the chances are you won’t have a sensual spark with your therapist. They’ll often have their hair scraped back, minimal makeup and a dowdy baggy uniform on. However, when you visit an erotic massage parlour things couldn’t be any more different.  Adult massage therapists are not only employed for their tantalising talents, but also for their model-like features too. Many hosts a variety of girls from sultry pocket rockets, to boobilicious babes. Most erotic massages are performed naked, therefore the client gets to see the girl of their wildest dreams in all their glory.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. The main reason clients visit erotic parlours has become of the ‘extras’ the girls offer. Sex is a thing enjoyed by everyone and sex with gorgeous oriental therapist promises to be a very special experience for many clients. The parlours understand that each client’s drive is different, therefore a good masseuse will tailor the massage to suit the individual’s needs and preferences.  At most parlours, clients can opt for a happy ending (massage and hand relief) or the full thrills full service, which comes with a blowjob and penetration too. Masseuses are also open to requests which prove a hit with many clients, as it allows them to indulge in various activities they’ve never had the opportunity to try.

Erotic massages pave way for a new era of sex services, allowing men to achieve their wildest fantasies in a plush five-star location. As many governments across the world clamp down on the selling of sex, erotic massage will continue to flourish and may even become the main form of seeking casual sex. If you’d like to jump on the erotic massage in London bandwagon then give us a call today and take a trip down to Erotic Massage UK London: 07774368218

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The Best Way to Relax with an Outcall Erotic Massage

Have you ever wondered what was the best way to relax and unwind? maybe you thought it was simply relaxing on the couch, or nipping down to your local pub to chill out with your mates. But if we told you there was a much better way? A way so sublime and seductive it’ll have you returning again and again! wondering what that may be well what if we told you it was simply an outcall erotic massage. That’s right a luxury individually tailored outcall erotic massage to tend to your every ache and pain.



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oriental erotic massage and tantric massage

Tantric Massage and Erotic Massage – What’s the Difference?

Tantric massage is an ancient massage style that can be performed by both men and women. It is a fantastic way to ignite sexual foreplay for couples and is also beneficial for singles. However, there is a great deal of confusion surrounding the concept of Tantric massage and Tantra. Tantra made its debut in the media when world-famous singer, Sting opened up about his Tantric sex life with his wife. Tantra is purposefully sexual in nature, whereas Tantric massage isn’t.

What is a Tantric massage?

Tantric massage does not involve sexual intercourse, and is not a ‘happy ending massage’ style, despite what the stereotypes suggest. Massages which intentionally explore sexual pleasure are known as, ‘erotic massages’, not Tantric. This, of course, is where these terms get tarnished by the same brush. Tantric massage has a more profound and deeper meaning. Tantra is the meeting of yin and yang- a union of polarities. Tantric massage invites both types of energy into the massage, and incorporates specific techniques in order to harness it. Yin is known as the relaxation energy; the kind of energy most people seem to experience whilst having a massage or a warm bath, for example. Yang, on the other hand, is the sensual energy that flows through the body like electricity. Tantric massage is designed to build up and collapse energy throughout the session so as to bring about a sense of harmony for both the client and masseuse. Tantric massage focuses on the movement of energy; therefore it is possible to give a Tantric massage without incorporating sexual touch. In fact, some people have been known to achieve a full body orgasm without even removing any of their clothes. This style of massage seeks to unify the sexual organs with all other parts of the body. Essentially, it is a union of sexual energy. An oriental erotic massage on the other hand does not create this amalgamation because its primary focus is to stimulate sexually. As a result, Oriental erotic massages are arguably less intimate and is far less spiritual. Although it can be enjoyable and sensual in many ways, it cannot provide long-lasting harmony.


the difference between tantric massage and oriental erotic massage


The benefits of a Tantric massage

Improves sleep- It’s no surprise to hear that Tantric massages are incredibly relaxing. However, this relaxation also makes for a much better night’s sleep!

Improves breathing- Tantric massage incorporates similar techniques that are used for meditation. These, deep, relaxing breathing techniques are intended to transport energy throughout one’s body in a more efficient way. Learning to breath more proficiently and relaxing does improve health overall.

Promotes intimacy- Tantric massage promotes healthy intimacy between the client and masseuse, but without sexual intercourse. This deeper form of intimacy is often more pleasurable than sex- believe it or not. It fills an empty void and brings reassurance to both parties. Emotional connection is far deeper than a physical one.

Relaxes the mind, body and soul- Tantric massage relaxes the body in every single way, whether it be physically, mentally or spiritually. Tantric massage is interesting because it can help to break up deep, emotional issues. These can be memories, emotions or experiences. Tantric massage helps clients to locate negative energies and discard them.

Increases awareness- Tantric massage increases awareness of the body in its entirety. For people out there who still don’t know what they like and dislike, getting a Tantric massage could help you to discover that. After all, the skin is the biggest organ in the body, and of course, the most sensitive. The sense of touch is powerful.

It’s more hygienic than sex- You can get all of the benefits of sex without getting down and dirty. Tantric massage is incredibly erotic, and induces feelings of intimacy, connection and pleasure. If you want to explore a more exotic massage style but don’t feel comfortable getting sexually intimate with a stranger, then Tantric massage is exactly what you need.


oriental eortic massage and tantric the differences


Is it better than Erotic massage?

Obviously, this boils down to personal preference. typically an oriental erotic massage is more sexual, but that’s not to say it is any better or worse. Tantric massage is more of a spiritual experience, however both take inspiration from one another. Ultimately, Tantric massage goes far deeper than a ‘happy ending’- it selves into the soul of the person. As much as pleasure and reaching orgasm is good for us, exploring our inner feelings and emotions is equally as satisfying. Tantric massage simply does this on a less traumatic scale. Ultimately, you’ll never know which is for you until you give them both a try.

So, if you’re interested in giving Tantric massage a go, or a oriental erotic massage for that matter, then call on the number below and schedule in for some fun with a hot, Asian masseuse today.

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what is it really like to experience an erotic massage in London?

What It’s Really Like to Get an Erotic Massage

When you think about Erotic massage, what do you imagine? Do you envision something similar to an X-rated movie? Most people assume Erotic massages to be aggressively sexual; almost animalistic, if you will. They envision hair flipping; overly dramatic screams of pleasure and a ‘big finale’ should we say. But the truth is they’re nothing like the stereotypes suggest. We spoke to a couple of clients in London to find out what they made of their Erotic massage experience; to get a first-hand depiction of what it’s really like.

For reasons of discretion, they have asked to remain anonymous.

What is your age?

Man A: 42

Man B: 26

Are you in a relationship?

Man A: Yes. I am married with children

Man B: I am newly single

How many times have you had an Erotic massage?

Man A: Just the once- so far!

Man B: I had my third last week

Does/did your partner know of your massage experience(s)?

Man A: Yes, my wife is aware. It is something we had discussed before I tried it. She was supportive of my decision to get an Erotic massage, and I have since encouraged her to do the same.

