How To Get The Best 4 Hands Tantric Massage Experience In London

Maybe you’re in London for business or pleasure. You probably have a jam-packed schedule, but in between your business conferences or the sightseeing and souvenir hunting, you’ll want to wind down. Instead of having a nap, have a tantric massage in London instead. It’s not something that will pop into your head when you think of relaxing things to do in London. But a tantric massage is one of the best ways to experience full body relaxation and utter satisfaction.

What is a tantric massage?

A tantric massage is a type of Asian massage therapy. It’s very slow and is designed for a gradual build-up of tension, sexual and otherwise. Tantra is an ancient meditative practice that was once used by monks. Tantric massage is based on this, focusing on meditative breathing to relax and control the mind, but also incorporates manual therapy to physically manipulate the body. A tantric therapist will undertake an almost-ritualistic approach. She will teach you how to use your breathing to control your mind and body. She will caress your body, using sensual tantric massage techniques to slowly arouse you. Every time you grow close to an orgasm, she will back off and force you to concentrate on your breathing to calm your body. The point is to keep you on the edge of release, which is a very pleasurable sensation.

tantric massage london

So what about a 4 Hands tantric massage?

A 4 Hands tantric massage is all of what we’ve just outlined, but with two masseuses instead of one. Two masseuses will work on your body. Their four hands will massage your entire body, stroking and caressing in synchronised motion. It’s very hypnotic and relaxing, but you will find it more difficult to control yourself. The same edging techniques will be used, but many men experience multiple orgasms which is completely normal.

Where can I find the best 4 Hands tantric massage in London?

If you’re completely stressed out during your London stay, which is totally normal as it’s such a busy city, a 4 Hands tantric massage is one of the best and most therapeutic ways to offload some of that pent-up stress. If a tantric massage is extremely stress relieving, imagine what four hands could do. Imagine the levels you could reach. Here are some tips which can help you find and get the best 4 Hands experience in London…

4 hands tantric massage in London
  1. Shop around to find the best masseuse

There are many ways you can find a tantric masseuse. Newspaper adverts and websites like Gumtree are good examples of where to start. However, not all of these therapists will be authentically trained in tantra. Tantra is an age-old art, desperately tricky to get wrong and isn’t just a sexual service. Check to see if the masseuse has the proper qualifications. You can even contact them and ask what they want to get out of a tantric massage. That may signal to you whether they are offering a real tantric experience or a sexual service.

Massage agencies are a more reliable place to find authentic tantric masseuses. These girls are more likely to be properly trained and the company is more likely to be reputable. You are less likely to encounter hiccups or unpleasant surprises such as changing prices.

Sexual connection is important for a tantric massage, so have a look at her photos as well. You need to be physically attracted to the masseuse in order to reap the full benefits of a tantric experience.

  1. What are you expecting to get out of the massage?

Before you go into a massage, think about what you’re looking to get out of it. Are you after a spiritual awakening or to reach a new level of consciousness? Are you looking to soothe some chronic muscle aches or a stress offloading? Are you looking for sexual satisfaction? Discuss whatever you’re after with your masseuse and what issues you want her to tackle. Setting a goal and direction helps because it means you can come out from the session feeling completely satisfied.

  1. Prepare

Are you having an incall massage (where you to go to the masseuse) or an outcall massage (where she comes to you)? If you’re having an incall massage, make sure to leave plenty of time for travelling. If you’re late, this will take away precious time from your session. If you’re having an outcall massage, try and tidy your hotel room or room in your home for the session. The masseuse will bring everything she needs, but it’s more helpful if there’s a roomy and comfortable space for the massage to take place. You should also have a shower or bath before the session. A tantric massage is very intimate and often naked. You don’t want to be worrying over body odour so cleanliness helps to make it more enjoyable for both you and the masseuse.

And there you go!

We hope those tips will help you find and get the most perfect 4 Hands tantric massage in London. On a sweet note, Erotic Massage UK offers the most incredible naked Asian massages to men in London with some of the most stunning, elite oriental masseuses. We have a friendly 24 hour hotline, so you can contact us at any time! Have a look at our 4 Hands massages here.

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