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Erotic massages are massages designed to arouse the body, awaken the senses and release the mind of all its tensions. Typically, erotic massages involve some kind of ‘happy ending’ release, because this style of massage is based on the fact that orgasmic pleasure is the ultimate cure.

Erotic massages, like any other massage therapy service, are available for incall (where the massage takes place in the parlour so the client comes to the masseuse) or outcall (where the masseuse comes to the client). But which is better? We’ve put together a guide that compares the prices, convenience and availability to help you decide which one to go for.

Incall erotic massages

Incall massages are based in the massage parlour, so the client goes to the masseuse.


In terms of price, incall massages factor in the costs for the masseuse, the time spent on the massage and the costs of running the parlour and business. Typically, a high quality incall service can range from £80 to £450 an hour, with the average price being around £250. That’s not including your own travel costs, of course.

Masseuse availability

As for availability, incall massages are dependent on opening hours. The masseuse is only available during the hours that the parlour is open and occasionally, you may find your favourite therapist is booked up, perhaps even for days, and you have to postpone your massage. One advantage that incall massages have over outcall is that you can choose an alternative masseuse and get to see what she looks like before the massage. You don’t get the same luxury with an outcall, because even if you don’t like your replacement masseuse and send her back, you’ll still have to pay her for her time.


Incall massages have their pros and cons in terms of convenience. They can be more convenient as you can meet your masseuse and see if you feel the chemistry before paying her (most erotic massage services require you to pay before the session). With outcall, you’d still have to pay her for her time (or at least the travel costs) even if you changed your mind. However, incall services can be very inconvenient as they are bound to opening hours. You might have planned to squeeze in a quick session after work, but you got stuck in traffic and by the time you’ve arrived at the parlour, it’s closed. Masseuses typically don’t work outside of these hours either. You also have to make your own way to and from the parlour, which can be a chore – the last thing you want to do is sit in central London traffic or on packed public transport where the air’s pungent with sweat, halitosis and the screams of an unruly child, especially after a relaxing massage.

Outcall erotic massages

Outcall massages are where the masseuses are mobile and make their way to the client. The massage can take place wherever the client wants – whether that’s an office, a hotel room or their private home. It can also be much more relaxing as you are in a familiar environment which is essential to get the most out of your outcall massage.


In terms of price, outcall massages factor in the price of the masseuse, her time, her skill, her travel costs and the costs of running the business. Typically, a high quality outcall service can range from £130 to £500, with the average price being around £250 as well. That includes the masseuse’s travel costs.

Masseuse availability

As for availability, outcall massages aren’t dependent on opening hours. Unlike incall masseuses who are bound to opening hours, outcall masseuses are available 24 hours a day. Even if your favourite therapist is booked up during normal work hours, she will still be available after them. You don’t have to postpone your massage. However, outcall massages mean that you don’t get to feel a physical connection with your masseuse until she arrives and you have to choose her based on a photograph. Incall means that you can actually pick a masseuse who’s standing in front of you.


Outcall massages are far more convenient than incall. You, as the client, don’t have to do anything more than ringing or emailing in a booking. After that, all you have to do is sit and wait for the masseuse to come to you. She can come to your office, your hotel room, private home, anywhere you want and at any time too. Outcall masseuses typically work late, which is perfect if you want a massage after work but got stuck in traffic and missed the parlour’s opening hours. You could even get one at 4AM! It’s even more convenient considering you don’t have to travel anywhere after the massage and you can rest in the comfort of your own familiar surroundings, reaping in the full benefits of the massage. Outcall massages are completely hassle-free.

The verdict

Both incall and outcall massage services have their own unique benefits, but arguably outcall is much more convenient with better value for money. Outcall masseuses are much less hassle – they come to you, perform the massage in the comfort of your own home (or office or hotel) and they make their own way back. All you have to do is make the booking, set a time and wait for her to arrive. Outcall services provide stress-free service, bookings and massage which make for an overall relaxing experience. And that’s all you’d really want from the best outcall massage London Has to offer to offer

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