Man B: I hadn’t made a point of telling my girlfriend at the time, but she eventually found out. I made a point of keeping it from her because she was rarely open-minded about this sort of thing, and I knew she wouldn’t understand. It’s safe to say she wasn’t impressed- but that’s not why we broke up.

did your partner know about your erotic massage in London?

Why did you get an Erotic massage?

Man A: Ultimately, it was something I needed to do for myself. In many ways, it was a selfish decision, but my wife understood. We have been married for almost 20 years now, and have three children who have become the centre of our lives. As such, our relationship and sex life has taken a beating as a result. My wife was too exhausted to have sex regularly, and my schedule was becoming an issue. It was starting to cause rifts between us and things were progressively getting worse. I had read an article about Erotic massage for couples and suggested to my wife that we should get one. She wasn’t interested, but encouraged me to get one myself. I felt guilty at first, but then realised how incredible the experience was for US as a couple, not just me.  It’s worked wonders for our relationship.

Man B: This probably sounds sleazy, but I was always an avid porn-watcher and favoured the massage role-plays. I’ve always had an unquenchable sex drive and an even more energetic imagination, so I wanted to see if Erotic massages were anything like I imagined them to be. I discussed it with a couple of mates and we all decided to get one after a night out in London. They all chickened out last minute, but I guess you could say I wanted to be the ‘lad’ of the group and went ahead with it. It wasn’t at all what I expected- it was far better.

What was it like?

Man A: It was nerve-wracking at first to say the least. I’d probably say that was my initial feeling. My wife and I agreed that I should have the massage as a salon, because she didn’t like the idea of our children jumping on the bed where I’d spent some intimate time with another woman. When i arrived at the salon, I was incredibly apprehensive, and considered calling it off. The masseuse, however, was incredibly welcoming and really put me at ease. I took a shower, undressed and lay on the table, where she began performing a full body massage. After several minutes, she progressed to the main massage and things turned sexual. It was intimate, but I did not feel romantic connection to my masseuse. It was slow, sensual and incredibly arousing, and every single second of it euphoric. I have never been so relaxed in my entire life, and it made me feel like some kind of weight had been lifted. Of course, it was pleasurable. Good Lord it felt good. But that’s not what I took from my session. It was therapeutic, and made me appreciate my wonderful wife again.

Man B: Well, it wasn’t like a porno. That’s for sure. The thing that surprised me most about my experience was the fact it was quite emotional and romantic in a way. I hadn’t expected that at all. We weren’t aggressively shagging as I’d imagined it- she was completely in control and had me in the palm of her hand. It was by far the most erotic and pleasurable experience of my life, but it wasn’t in any way overly dramatized. That made it so much better.

Did you get your ‘happy ending?’

Man A: I did, right at the end.

Man B: Yes. I had two.

get the best deals on oriental happy ednign massage services in London with us

Do you friends and family know?

Man A: Although my wife was supportive of my decision, we decided now to tell anyone. I didn’t want any of our friends thinking my wife wasn’t enough for me- that was never the case. We thought it would be best to keep it to ourselves.

Man B: Obviously, my friends know. They think it’s hilarious. I never made a point of telling my family out of respect, but when my girlfriend at the time found out, she told my mum. She wasn’t happy to say the least.

Would you recommend Erotic massage to other people?

Man A: Absolutely! But I’d always recommend doing it for the right reasons, especially if you’re in a relationship.

Man B: Obviously, yes. But if you have a girlfriend, I’d definitely suggest either telling her or waiting till you’re single. In many ways, it wasn’t worth the hassle. If you’re not tied down though, I wouldn’t think twice before getting one.


If getting an Erotic massage in London is something you’d like to explore, and then follow the link below and book in for a session with a fully-trained expert. Incall and outcall sessions available to anyone in central of Greater London.

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Asian erotic massage services central London

True or False? 10 Facts About Erotic Massage

Have you ever heard of an Asian erotic massage? If you have, what do you think when you heard the name? Maybe that it’s seedy, perverted and illegal? Many people automatically assume the worst when it comes to an erotic Asian massage, but we’re here to change your mind and show you that a lot of the conceptions about this massage are actually myths.

Asian Erotic Massage: The Facts

1. It’s illegal

False. Asian erotic massages are not necessarily examples of prostitution. The girls are trained masseuses, not escorts or sex workers (refer to point seven). Even if they offer anything beyond a massage, it’s off their own accord and as a private, consensual arrangement between the masseuse and the client. Nevertheless, prostitution isn’t illegal in the UK. Running a brothel is, but that’s not what we do at Erotic Massage UK.

2. It’s seedy

False. Erotic Asian massages are arts which the masseuses train intensively in order to learn. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed to get an Asian erotic massage. This is the label that’s been given to the art by society. It’s true that some of the seedier people in society may get Asian erotic massages, but they are often quite expensive and the soaring prices deter riffraff.

3. You can only get it in red light districts

False. It used to be the case but now it’s widely taught and practised in places all over the country. At Erotic Massage UK, we offer a variety of authentic Asian massage services, exclusive to central and Greater London. Our masseuses are available for incall massages or can provide outcall service.

4. You get a happy ending

True. Happy endings come as an optional add-on and we highly recommend them if you’re after a fulfilling stress release because orgasms are a physical manifestation of stress. At Erotic Massage UK, all of our masseuses are skilled in various techniques meant to prolong pleasure and give you the intense release you’re looking for.

5. It’s purely a sexual experience

False. In Asian culture, Asian erotic massage is seen as a spiritual journey that rejuvenates the body and mind.


Asian erotic massage services in London

6. It’s only for men

False. This is a major misconception, because Asian erotic massage can be enjoyed by women as well as men. It can even be enjoyed by couples. Sexual orientation doesn’t matter either!

7. The masseuses are sex workers

False. Many people assume that Asian erotic massages are forms of prostitution, but they’re not. The masseuses are genuinely trained massage therapists who just so happen to massage the sexual parts of the body as well as the normal parts. This results in more holistically relaxing and satisfying results.

8. Only Asian massage parlours provide the authentic service

False. There are places in London that employ European, Hispanic and Latino masseuses. It’s not restricted to race. However, at Erotic Massage UK, we only employ Asian girls because we believe that as it’s an Asian therapy, it’s best enjoyed at the hands of an Asian girl. All of our gorgeous Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean and Thai masseuses are highly trained therapists and are guaranteed to give you an unforgettable hour of your life.

9. It’s good for stress

True. An Asian erotic massage combines all of the relaxing massage techniques to work knots out of your muscles with sensual methods meant to help release your tension in a pleasurable way. Did you know that orgasms actually help to reduce stress? When you orgasm, your body releases hormones that work to reduce anxiety and keep you feeling calm – both of which equal a stress-free state of mind!

10. It’s good for health

True. As well as reducing stress, an Asian erotic massage also improves your immune system. Cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress, reduces the number of white blood cells in our bloodstream. Orgasms eliminate stress and this hormone, which boosts our immune system. Asian erotic massage therapy also stimulates blood circulation, which means cells receive fresh blood filled with nutrients more efficiently and remove waste products more quickly.

So why wait? get your Asian Erotic Massage Now!

So, there you go – 10 truths and myths about Asian erotic massage! Were you surprised by any of them? If you’re interested in trying an authentic Asian erotic massage, we offer a specialised Asian massage service to London. From just £130 an hour, you can choose to experience the most mind-blowing hour of your life. What are you waiting for?

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14 Weird Sexual Fetishes That Make An Erotic Massage Look Normal!

If You Thought An Erotic Massage Was Weird? Think Again!

Have you ever heard of an erotic massage before? Yeah, you probably have, and you probably think it’s a really dodgy, extremely expensive hand job in some sleazy salon underground somewhere. Am I right? Well, I am here to tell you that you are wrong! Unbeknown to me, Erotic Massages seem to be clouded by an array of negative stigmas, making people overly hesitant to give them a go, when in reality, they’re pretty amazing experiences.

Regardless, if you still think Erotic Massages are weird, then you’ve been totally misinformed. Living in a world where sex is practices, A LOT, I find it strange to believe that kinky massages have such a bad rep when there’s much weirder shit going on all around us. So, as an Erotic Massage advocate, I am here to completely weird you out and show you that Happy Ending massages are positively PG compared to some of the bizarre shit that goes on behind closed doors. By the end of this, you’ll never judge naughty massages ever again…


The 14 Weird Sexual Fetishes


1. Pseudonecrophillia

So, Necrophillia is seriously fucked up and totally illegal in the eyes of the law for obvious reasons. But unusually, Pseudonecrophillia isn’t, and you would be surprised to hear how many people are into it. If you haven’t already guessed, this weird sexual act involves one person playing dead during sex, while the other person gets off on it. As well as going limp and barely breathing, some people even take ice baths beforehand to make it seem as if they are a cold, lifeless body. What. The. Hell. I don’t know about you, but if someone asked me to play dead during sex, I’d be out of there quicker than Donald Trump at a tax office. Pretty sure infamous serial killer and necrophilia super fan, Ted Bundy made his girlfriend to do this while they were dating…. Slight alarm bells ringing. Just saying’.


pseudonecrophilia sexual fetishes


2. Formicophilia

If there’s one thing that really bugs me, its men who get more aroused by insects then me. Ha, get it? But seriously, this is a thing, and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about it. Formicophilia is a sexual fetish whereby people get sexually aroused by insects crawling all over their private parts and body. Formicophiliacs enjoy being bitten, and get turned by the pain and irritation which comes as a result of being eaten alive by creepy crawlies. I’m itchy even thinking about it! Not being funny, but when I see an insect, I run a mile. I don’t sit there and imagine what it would look like in 6 inch heels on the cover of playboy. So, the next time your partner suggests watching A Bugs Life on Netflix, it’s time to start worrying.


Formicophilia fetish


3. Pony Play

Okay so this one is a little more self-explanatory; it’s basically what it says on the tin. This weird type of role play involves people pretending to be horses or riding people pretending to be horses. Honestly guys, I’m not horsing around here… This weird fetish has become so popular, most bondage retailers now stock horse related gear such as butt plugs with horse’s tails and saddles. Pony Players are often accompanied by their ‘jockey’ who rides them and feeds them carrots whilst dressed in full riding gear. Sounds like an expensive fetish if you ask me, but it doesn’t end there.  This bizarre role play is not limited to horses, it also extends to other animals such as dogs, cats, wolves, lions and many others. I love puppies, kittens and horses just as much as the next person, but I don’t particularly want one as a boyfriend. I’ll stick to the real thing, thanks.


pony play fetish


4. Paraphilic Infantilism

Everyone loves babies! They’re super cute right?, adorable little bundles of joy who really do brighten up the world. But how would you feel about a middle aged fat, hairy man dressing up as one? Still cute? NO. Absolutely not! If you haven’t already sussed it out, this seriously disturbing practice, also known as ‘Adult Baby Syndrome’,

involves adults dressing up as and acting like babies, whilst some other weirdo ‘mothers’ and looks after them. These creepy giant babies enjoy being bottle fed; having their nappies changed, sleeping in cots and of course, crying all of the time. Categorised as a sexual masochism, practitioners of this bizarre fetish derive sexual gratification from being completely humiliated, and seem to enjoy the feeling of being helpless and vulnerable. Although this may seem pretty damn weird to most of you, this not-so-uncommon fetish appears to be rising in popularity across the world and is definitely becoming more accepted and recognised. Pretty messed up if you ask me, but each to their own, I guess?



paraphillic infantism fetish


5. Climacophilia

Ever fell down the stairs in a public place and completely humiliated yourself? Most people probably have, and it can be a pretty traumatic experience. Unless of course you’re a Climacophiliac, in which case, it’s a massive turn on. Although there has been very little scientific research into this, it has been noted that participants suffering from Climacophiliac gain sexual gratification from either tumbling down stairs themselves or watching someone else do it. Psychologists seem to be pretty baffled by this one, and so far, there have been very few cases reported. But either way, the term ‘stairway to heaven’ has never been more appropriate.


climacophilia fetish


6. Apotemnophilia

Imagine being in a car accident and crushing both of your legs, or being a soldier and having your arms blown off.  It sounds horrendous, doesn’t it? Not for a Apotemnophiliac. For them, it’s like a dream come true. As far as twisted fetishes go, this is pretty up there, because after all, who the hell fantasizes about being completely immobile? Although most people suffering from Apotemnophilia are sexually aroused by other amputee’s, extreme sufferers become aroused at the thought of being limb-less themselves. The worst part is, there have been accounts of people cutting off their own limbs DIY style in a bid to feel ‘whole’- as has been described by them. Whoever these people are, they definitely need psychological evaluation. But in the meantime, let’s just hope they don’t get stuck on a dance floor when the Hokey Cokey comes on….


an erotic massage in london is better than apotemnophilia fetish


7. Xylophilia

Okay so everyone loves forests. They’re beautiful, idyllic and really sexy. Wait, what? So apparently, people who suffer from Xylophila get seriously turned on at the sight or touch of wood in every form. Now now girls, steady on, we don’t mean that kind of ‘wood’. We mean ACTUAL wood, believe it or not. Whether it’s trees, pencils or planks of wood, Xylophiliacs seemingly can’t get enough of it, but there is still no explanation as to why. I mean, did a Xylophiliac just walk past their dining room table one day and think, ‘Phoar, check out the legs on that one’? Who knows, but if I do know one thing, it’s that Xylophiliacs are barking mad! So, if you ever catch your partner staring at your wardrobe for too long, you know why.



8. Cake Farts

Ever looked at a Victoria Sponge and just had a massive urge to fart on it? Oh, man I wish I was making this up but I’m really not. People farting on cakes for sexual gratification is an actual thing now, after a video was posted on Pornhub of a woman letting rip on a beautifully-iced chocolate cake. Whether it was originally posted as a joke or not, people seemed to like it… A lot. So much that a new genre of porn has since been created because of it. Some Cake Fart fans have described what they like about this acquired fetish, and apparently, there’s something sexy about icing getting lodged up someone’s back-end? There’s only one hole I want my cake going down, and its most definitely further north.  So, next time you think about buying a caterpillar cake from ASDA for your mate’s birthday, I’d seriously reconsider. Never. Eating. Cake. Again.


cake fart fetish


9. Coprophilia

Two Girls one Cup– a hellish, stomach- churning manifestation of nightmares. This chunder-worthy abomination horrified the world for its unnatural, sexual use of human excrement, leaving most normal people simultaneously gagging in sheer horror. But for all of the Coprophiliacs out there, this video was a thing of magic. This rather unhygienic fetish is where people get aroused by all things pooey, developing an unnatural interest in feces. Professed Coprophiliacs have admitted enjoying the smell, texture and taste of feces, whether it be their own or someone else’s. You could be Tom Hardy or Ryan frickin’ Gosling for all I care, you are not coming anywhere near me with poo! This shit is next level weird.




10. Stygiophilia

Imagine getting jiggy with a guy, everything is going great and then suddenly he’s all like, ‘burn in hell, bitch’. You’d be super upset and a little taken back, right? Well, for a Stygiophiliac, this is actually a massive compliment. Stygiophiliacs are people who get aroused at the thought of Hell and Damnation, as fucking bizarre as that sounds. Stygiophiliacs aren’t usually religious, so tend to come up with their own idea of what hell is; but there’s usually still plenty of fire and misery of course. Makes absolutely no sense to me, but then again, eternal suffering and damnation has never really been my thing.  Either way, most of us are going to hell anyway, so I’ll see you there guys!




11. Coulrophilia

I think for most of you reading, this next fucked up fetish is literally a thing of nightmares. Think creepy outfit, think sinister face paint, think chilling laugh. Has the penny dropped yet? Coulrophilia is a fetish for, wait for it… Clowns! Yes, that’s right; there are people in the world who get turned on by these creepy hell demons. According to practicing Coulrophiles, a normal, day to day sex session usually involves being spanked with rubber chickens and actual pies in the face. Whether you love dressing up or just enjoy watching IT a little too much, this unusual fetish really creeps me out. Then again, I’m coming around to the idea a little more, now that I know there’s pie involved…


Coulrophilia fetish


  12. Mechanophilia

Mechanophilia is one of the more well-known, documented Fetishes out there, mainly because of a documentary published by the BBC which gained a great deal of attention and laughs for that matter. The documentary was titled My Car is My Lover, so I’m pretty sure you know where I’m going with this. It’s safe to say most people find cars both beautiful and attractive, but it doesn’t mean we want to shove our d*** in the exhaust pipe. Generally, most Mechanophiliacs are attracted to anything mechanical, including helicopters, airplanes and in some cases, even hoovers (ouch). The self-confessed Mechanophiliac in the show admitted to only being aroused by and ‘making love to’ mechanical things; but only with the blessing of his VW Bug/ girlfriend, Vanilla, of course. I love TopGear just as much as the next person, but I wouldn’t watch it with some lube and a box of tissues. That’s just wheely weird…


13. Oculolinctus

If there’s one thing that makes me cringe, it’s touching my eyes, and I think most people feel the same way as I do. Oculolinctusiacs on the other hand, bloody love it. In fact, they love it so much; they get sexual pleasure from licking other people’s eyeballs! This gross fetish, also known as ‘Worming’ has become so popular in Japan, its led to an outbreak of Pinkeye across the country. This seriously unhygienic and just downright weird fetish has become so bad, national warnings have been issued to discourage people from going round sucking on eyeballs. Eye gunk is bad enough as it is, but can you imagine eating it? HELL NO. Come near my eyes, and I will hurt you.



14 Vorarephilia

To conclude our list of fucked up fetishes; of course, we have saved the most gruesome for last. The holy grail of fucked up fetishes, the mother ship of weird, the big daddy of disturbing.

In 2001, the world was left horrified when the gruesome tale of Armin Meiwes and Bernd Brandes hit the headlines. Meiwes was convicted of mutilating and eating Brandes, his gay lover, over the course of weeks; defrosting and cooking parts of his flesh most nights. If this wasn’t bad enough, this horrifying story took an even more sinister turn. It came out that Brandes was not murdered and devoured against his will; he had actually advertised himself online to be eaten, and intentionally met with Meiwes to live out his sick fantasy. If you haven’t already worked it out, Voraraphilia is the desire to be eaten, and this extreme case is a disturbing insight into the lengths some people would go to in order to fulfill this horrendous desire. This rare phenomenon has baffled psychologists across the globe, and very little understanding has been established as to the workings and motivations of self-confessed Vorarephiliacs. Some call it a fetish; I call it a serious cry for psychological help. This most certainly wins the award for most messed up fetish, that’s for sure.


Vorarephilia fetish


So next time you shy away from an erotic massage in London be sure to think twice. As you can see from the above post, there are much weirder and stranger things out there, stay safe people! – Stella x

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What is an erotic massage and what makes it different from others?

Getting An Asian Erotic Massage : The Most Surprising Facts!

There are many different styles of massage therapy out there, but one of the most speculated forms is the Asian erotic massage. There are many misconceptions about Asian erotic massage so we’ve used our own knowledge and facts from the web to create this article and put those rumours to rest – once and for all. Read on to discover what an erotic Asian massage actually is, its history, how it’s performed and its various benefits to mental and physical health. You might find that some of the facts actually surprise you.

What Is An Asian Erotic Massage?

An Asian erotic massage is a style of Asian massage therapy that focuses on stimulating the whole body. Like traditional massage, it uses various manual techniques at varying pressures to affect the different tissue levels and release pressure. But unlike traditional massage, it uses sexual arousal as a tool for combating stress and muscle tension. Asian erotic massage typically involves sensual stroking and caressing the sexual parts of the body to bring the client to a pleasurable release.

Because of this sexual nature, people tend to think lowly of Asian erotic massages. However there are some things that might surprise you…


things to know about getting an asian erotic massage

1. Erotic massage is for everyone, not just for perverts

Sure there are probably perverts who go for erotic massages. But there are perverts everywhere in the world. Perverts enjoy drinking coffee. Perverts enjoy going to the cinema. Just because you drink coffee or go to the cinema doesn’t make you a pervert, does it? Likewise, Asian erotic massage isn’t just for perverts. Many people try erotic massage – from men to women, from straight to homosexual, from young to old. Erotic massage is just a little more under the radar than traditional massage and its taboo label makes it a less savoury topic to talk about in a crowded room.

2. Erotic massage is the best way to relieve stress

When you’re stressed, people may tell you to exercise. They might even tell you to talk it out with a friend, partner or even a therapist. A massage is a more direct yet gentler way of tackling stress head on. Stress collects in your muscles as well as in your head. It gyrates in areas like the back, shoulders and neck, which is why you tend to hold yourself differently when you’re stressed or anxious. Massage therapy tackles these areas. Stress also collects in the sexual areas. Erotic massage tackles these areas. That’s why an Asian erotic massage is one of the best ways to relieve stress because it combines traditional massage therapy with sensuality to ensure full body relaxation.

3. Erotic massage can improve your sex life

So we’ve established that Asian erotic massage works to release sexual frustration. This can do wonders for your sex life. An erotic masseuse will slowly arouse you, bring you to the edge of orgasm and back off just before you ejaculate. They will then pause and restart it all over again. This method of edging an orgasm will teach you to control your orgasms and arousal so you can enjoy better, longer sex and more powerful orgasms.

4. Erotic massage can save your relationship

The varied sexual techniques are designed to arouse you. Surprisingly, an erotic massage can actually help save failing relationships. Why? Well, the masseuses are well trained in the art of sensual touch, so they can show you new places on your body that you didn’t know could arouse you. They can show you new tricks to try in the bedroom. They can teach you to experience paramount pleasure. All of these things can help relight that spark you thought was long gone.

5. Erotic massage can relieve painful symptoms of urinary and prostate conditions

Erotic massage produces such powerful releases of fluid that they can actually clear out the blockages in your urinary and prostate ducts. These blocked fluids may have been causing your urinary and prostate problems such as painful urination and incomplete flow. An erotic masseuse or a prostate massage therapist can help relieve these symptoms for you, but pleasurably as opposed to at the hand of a stern doctor in a white lab coat.

Try an Authentic Erotic Massage!

At Erotic Massage UK, we offer a genuine Asian erotic massage service to men in central and Greater London at the hand of a highly trained Asian masseuse. From just £120 an hour, you are guaranteed the mind-blowing sensations and earth shattering pleasure. So if you’re looking for the very best Asian erotic massage then be sure to visit here

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5 ways to make the effects of an erotic massage last

5 Ways to Make The Effects of An Erotic Massage Last

How to Make An Erotic Massage Last

Not everyone is lucky enough to experience an energising erotic massage, so why not follow a few simple rules to get the most out of your investment? Receiving an erotic massage doesn’t require much effort on your part, but it does require some dedication after the session is over. Generally, erotic massages leave people feel rejuvenated, revitalised and elated, but these feelings are often short lived because of their actions afterwards. If you’re interesting in getting an erotic massage but want to utilise the benefits fully, read on- you won’t regret it.

1. Play relaxing music
Erotic massages are all about relaxation, but this feeling can be prolonged long after the session has ended, so long as you follow procedure. Your massage had ended; you get back in your car and turn the radio on. You’re probably feeling pretty great around about now, so put some energetic tunes on to keep up the vibe. Am I right? Well, you’re totally killing off relaxation- just so you know. Rather than blaring rap music or head banging to rock, opt for some classical or acoustic sounds. Soothing music will keep your blood pressure on the down low, meaning your feelings of tranquillity will last far longer then you probably anticipated.

play some relaxing music during your erotic massage

2. Have a light snack

The chances are after an erotic massage, you’ll be starving. Erotic massages stimulate increased production of your digestive system, meaning any food on your stomach will be long gone by the end of your session. Nipping to Mc Donald’s for an after-massage burger is going to be tempting by this point, but whatever you do, steer clear of heavy foods! A big meal will make you feel full, but also incredibly sluggish, so say goodbye to feeling energized. Opt for some fruit or a light, healthy snack- you’ll enjoy it far more, trust us.

3. Avoid strenuous activity
As mentioned in the point above, erotic massages leave client’s feeling totally energized and revitalised. For you gym freaks out there, it’s the perfect time to hit the gym, right? Unfortunately, no- it’s actually the worst time to shed some pounds. Erotic massages essentially relax the muscles, so by hitting the gym after a session, you’re basically asking to get injured. If you’re really that dedicated to dropping a dress size, do your work out before your massage- it’ll actually make your session more relaxing. Problem solved!

4. Drink plenty of water
Staying hydrated before and after an erotic massage is important, believe it or not. The massage won’t necessarily be tiring for you, but your body will be working twice as hard as it normally would. Erotic massages increase the production of pretty much everything, including the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for flushing out toxins from the body, and therefore needs to be satisfactorily hydrated in order to function efficiently. That means to putting down the coffee and picking up a bottle of Evian people. Not a fan of H20? Tough luck, because you’re going to have to be.

be sure to drink plenty of water5. Be smart about your schedule
Like with most people, working life is insanely stressful. Some people hit the gym on their lunch break to de-stress, others get a massage. However, the latter are making a grave mistake! As you’re now aware, massages are most effective when the benefits are purposely extended. That means putting your feet up, relaxing and delaying the stresses of reality- it doesn’t mean getting an erotic massage and then heading straight back to work. If you’re serious about getting an erotic massage, then you need to be savvy about your schedule before and after your session. Although sessions aren’t time consuming, it’s important to keep the rest of your day free, if you do want to reap the benefits. Book your massage on a day off, and be sure not to schedule in drinks with your friends afterwards! It’s the perfect excuse to have some ‘me time’- make the most of it!

So if you feel like you’ve got the hang of what to do after an erotic massage, then make sure you see why we’re the best choice for an erotic massage in London here.

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what type of massage can help with heart conditions? An erotic massage can help blood flow.

Erotic Massage And How It Can Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease

Generally, people turn to massage therapy to target a specific area of pain such as a sports injury or sluggish bodily system processes or to promote a general sense of relaxation and well being.

Research suggests that massage therapy can help with:

• Physical and mental relaxation
• Improved blood circulation – which means cells get their nutrients for cellular processes and the waste products are removed more quickly
• Pain relief from muscle knots, strains, aches and pains
• Releases nerve compression (e.g. sciatica)
• Improves flexibility and range of motion
• Boosts energy and motivation
• Helps heal scar tissue, stretch marks and cellulite

What About Erotic Massage?

Massage therapy is a treatment that focuses on pressure and touch to relieve pain from sports injuries or other health issues such as chronic pain etc. Erotic massage is a specific branch of massage therapy that takes this and extends it to include the sexual areas as well. Normal massages such as Swedish and sports massage only focus on the main parts of the body that are known to collect stress. It’s true that places like the shoulders and back tend to hold the bulk of stress, and it’s important to release this tension before it overwhelms you. But stress can also be held in the sexual areas which is why sexual frustration can have such a significant effect on mood.

Most massage therapies don’t focus on releasing tension from the sexual areas so this pressure builds up. When you’re frustrated, your mood and daily life can suffer. Erotic massage specifically targets the sexual areas. It uses the same techniques as normal massage but uses additional techniques to target the sexual areas and invoke arousal so this pent-up tension can be released.

man and woman during an erotic massage in London session

So How Can Erotic Massage Help With Heart Conditions?

Erotic massage uses all the same techniques as normal massage therapy so helps the body in the same way. The massage motions relax muscle tissue, preparing them for the deeper pressures. The erotic nature of the massage means that the therapist is more willing to experiment with techniques without fear of arousing the client and crossing a professional boundary. The boundaries are different in an erotic session because the techniques are meant to cause arousal.

Massage therapy helps heart conditions by stimulating blood circulation. The motions of the massage and the varying pressures ensure that blood is always freely flowing in every part of the body. This means that cells quickly receive nutrients and dispose of their waste products. It also means that the likelihood of clot formation is reduced as massaging the body means that blood flow doesn’t become sluggish and collect in certain areas.

how regular erotic massage can help with heart conditions

It Also Reduces Anxiety and Blood Pressure

Massage is also extremely relaxing. Erotic massage is even more relaxing because the therapist can address sexual frustration. As we’ve said, feeling all of that built-up tension leave your body is an extremely relieving sensation. But the actual process of arousal is also very therapeutic and pleasurable – as you can imagine.

Pleasure is one of the best ways to distract your mind from pain and take away the stress. When you experience arousal, hormones are released into your bloodstream which collectively work to reduce anxiety, stabilise mood, induce calm and turn on the centre in the brain that controls our reward and pleasure centre.

The anxiety reducing, calm inducing benefits are vital here – anxiety racks up blood pressure like no other feeling, so when we’re calm, our hearts beat at a much more manageable rate. Lower blood pressure means a reduced chance of heart disease, and erotic massage works to promote that.

how erotic massage can help with anxiety and depression

The Conclusion

So as you can see, an erotic massage isn’t a sexual service that’s meant for seedy gratification and sleazy men. Erotic massage can reduce anxiety, promote a calm, balanced well being and improve blood circulation – all of which work to reduce blood pressure and the chance of heart disease. Regular sessions mean that your body will work at much more enhanced rate and you’ll find you won’t have to use those statins anymore!

All of our Asian therapists are highly skilled massage professionals who have been authentically trained in erotic massage therapy so you can be sure you’re getting a genuine experience. To what Makes us so good then click here

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Asian outcall massage in tower bridge

What You Should Know Before You Get an Erotic Massage

If you’re looking to try an erotic massage, you should read this first. An erotic massage is one designed for satisfaction, physically, mentally and sexually, and can leave you in a state of absolute relaxation. But there are certain rules to follow and guidelines to play by that many people don’t actually realise. Here are some of the things you should know before you get an erotic massage:

1. It’s not all about sexual satisfaction

With any style of massage therapy, it’s natural to become a little aroused. Unlike standard massages erotic massages directly address this by focusing on massaging the sexual areas as well as the normal areas of the body. Because of this, many people incorrectly assume that an erotic massage is a way of providing salacious sexual acts. In reality, an erotic massage is a unique way of providing complete relaxation. We forget how much tension is related to sexual frustration. Standard massage therapy never stimulates these areas and only ever focuses on the obvious areas of stress such as the shoulders. But the sexual areas actually hold a lot of tension and erotic massages work to release it from these areas as well as the normal areas. As a result, you are literally left completely free of stress and aches from every inch of your body. This is what an erotic massage aims for.

Asian erotic massage services tower bridge

2. Focus on your breathing

An erotic massage will really test your control and patience. The masseuse will arouse your body using a variety of techniques, slowly building up the tension until you’re right at the edge of orgasm. And then she’ll suddenly back off so you don’t orgasm. The masseuse will do this multiple times so you’re kept on the constant edge of orgasm. It’ll feel very frustrating but extremely pleasurable, and when you do finally orgasm, it’ll be the biggest, most intense release of tensions you’ve ever had. But the key to achieving this is breathing. Regularly practising edging will improve your sex drive, control, prevent premature ejaculation and overall, make for better sexual experiences.

3. Always shower beforehand

Because an erotic massage is so intimate, it’s advised that you shower thoroughly beforehand. It’s not necessary, but it’s just politeness. Put yourself in the therapist’s shoes. How would you feel if you had to massage a sweaty man who reeks of BO and has prickly body hair? Be considerate, a gentleman and maintain a good level of self-cleanliness.

4. Don’t overthink

Apart from focusing on your breathing, don’t lie there thinking about work, your marital problems, the argument you had with your sister last week or the fact that you’re probably losing that bet you have on the football. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel every stroke of the masseuse’s soft hands. Feel every glorious sensation and allow your mind to drift away. It’s the only way you’ll experience the famed relaxation we’ve been banging on about for the past 200 words.

24 hr asian erotic massage in tower bridge

5. Never treat the therapists/masseuses like they are prostitutes

Whatever you might think they are, the masseuses are not prostitutes. They are professional therapists who have trained in massage therapy and the art of providing pleasure. There are various types of erotic massages – for example tantric massage and prostate massage – and therapists train meticulously for years to master the art. There might be guides out there on how to recreate the ultimate erotic massage, but only trained erotic masseuses can provide an authentic session and the true extent of the benefits that come along with it. Balancing relaxation with pleasure and maintaining that professional boundary isn’t an easy feat. That’s what separates erotic masseuses from prostitutes. They aren’t there to just sexually satisfy you, they are there to help rid your body and mind of all its anxieties, knots and pains.

So there it is all the things you should know before you get an erotic massage, and hopefully it won’t be your last either. An erotic massage can be a very deep and meaningful experience for those who receive one. There are many options available when it comes to choosing the right massage for you, however if your looking to try an Asian erotic massage in Tower Bridge then we have the perfect solution for you, With our incall and outcall massage service. If you want to try an authentic erotic massage at the hands of a highly trained professional therapist, then be sure to chose us for your erotic massage experience.

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erotic massage vs hot stone massage which is better?

Which is Better? Erotic Massage vs Hot Stone Massage

Massage therapy is extremely effective when it comes to providing physical and mental satisfaction. It is a form of manual therapy that works on manipulating the body’s tissues. This results in relief from muscle tension and mental anxieties, which can have an immensely positive impact on mood.

Massage therapy splits into two branches: normal and erotic, which are similar and yet extremely different. One focuses solely on providing relief from muscle aches while the other is more about stimulating the body towards arousal and working towards a pleasurable release. We’ve put together a little piece to help you decide which type is best for you.

What is erotic massage?

Erotic massage is a special type of therapy that combines muscle manipulation with sensual arousal. This leaves clients in a hybrid state of prolonged pleasure, relaxation and total satisfaction. It uses a combination of normal massage techniques and specialised movements that are designed to excite the senses and cause arousal. Contrary to popular belief, orgasm is not the goal of an erotic massage – an erotic massage is meant to help the individual release their pent-up tensions and desires. Prolonged build-up of tensions can be dangerous, so regular erotic sessions are recommended for a healthy mental well being.

what is an erotic massage? is it better than a hot stone massage?

How does it work and what are the benefits?

An erotic massage uses techniques that are meant to arouse the body. For this reason, many people are intimidated by the thought. Letting a stranger sexually arouse you? Sounds a bit dodgy, doesn’t it? But this is a misconception. Erotic massages help people stay stress-free and balanced.

Unlike standard massages, erotic styles also stimulate the sexual areas, which is why people get aroused. It’s true that stress is generally carried in places like the shoulders and neck, but it’s also carried in the sexual parts. Haven’t you noticed that sex and pleasure, whether sexually induced or not, help with stress release? That’s because during pleasurable situations, particularly orgasm, a mixture of feel-good hormones are released into the bloodstream.

Erotic massage and the techniques used in a session directly target the pleasure centre of the brain by encouraging the release of these hormones. The hormones are oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin and prolactin – all of which work to stabilise mood, create a sense of calm, reduce anxiety and encourage the formation of relationship bonds.

Erotic massage is also fantastic for reducing sexual impotence and erectile dysfunction. Typical sessions involve ‘edging’ techniques, where the therapist repeatedly brings the client to the edge of orgasm. This helps with orgasm control and in improving sex drive. From this, the client can also feel a surge in confidence.

As well as all these psychological benefits, erotic massage also helps the body in a physical way too. The erotic massage techniques used increase blood flow and improve circulation. When the circulation is more efficient, nutrients are carried more quickly to cells and tissues, and waste is removed more quickly from the body. This also means that the digestive and immune systems work more efficiently. Also, research has found the number of white blood cells increase during orgasm, so pleasure can actually help you fight off illnesses much more quickly!

What should I expect?

Because of the nature of an erotic massage, it is recommended to wear as little as clothing as possible. Typically, most clients and masseuses are naked to allow for as much contact and arousal as possible. If you want a bit more modesty, you can wear swimwear, underwear or light clothing.

An erotic massage will begin with a standard massage where the therapist will rub you from head to toe. This begins the relaxation process. Then, a series of slow and sensual techniques will be used. These are designed to slowly build up arousal and work towards a large release of tension. The masseuse will repeatedly bring you and forth from the very edge of orgasm. It will feel frustrating – to be so close and yet so far – but the build-up of tension represents your stresses and anxieties. When the therapist finally lets you go, your body and mind will be flooded with pleasure, satisfaction and contentment.

What is a hot stone massage?

A hot stone massage is a style of massage that uses smooth, heated stones that are strategically placed on your body by the therapist. The therapist may also hold the stones in their palms and use them to manually massage the body. The heat and weight of the stones are meant to penetrate the body’s tissues, relaxing the tense muscles so the therapist can reach deeper levels at a quicker pace.

The use of hot stones for healing goes back to when the Native Americans heated stones to ease muscle aches, although the modern therapy is usually credited to Mary Nelson, a massage therapist from Arizona who developed LaStone Therapy. The use of hot stones is what makes this massage so unique. The stones, which are smooth and usually made of basalt as they best retain heat, are heated in water. The therapist will use an electric heater to warm the stones until they are within a specific temperature range (usually between 120 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit). The stones are then placed on specific places on the body, depending on the points of muscle tension and client’s health history. Typically, they will be placed along the sides of the spine, palms of the hands and down the legs.

Some therapists use anatomy to guide the situation of the stones, while others base it on points thought to re balance the body’s energies. The localised heat from the stones will warm and relax the muscles, making them suppler and easier for the therapist to apply deeper pressure when they transition to therapeutic massage.


erotic massage vs hot stone massage which is better?

What are the benefits of hot stone massage?

Hot stones are so warm that many people find them to be very comforting and relaxing. It’s suited for people who constantly feel cold, particularly in their extremities. The strategic placement of warm stones helps to stimulate blood circulation. The warmth also helps to gently ease muscle aches and pains so it’s ideal for people who are suffering from deep strain or a lighter massage. The heat from the stones relaxes the muscles, making it easier for the therapist to manipulate the muscles and use lighter pressure.

Hot stone therapy is often used to cure or relieve the symptoms of:

Back pain

What should I expect?

A hot stone massage will typically begin like a classic massage, using standard techniques and massage oil designed to relax the muscles and prepare them for the massage. Then, the therapist will place two rows of warm stones down the back of your body and they would be aligned with your spinal muscles. When you turn over, the stones may be placed on your abdomen, the front of your thighs, in the palms of your hands and on your forehead.

The therapist may then hold the stones and glide them along your muscles, using a variety of pressures and heat. A typical hot stone massage may last between 60 to 90 minutes.

Does a hot stone massage hurt?

The stones are never rough. Only smooth stones that are several inches in length, typically ones from the river, will be used. The stones are warmed in an electric heater so the temperature is controlled. If they feel too hot on your skin, let the therapist know immediately so she can adjust it.

Erotic massage vs hot stone massage: final thoughts

Both types of massage are unique, so are ideal if you’re looking to try something new and feel new sensations. Ultimately, it all depends on what you want. Both offer a unique experience, but erotic massage focuses on sexual satisfaction while a hot stone massage is more general physical satisfaction.

Where Can I get one of these massage?

Well luckily for you our outcall massage services are tailored to bring these types of experience directly to you anywhere you are. To try one of these yourself then all you need to do is select your chosen masseuse and form of erotic massage in Mayfair or where ever else you are located and prepare for one heck of a time.

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why a Erotic massage could save your relationship

Why an Erotic Massage Will Save Your Relationship

When most people think of erotic massages, they think of seedy old men and dingy parlours in the shady part of town. They probably think that erotic massages are an outlet for frustrated people and the sexually unsatisfied to cheat on their partners. While this may the case for some people and places (particularly in films), erotic massage isn’t usually like that. Erotic massage is actually a great form of sex therapy and can actually help to repair broken relationships.

What is erotic massage? 

To put it simply, an erotic massage is one that uses a series of movements designed to excite the senses and in doing so, arouse the body. This arousal awakens a primal need and often, the massage session will end in an orgasm whether that’s through manual stimulation or penetration. This is where the misconceptions about erotic massage arise – people assume it’s illicit because of the sexual pleasure and orgasms. However, massages are supposed to be enjoyable experiences and orgasms are merely a natural extension of that pleasure.

where can i get an erotic massage in kings cross?

But if someone other than your partner touches you, isn’t that cheating? 

Erotic massage is just another form of therapy. Unfortunately, because it involves the sexual areas, it’s seen as illicit. But it all plays an important role. Standard massages only stimulate the main body, ignoring the sexual areas. While this results in relaxation, clients often leave feeling as though they’re missing something. Erotic massage looks at the whole body, sexual parts and all. This results in a much more holistic treatment and more inclusive results.

Erotic massage does tend to blur the lines dividing what is acceptable and what is not, but the masseuses are professionals. They know how to arouse your body but stay within the appropriate boundaries.  Many services do not press for ‘full service’, which usually means intercourse. Typical erotic massages tend to end in manual stimulation, and it’s a wholesome part of the experience. If you’re really unsure about it, you can go in for a couples massage.

It all depends how you perceive it.

How can it save my relationship?

Many relationships tend to end because of a change in beliefs, needs and attitudes. This is usually down to a loss of chemistry, a sharp decrease in spark or flame between the couple. No matter how hard we try and convince ourselves otherwise, sex is an extremely important part of a relationship, and a lack of spark between a couple would lead to somewhat dull sex. This often leads to the unsatisfied and disillusioned people looking for comfort elsewhere.

An erotic massage revives that spark. How? Well, we said before that erotic massage uses a series of specialised movements that are designed to arouse the body. Perhaps your partner is no longer satisfying you the way they used to. An erotic masseuse can help with that, but not in the way that you’d automatically assume! The masseuse is skilled in the art of providing pleasure with just a brush of a hand, so she is the best person to turn to for help. She can help you discover new ways to be touched and places on your body that you didn’t expect to turn you on but do. You can then take this knowledge and share them with your partner to bring the spark back.

If you’re not comfortable with being with a masseuse, you can always give your partner an erotic massage! Erotic massages are incredibly intense and intimate experiences – perfect for sharing with a lover. It requires such close, naked contact and is so sensual, it’s as close you can get to the sensations of intercourse without actually penetrating. Erotic massage creates such blissful feelings that we reach a new level of self-awareness. This supple state of mind, as well as the sensuality of the massage, allows us to form deeper emotional connections and understandings with our partner.

In short, an erotic massage is a fantastic way to uncover our deepest desires and rediscover lost chemistry. Sharing such an experience with our lover not only creates a new memory – it also gives us a new platform for us to connect spiritually and emotionally as well as physically.

can a erotic massage save my relationship?

Do you have any tips for an erotic massage? 

For the best experience, you should visit a professional erotic masseuse – they are highly trained to provide this level of expert pleasure. However, recreating an erotic massage session at home is also fine. You’ll need massage oil or gel and a lot of confidence. Because of the highly arousing nature of an erotic massage, you’ll be required to focus intensively on the sexual areas. Mood is also very important, so make sure you’ve created a relaxing atmosphere. Light a few candles, dim the lights and play some soft music. You can even blindfold your receiving partner to intensify the sensations.

You might feel silly or self-conscious as you kneel, completely naked, next to your partner but remember that you’re the one responsible for their arousal. It’s impossible not to get turned on by this kind of play.

You should also try and be slow. Prolong their pleasure. An erotic massage focuses heavily on arousing and teasing. It’s about dangling their desires just out of their reach. Use light touches, vary your pressure and speeds. Start off slow and trace circles across their body. Deliberately ignore the sexual organs in the beginning, so by the time you do focus on them, your partner will almost be begging you. But still tease them – stop just short of their orgasm and repeat this several times. When they do orgasm, it’ll be a massive release of pent-up tension and frustration, and you’ll both be left more satisfied than you ever have.

Bask in the lust

Love is important in a relationship, but sometimes it’s necessary to really bathe in the lust and attraction you feel for your partner. Not everyone as we know has a partner to try this kind of joyous and liberating massage and therefore may somewhat struggle with this. However, for those who are single and really want to experience it can do so by utilising our services and experiencing a fabulous erotic massage near kings cross

The best tip? Don’t think, just feel. Have fun!

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Erotic Massage: Incall vs Outcall – Which is Better?

Erotic Massage: Incall vs Outcall – Which is Better?

Erotic massages are massages designed to arouse the body, awaken the senses and release the mind of all its tensions. Typically, erotic massages involve some kind of ‘happy ending’ release, because this style of massage is based on the fact that orgasmic pleasure is the ultimate cure.

Erotic massages, like any other massage therapy service, are available for incall (where the massage takes place in the parlour so the client comes to the masseuse) or outcall (where the masseuse comes to the client). But which is better? We’ve put together a guide that compares the prices, convenience and availability to help you decide which one to go for.

Incall erotic massages

Incall massages are based in the massage parlour, so the client goes to the masseuse.


In terms of price, incall massages factor in the costs for the masseuse, the time spent on the massage and the costs of running the parlour and business. Typically, a high quality incall service can range from £80 to £450 an hour, with the average price being around £250. That’s not including your own travel costs, of course.


The price for an incall massage

Masseuse availability

As for availability, incall massages are dependent on opening hours. The masseuse is only available during the hours that the parlour is open and occasionally, you may find your favourite therapist is booked up, perhaps even for days, and you have to postpone your massage. One advantage that incall massages have over outcall is that you can choose an alternative masseuse and get to see what she looks like before the massage. You don’t get the same luxury with an outcall, because even if you don’t like your replacement masseuse and send her back, you’ll still have to pay her for her time.


Incall massages have their pros and cons in terms of convenience. They can be more convenient as you can meet your masseuse and see if you feel the chemistry before paying her (most erotic massage services require you to pay before the session). With outcall, you’d still have to pay her for her time (or at least the travel costs) even if you changed your mind. However, incall services can be very inconvenient as they are bound to opening hours. You might have planned to squeeze in a quick session after work, but you got stuck in traffic and by the time you’ve arrived at the parlour, it’s closed. Masseuses typically don’t work outside of these hours either. You also have to make your own way to and from the parlour, which can be a chore – the last thing you want to do is sit in central London traffic or on packed public transport where the air’s pungent with sweat, halitosis and the screams of an unruly child, especially after a relaxing massage.


convenience of an outcall erotic massage london


Outcall erotic massages

Outcall massages are where the masseuses are mobile and make their way to the client. The massage can take place wherever the client wants – whether that’s an office, a hotel room or their private home. It can also be much more relaxing as you are in a familiar environment which is essential to get the most out of your outcall massage.


In terms of price, outcall massages factor in the price of the masseuse, her time, her skill, her travel costs and the costs of running the business. Typically, a high quality outcall service can range from £130 to £500, with the average price being around £250 as well. That includes the masseuse’s travel costs.

Masseuse availability

As for availability, outcall massages aren’t dependent on opening hours. Unlike incall masseuses who are bound to opening hours, outcall masseuses are available 24 hours a day. Even if your favourite therapist is booked up during normal work hours, she will still be available after them. You don’t have to postpone your massage. However, outcall massages mean that you don’t get to feel a physical connection with your masseuse until she arrives and you have to choose her based on a photograph. Incall means that you can actually pick a masseuse who’s standing in front of you.

masseuse availability for an outcall erotic massage


Outcall massages are far more convenient than incall. You, as the client, don’t have to do anything more than ringing or emailing in a booking. After that, all you have to do is sit and wait for the masseuse to come to you. She can come to your office, your hotel room, private home, anywhere you want and at any time too. Outcall masseuses typically work late, which is perfect if you want a massage after work but got stuck in traffic and missed the parlour’s opening hours. You could even get one at 4AM! It’s even more convenient considering you don’t have to travel anywhere after the massage and you can rest in the comfort of your own familiar surroundings, reaping in the full benefits of the massage. Outcall massages are completely hassle-free.


Erotic Massage: Incall vs Outcall – Which is Better?The verdict

Both incall and outcall massage services have their own unique benefits, but arguably outcall is much more convenient with better value for money. Outcall masseuses are much less hassle – they come to you, perform the massage in the comfort of your own home (or office or hotel) and they make their own way back. All you have to do is make the booking, set a time and wait for her to arrive. Outcall services provide stress-free service, bookings and massage which make for an overall relaxing experience. And that’s all you’d really want from the best outcall erotic massage in London!

For a high quality outcall erotic massage at a great price, try our service and book yourself in here.

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